• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Lavish Things

Author's Note:

"Do you have all your things, Vine?"

I sigh. Smiling through the magenta cloud, I turn to gaze down the hallway leading away from our foyer. I give a reassuring nod towards the bathroom.

"Did you fill Scribbler's food dish with twice the regular amount?"

I nod again, stifling a yawn. I glance out the window. It's daylight, and the town is all abuzz. From the distance, several dark shapes form along the horizon. The townspeople gather in tight clusters on their doorstops to gaze at the curious objects:

Zeppelins. Chock full of Griffonstone ambassadors. All heading towards the Castle.

Well, this evening should be nifty, if nothing else.

"Oh! And that musical piece you made for Rainbow Dash! Better not forget that! She'll likely be the first pony we meet when we arrive!"

I nod. I'm already balancing the disc on my flank. My mane is as bright and spikey as ever. I'm ready. I've been ready.

Waiting on you, Tavi...

"It was a good thing they agreed to house our musical equipment in the ballroom prior to our arrival," Octavia's voice rattles across the apartment in purple echoes. "I seriously can't fathom trying to haul my cello case across town and maintain my appearance for such a special event! I mean... that would be a disaster waiting to happen! Not that... w-we're doomed in any particular faculty, just... erm... an anxious turn of phrase, I suppose."

I lean against the hallway's corner, my eyes blinking blearily. I remove my shades, rub my lids, and place the article back on. As my vision comes back into focus, an angelic shape materializes before me, flowing with creamy red silk.

I blink.

"Erm..." Octavia smiles bashfully. There's a rose in her upbraided mane, and her body's adorned in a plain crimson dress with a slit along the outer skirt. "I asked Rarity for something 'simple yet elegant,' and this is what she chose for me. I... I-I believe she has a far more severe definition of 'simple' than what's usually in my mind. Still... it's... not too attention-gathering, is it? I-I mean... I don't wish to out-do the Royal Princess or any members of her Friendship Council."

I blink again.

"... ... ...Vine?" She cranes her head aside. A thin charcoal strand of mane hair falls loose and she tucks it back in place. "Is everything okay, love?"

With a gulp, I perform a salute, smiling crookedly.

"So... you approve?"

I nod, my grin warm and friendly.

"Oh... oh g-good..." She exhales with shuddering indigo. "I certainly do not wish to over-do it. Still... this is a special event. It won't quite be a symphony performance, of course, but I like to stick to my lifelong motto: 'In all things, be classy.' It's helped me in every occasion I can think of."

I point at her dress, then stand up on my hindquarters. With careful precision, I charade waving a cape like a matadour.

"Huh...?" Octavia blinks at me. "You mean... whatever happened to my concern over griffons 'seeing red?'" She blushes slightly. "Well, yesterday, when I went to the Boutique... I presented the concern to Rarity. She swiftly dissuaded my fears, and that's how I came upon acquiring this." Her gray muzzle scrunches. "Hmmm... you don't suppose I should have asked Fluttershy instead?"

I facehoof.

"Eh... bollocks..." She checks her mane in the hallway mirror one last time. "Let's just go and see what becomes of everything. You only become a royal minstrel once, yes?"

I shrug, then trot my way towards the front door.

"Still, I must admit, I will look quite silly next to you."

I glance over my shoulder with a curious arch to my eyebrow.

"I mean... I know that elegant fashion isn't a requirement in your flavor of musical performance, but..." She stifles a violet giggle. "Oh dear. We almost look like I'm going to the prom and you're my chaperone." She laughs harder, her voice taking on a musical quality.

I catch my breath, opening the door.

There could be worse metaphors, I'm sure...

And just as I open the door, a royal guard in rattling armor glances our way. "Miladies..."

"Gaa-haa-haa!" Octavia leaps back. Her shriek startles me, and I briefly reel in a wave of indigo and crimson. "Erm... oh dear..." Octavia fans herself. "This is quite... unexpected..."

"My apologies for startling you, madame," the guard says, bowing. "We were simply waiting."

"Waiting...?" Octavia blinks. "Waiting for what? Ms. Scratch and I are scheduled to be at the Castle to set up for our performances within the hour." She gasps. "Oh my Celestia! We're not late, are we?"

"Not at all, ma'am." The guard smiles. "We were wondering if you wished us to take you to the Castle now."

"Take us to... erm... wh-what...?" Octavia pokes her head out of our apartment, along with me.

A carriage waits, surrounded by four guards. It's embossed in crystals and gold studs. Already, I can tell that several of the neighbors are being drawn to gawk at its shiny surfaces.

"Oh... my word..." Octavia cups her fuzzy face with a graceful hoof. "Do you mean... sh-she's sent... I-I-I mean Her Royal Highness Princess Twilight Sparkle has sent this... sent you... to... to..."

"Why, of course." The guard blinks. "You two are the royal minstrels. Her Majesty extends her services so that you may provide yours."

"But... I-I had no idea! I mean, did you, Vine?"

I shake my head.

"I mean... that's quite fantastic! But... you poor dears. I mean... the Castle is merely a few blocks away."

"My apologies." The guard bows, stepping backwards. "If you would prefer to trot the entire way—"

"Bloody Hell, we do!" Octavia practically snarls, taking me by the hoof. "Good stallions, thank you most kindly." A guard opens a side door in the carriage and the two of us climb aboard. "My sincerest apologies for the delay. Ever onwards, good chaps!"

"A pleasure, madame," the guard says with a smile. He shuts the door behind us and shouts to the two stallions up front.

Not wasting a moment, the guards draw the carriage away from our apartment stoop and across town. I spot the familiar storefronts of Ponyville whizzing by us.

"Wow... this was rather unexpected!" Octavia fidgets in her seat, trying not to wrinkle her dress as the carriage shakes around us. "I should have a word with Her Highness... let her know that these extraordinary lengths are not necessary."

I glare at her.

"She should... save such resources for if one of the arriving dignitaries needs transport!" She tilts her nose up. "It would only be proper."

I glare at her some more.

She blinks back. At last, a violet burst: "Oh, blast. Who am I kidding?" Grinning wide, she shivers in place and hugs herself. "Squeeee! This is so exciting! So exciting! Oh, blessed Luna, I am going to faint! Heeheehee!"

At last, I smirk, and all too soon we are both illuminated by the colorful manalight marking the front entrance to the Castle on this gala occasion...

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