• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Fuzzheaded Things

Author's Note:

I shuffle off the train... step down onto the Salt Lick City station's platform... and I see him.

The blink that my eyes perform could nearly shatter my shades.

Instead, my vision refocuses, and he's still there. His black and white body hums with something greener than the high mountain air around us. He must have just arrived by zeppelin or something. Did he try beating me here?

I expect nothing and everything. Then he closes the distance between us. His smile his warm, and the amber streams from his muzzle are even warmer.

"Good to see ya, girl," Roadie Beau says, grinning. It is a soft smile. A soft friend.

I instantly feel a lump in my throat. I had expected to see him, but not so soon.

He knows this. He knows everything. "Somethin' wrong?" he asks, his eyebrow arching.

I hold a hoof up. Taking a deep breath, I reach back into my wheeled luggage. The hiss of a steam engine fills my eyes with a crimson cloud. I stay focused, and then I retrieve the item. Turning around, I put on a brave smile, then hand him an antique vinyl.

He blinks. I'm surprised that he's surprised. Nevertheless, he accepts the gift, turning it over and smirking.

"Hah... well, slap my saddle. 'Coltfriend'... and in mint condition, too."

I smile at him, squirming slightly.

He snickers. "It's a dayum good album, but... in all honesty, Vine..." Beau smirks up at me. "I kinda... st-stopped bein' such a big fan of Colt George a long time ago. I mean... y'know... after he did that... thing... with the dude... erm... from Norwhinny..."

I bite my lip.

"But, shoot, I've been wantin' to have a decent collection of mint condition classics. So who best than to get me started than you, eh, girl?" He tilts his head up and grins at me. A blink. "Wait... didja... ... ...?"

I flinch slightly, looking away from him.

"...didja get this for me 'cuz... cuz you thought I was somehow cross with ya?" He leans back, shaking his head. "Tch... girl, y'know I'm always gonna lurve ya like a brother!"

I look at him with what can only be a kindergarten pouty-face.

"Look... how long have we worked with one another, huh?" He leans in and winks. "I know perfectly well that ya dun have to have a singin' voice to be a diva." He sticks his tongue out. "Or a melodramatic one at that."

I smile back, blushing slightly.

"Besides... you've got a right to yer privacy. We all do. Just... y'know... dun leave me high-and-dry with a bunch of freeloadin' suckups the next time somepony accidentally crosses yer wires, ya feel me?"

A single burst of magenta breath leaves my smirking muzzle. I nod vehemently.

"Heheh... then it's a deal."

I nod some more. Then, sighing, I reach out and rub his fuzzy mohawk of a mane. The sensation sends orange bubbles flittering between us.

"Glad to have you back, girl." He motions with his head, then trots off. "Hotel's over there. Let the invasion of Salt Lick City begin! Haha! Woo!"

I linger behind him, fidgeting slightly.

He notices it, of course. I see him look behind his shoulder. "Everything cool, girl?"

I smile nervously. I lick my lips and smile again.

"Sorry." He shrugs. "I didn't bring any with me this time."

I stare at him. No Dr. Pony? What happened to our partnership?

"Pffft... dun give me that look!" He chuckles. "Dun you know what city we're in, girl?" He shrugs along. "Now come on. Let's mosey. Hotel's expecting."

I smirk.

That's very funny, Beau. Now where's the Dr. Pony?

He continues shuffling off.

My smile fades, and I feel the first of many... many trembles.



Where is the Dr. Pony...?

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