• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Pretending Things

Author's Note:

"By the way—and I do hope this isn't too bold of me to ask—but do any of you ponies know where the Princess has been as of late?"

Violet. Glorious, glorious violet.

I hear it while shuffling up to the outer lip of the ballroom entrance. I hear the erratic indigo strings of Octavia tuning up her cello from within, followed by Rarity's elegant voice.

"It's not bold at all, darling. Twilight's our friend. It's quite alright to express concern about her."

"Ah. Right. Eheh..." A purple drop. "I just didn't want to come across as nosy."

"Hardly. Come to think of it... I haven't seen Twilight for the past few days either. Or Spike for that matter."

"Is that normal? I-I mean..." Octavia chuckles softly. "I'm sure they have every right to go wherever they please. It's not as though a Princess must be tracked at all times of the day or week."

"I couldn't agree more," Rainbow's voice scratches my ears from beyond the wall. I've come to a stop just outside the ballroom. For some reason, I can't proceed any further. "But even still, I s-sorta wish she'd... y'know... warn us before galloping off to Celestia-knows where like this."

"Well, it's not too terribly strange, Rainbow. She and Spike have done it before."

"I just don't understand!" Octavia remarks, her voice lifting and falling across purple ripples. "I've asked the guards, and none of them have seen her leave the Castle. I mean... where would she and her apprentice even go?"

"Ermmmmmm..." Rainbow's voice squeaks, lingers, and fades off into black obscurity.


"They... find places, Miss Melody," Rarity says. "Believe me."

"Well, so long as you're not worried, then I'm quite fine with it too."

"If there's anything you can learn about Twilight," Rainbow says. I hear a swoosh of wingfeathers, and I can just imagine her twirling in the air with a show of bravado. "It's that she's a really capable mare... for an egghead. Pffft! She gets it from hanging out with me for so long. That girl can totally take care of herself now."

"Isn't that a grand feeling?"


"Oh, I just meant... erm... never mind." The cello strings pluck with errant red splashes.

"No, do go on, darling. We're your friends. You can say what's on your mind."

"It's... it's just that you girls must care a great deal about Twilight."

"Pffft! Totally!"

"And so... to see her achieve such great heights... and to do so in such a capable manner must be heartwarming."

"Yeah, I guess."

Rattling diamonds: "Do you speak from experience?"

The ensuing pause is deathly.

At last, Tavi speaks, restarting my aching heart: "Not all coronations involve tiaras. I've seen beauty and talent blossom in the darkest of places. I don't know about you, but I for one find things to be proud of everyday... and thankful."

"Well, then, darling, I'd say you will fit right in here."

"Pride and friendship run hoof-in-hoof in this Castle!" A black giggle. "Heck, in the whole dang town!"

"Heeheehee... I always wanted to have first chair... just didn't know it'd be in a place this welcoming."

"So far, I'd say you fit the gown like a glove."

"Hmmmm... quite so. Would you like to hear the latest instrumental I've been working on?"

"Oooh! Now this a treat!"

"Lay it on us, girl!"

"This one came to me two nights ago. I was... erm... dwelling on past adventures in friendship, I guess you could say."

"Sounds like a good introduction to me. Let's hear it."

And they do hear it... but I don't. I've trotted away, and swiftly too. Once I've reached the far end of the castle, I find a bench to sit on. I slump there, remove my shades, and rub a hoof over my aching eyes. The magenta outbursts are torturous by now, and I summon all my strength to hold them at bay—along with the salty moisture that accompanies them.

I'm okay... and yet I'm not. It's a very familiar feeling, like indigestion. Tavi's words haunt me as much as they caress me, and I shuffle away from them, huddling into a dark corner within myself where I struggle with happy and sad... ultimately pretending to be neither.

And that's where I find myself again.

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