• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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True Things

Author's Note:

"So, you're going in tomorrow morning?" Lyra's amber voice wafts warmly through the night air. "To the castle, that is?"

"The invitation is set for the afternoon, actually," Octavia says from where she sits delicately on the bench in front of our apartment. She gazes upon Lyra and Bon Bon with an elegant smile. "Three o'clock, to be precise."

Lyra grins. "Well, that's a good sign if I ever heard one!"

"How do you mean?" Octavia asks.

Bon Bon clears her throat. "I think what Lyra's trying to say is that... if the Princess was summoning you two to inform that you had both been rejected, then she would have requested your presence earlier in the day. Like in the morning."

"She'd cycle through all of the entreants and save the congratulatory announcement for the true audition winners at the end of the day," Lyra says, smiling. "At least, that's how I'd do it. Knock all the meetings out between sunrise and sundown."

"Twilight Sparkle does like to be efficient," Bon Bon adds with a nod.

"Hmmm... I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of that," Octavia lies. Her voice dips into indigo and undulates back to purple. I try not to snicker. "Even still, we must be prepared for anything."

"Well, if you ask us, I'd say prepare for the best!" Bon Bon winks, smiling brightly. "Twilight has just got to give the minstrel slots to you two! There simply isn't a better pair of musicians in all of Equestria!"

"Uhhhh..." Lyra glances over with a playful frown. "Hello?!"

Bon Bon giggles, then leans over to rub noses with the mare. "I didn't say solo artist..."

"Oh... uh... eheh..." Lyra blushes furiously, her voice taking on a golden glint. "Cool."

"I'm simply surprised at how swiftly all of this is unfolding," Octavia remarks. Her folded hooves squirm against her beloved cushion beneath her. "I come from Trottingham where nightmarish bureacracy forces even the simplest of regal exercises between mere dukes and archbishops to travail over several months. But here—in Ponyville—Princess Twilight Sparkle has managed to announce, audition, and hire for castle musicians within the space of a few weeks."

"Yeah, well..." Lyra shrugs. "She ain't exactly a one-pony-team. She's called the 'Princess of Friendship' for a reason."

"Yeah! Hehe!" Bon Bon grins. "She's got—like—a round table full of marefriends to help her get the job done."

"I... fail to see how the likes of Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie could accelerate the hiring process," Octavia says, glancing my way with an amused smile. "But, then again, she does have Ponyville's finest animal taxonomist and apple harvester on her side."

"Oh, and don't forget Rarity from Carousel Boutique!" Bon Bon remarks. "Doesn't she—like—absolutely adore you?"

"Oh my, yes!" Octavia purrs. "I swear, that mare is the most arduous fan—practically dripping with flattering compliments every time I show up to have a dress fixed at her establishment." Suddenly, Octavia's eyes shrink to pinpricks, and her whimpering voice thins to match it: "Oh my goodness..." She turns to gawk at me. "You don't suppose that's it, do you?"

"... ... ...?" I question mark.

"That my illustrious standing in Rarity's perspective forced her hoof and won us top votes after the audition?"

I shrug with a crooked smirk.

"I think you deserve all the praise you get, Tavi, but even that sounds a bit far-fetched," Bon Bon muses. "After all, Rarity only accounts for one-sixth of the entire Council of Friendship."

Octavia lets loose a frail sigh. "I suppose you're right. My talents do cater to... a rather niche crowd." Her voice playfully takes on a violet tone. "It's Vinyl here who has far more universal appeal. If anypony won the Castle over, it's her."

I wave a hoof, rolling my shaded eyes.

"I still think it's you two. The both of you." Lyra winks. "Whatever it is that makes you tick, it won over the wedding crowd. No doubt it grabbed the Castle crowd all the same. Y'know... hook, line, and plot!"

"Lyra!" Bon Bon swats her marefriend. "Goodness gracious!"


"Well, it's getting late. It was really nice running into you gals." Bon Bon waves. "Lyra and I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, but we'll be cheering for you two from the sidelines!"

I nod while Octavia waves a graceful hoof. "Your support is greatly appreciated."

"How about a victory breakfast tomorrow or the next day?" Lyra grins, pointing at her companion. "Bon Bon will cook!"


Tavi chuckles, a deep purple thing. "Let's take this one step at a time, yes?"

"Yes yes yes..." Bon Bon takes Lyra by the hoof and escorts her away. "But, still, stiff upper lip."

"Among other things," Lyra adds with a giggle.

"Pffft! Honestly, Lyra, you're impossible."

"And you're an uptight fluffball."

"Says you."

"So, what of it?"


I watch as the two mares trot off, giggling and talking amongst themselves. The air above them is a spectral cornucopia of pinks, golds, and blues—all awash in orange. It's a color I sense all too commonly when I wander past the honeymoon suites of the hotels I stay at while on tour.

If I could speak, then this would be the pattern that I would talk about the least.

"I know what you're thinking, Vine..."

The violet words jolt me out of the moment. I glance at my roommate.

She smiles, staring at the horizon beyond the bodies of our two retiring friends. "...will they ask us to perform at their wedding someday?" A tranquil sigh escapes her muzzle, and I'm not blind to the tan shadows trailing off it. "I certainly hope so, but one can never know."

I bite my lip, gazing to the floor.

You couldn't possibly know what I'm thinking.

Not this time...

"You know, Vine, despite whatever happens tomorrow, I feel that Bon Bon's statement rings true." She looks at me, eyes glossy and rich. "We truly are the two best musicians in all of Equestria. And though it may be simple flattery on her part, do you want to know why I think it's accurate?"

I cock my head slightly to the side.

Octavia smiles. "Because we are both very true to ourselves. Wouldn't you agree, hmm?"

With a magenta sigh, I nod.

Ever since a certain pony saved my life...

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