• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Reunited Things

Author's Note:

Two weeks later...

I stand at train station outside of Atlantrot.

A suitcase rests to my left... a turntable case to my right. Both are battered, weathered. Like me.

I smile.

The wind kicks at my mane... growing wilder and wilder.

A train arrives. Its brakes screech, filling the air with delicious crimson.

I stand my ground, even as puffs of stream billow past me.

At last, the locomotive comes to a grinding halt. The conductors shuffle out, then signal to the ponies inside. One by one, the passengers step off, boarding the platform outside.

I wait patiently, my eyes darting through the colors—searching for the lack thereof.

At last, I see the stripes, followed by his muzzle. He's thinner than I last saw him, and his limp mane hasn't touched gel in ages. He pivots my way, and almost instantly his eyes light up.

I grin even harder. My hoof raises.

Dragging a suitcase behind, he shuffles towards me. His muzzle hangs agape... and soon we stand face to face.

How long has it been? Two months? Three?

"Hey there, girl," Beau's voice rasps, a scrumptious amber. His lips curve, and I see those teeth again. A sea of pearls worthy of diving into. "You... uh... you grew your mane out?"

I shrug. I point at his head.

"Huh? Oh..." He shrugs back, raising a fetlock to brush his limp locks. "Haven't... h-had much of a reason to do anything with it. I... uh... h-haven't been on stage ever since... since..."

I exhale, nodding.

He nevertheless powers through with a smile. "So... uhm... I-I got your invite!" He smirks. "The Havaneigh Club. Whew! How'd you land that one, girl?"

I giggle breathily. Then, with my horn, I draw a brightly-lit "V" in the air before dragging it down for a descending loop.

"No way. Capricorn?!" He winks slyly. "So is she the one whose hip you're joined to these days?"

I lower my eyes so he can see me roll them. I point at him, waggling my eyebrows.

"Oh. Me? You mean... uh... me and Merriweather?" He tries to smile, but it's a melting thing. "It... uhm..." A blue sigh. "It d-didn't work out."

I blink, my lips pouting.

"A-a-and it's not b-because of what you think! Although... although that's maybe a tiny part of it... part of everything that was wrong with him... eughhhh..." He rolls his eyes. "What was I even thinking. Gussied up prima donna... I swear..."

I sigh, gazing at him with a melancholic expression.

"But... but it's okay, though, V. Really. It is." He smiles, but his voice is still blue. "He was just a mistake. One of many. Don't worry. One of these days I'll... I'll find him." He gulps. "I'll find Mr. Imperfect. I mean... heh... why would an artist expect any more, huh?" He breathes... he wheezes... his muzzle scrunches up as the tears stream loose.

I drift forward and I enfold him in a hug.

Beau clings to me. I feel his squeaks in my ear. Tiny, precious things between pained shudders.

I smile warmly, nuzzling him close.

His strong forelimbs tighten around me. "I missed you... m-missed you so m-much, girl." He sniffles. The tears grow wetter. "I was worried... worried for so long." A gulp. "Worried th-that I may have chased you away forever... or... or s-something even worse..."

I lean back. I tilt his head up so that he sees me shake my head. Then, with a soft breath, I lean forward and kiss him where the mohawk should be.

Somehow, that's enough to drain some of the blue from his voice. "Someday... you and I?" He sniffs. "...someday we won't be searching no more..." A tender smile. "You think that day's coming?"

I wink and nod at him.

"Mmmmm... goddess..." He wipes his muzzle with a fetlock. "Rrnnnngh..." Roadie Beau rolls his eyes. He stomps a hoof down. "Buck it, V." A strong limb slaps my shoulder as he stand up straight, smiling tearfully. "Let's go Deejaying."

My reply is a grinning thing. I grab my bags. He grabs his.

And we go and do just that.

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