• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Growing Things

Author's Note:

Thirty-six hours later, and I'm still hanging my head, cradling it in a pair of shivering hooves.

Every breath is a shuddering thing, especially in this cold, tan place.

Then—out of nowhere—I hear hoofsteps... accompanied by the rattle of armor.

Amber breaths ripple along the stagnant brick walls, and it startles me awake.

I look up from where I sit on a lone bench. I adjust my shades as my eyes focus.

An officer shuffles up to the jail cell's door. His keys rattle—making golden percussion—and at last he opens the clattering gate to reveal Flash Sentry on the other side, standing with cold blue eyes and an even colder deadpan.

I gulp.

"You're free to go, Miss Scratch." It's the elderly police stallion who says this, not Flash Sentry. "Per Her Highness' royal request, this fine young stallion has come to escort you to the Castle."

I nod. Slowly—on stiff limbs—I stand up and trot out of the cell.

The officer gives me a friendly look and a fatherly pat on the shoulder as I make my exit. Flash Sentry pivots about, accompanying me closely as we exit the Ponyville Police Department. A few clerks and secretaries glance at us warily, their eyes darting and full of questions.

Nopony speaks.

At least... not until Flash and I are outside... and more than two blocks away from the jailhouse.

"Please understand, Miss Scratch," Flash Sentry drones, looking straight ahead. "This is not a royal pardon." He clears his throat and speaks between each marching step. "Opulence Von Melody has deliberately chosen not to press charges against you."

I turn, blinking at him in mid-step.

"What's more, he has relocated all of his servants and resources. They're all Trottingham-bound as of this morning." A deep breath. "Miss Melody, in the meantime, is fully awake. The treatment has worked quite well. As a matter of fact, Lyra and Bon Bon escorted her home hours ago. They have her set up all nice and comfy in her bedroom. So... you needn't be worried."

I feel a crimson shudder from my beating heart. An elated spark ripples through my being, but even still it's not enough to make me smile. I just feel... exhausted. My shoulders slump as I hang my head, controlling my deep breaths so that the magenta doesn't knock me out.

"Needless to say, there's still the matter of you openly and wantonly assaulting another Equestrian citizen in open public," Flash Sentry says. "So far, there's been no word from the staff of Ponyville Central wishing to press charges... but I don't think you need me to explain to you how much of a concern this is to the Princess." He gulps. "After all, you are a Royal Minstrel of the Friendship Court, and a representative thereof."

I bite my lips, gazing down at the grass beneath us.

"It is my job to see to it that you're escorted safely to Princess Twilight's Throneroom. Once there, she wishes to have a discussion with you. That... is all I'm at liberty to say," Flash remarks. "Or know, for that matter."

I nod quietly. It is about ten steps later that I realize I am trotting alone. Confused, I scuffle to a stop and turn around, blinking.

Flash Sentry stands in place. His armored horseshoes squirm against the soil, and I see his muzzle tightening... untightening... searching for something to say. At first, I expect a brown-colored breath. Instead, what I receive is pure gold.

"Miss Scratch... Vinyl..." He clears his throat and looks at me. "Off the record." His blue eyes narrow. "If I was in your position... and Mr. Von Melody was saying the sort of stuff that the witnesses testify him as saying..." He slowly nods. "I can easily see myself doing the same exact thing that you did. Even... even if it risked my own career." He grimaces slightly, but stuffs it away. "I'm not allowed to excuse what you did as acceptable... or even sane... but..."

I gaze at him.

"We... are all here because of Friendship. Be it the Court of Friendship or just... Ponyville in general. And... and while what you did was shameful as a citizen of Equestria... I do believe it's what a good friend would do... or at least a good friend who knows when and how to stand up for her roommate's integrity." He adjusts his helmet, avoiding my gaze momentarily. "I... very much doubt that Her Royal Majesty will frame these recent events in the same words that I have, and that's fine. You don't even have to listen to me. I'm just a guard in the Royal Court, and... and I-I was very... very worried for Miss Melody for a while there because... well... y-you know..."

My head nods. I continue gazing at him.

Eventually, he makes eye contact with me once more. "I believe that everything has to start at friendship. And friendship is about... respect." He gulps, his eyes slightly glossy. "And honesty. And... and without that..." He shakes his head. "...it can't grow into anything else. Or—at least—if it does... then it doesn't have a snowflake's chance in Tartarus of being healthy." A shudder. "I... I didn't realize that until just recently, and... and I'm thankful for... for being shown the light."

My muzzle hangs open slightly.

He clenches his eyes shut, breathes, then mutters forth: "I believe in what you and Octavia have, Vinyl." He reopens his eyes, smiling delicately. "And I hope—with whatever happens, with whatever Her Majesty says... or decides—that you remember that. That you remember what you have... and what it can grow into. Because... n-not all of us have a chance to enjoy something so... awesome."

There is silence between us... and yet there isn't. After a mutual nod, we pivot from the cold gasp of the moment and continue our serious trot towards the black bastion around the bend.

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