• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Sweet Things

Author's Note:

Their voices are like golden chimes increasing in intensity.

I've just finished unloading and setting up my turntable by the time I hear their hoofsteps arriving at the front stoop to my home. I take a brave breath, turn around, and trot to the doorway just in time to see both mares stumbling to a stop. They gaze at me, breathless and wide-eyed.

Rainbow Dash hovers above them with a smug grin on her face.

I swallow a lump down my throat... then wave awkwardly.

Bon Bon covers her muzzle with a pair of hooves. Her eyes instantly water up. Lyra lingers on the edge of a grimace. She doesn't say anything—which is probably what stings me the most. Instead, she stumbles forward a few feet, then throws her forelimbs around me.

I jolt slightly, then exhale as I rest within her embrace. Her breaths are shuddering things. Fractured. Emotional.

Bon Bon sniffles. She wipes her cheeks dry as she smiled painfully.

"You idiot..." Lyra whimpers. "You stupid, silly idiot..." She leans back, her tears cascading over a crooked smile. "Don't you ever do that to us again. We were worried... so damn worried..."

With a sigh, I nod and nod. I smile gently at the two of them, then bow my head low.

Bon Bon leans in, tilting my chin up with her hoof.

I gaze at her.

She sniffles, then smiles. "I... uh..." A gulp. "I like what you did with your mane."

"Pffft. Looks like she just gave up cutting it."

"So? Long hair looks pretty on her."

"Eugh... Bon Bon. She shows up for the first time in months and that's all you have to say?!"

"Well, what do you expect from me?!" Bon Bon nevertheless shudders, smiling at me again. "It's so... so nice to see you again."

"She showed up just now!" Rainbow says from above. "Must have ridden in on the southbound train from Atlantrot."

"Been seeing the sights and sounds of Equestria, huh?" Lyra remarks.

I wave my hoof from side to side.

"You've been up to something. I can tell," Bon Bon says. She squints. "There's... something in your eyes. Something different."

I lower my shades slightly and raise an eyebrow at her.

Bon Bon giggles, her voice glimmering and golden.

"Doesn't... d-doesn't the sunlight hurt your eyes, Vinyl?" Lyra remarks. "I've... I've never seen you lower your shades like this at midday like this before..."

Before I can even pretend to respond—

"Rainbow Dash?" An elegant voice rolls through the air. A tiny crowd has gathered outside my home, and I have to crane my neck to see who it is. "Is... is that really...?"

"Totally is, Rares," Rainbow says. "In the flesh!"

Lyra and Bon Bon step aside. I see Rarity standing, hoof raised in a dainty expression of surprise.

"Oh my..." The fashionista gulps dryly. "After so long too." She blinks. "Are you... quite alright, Miss Scratch?"

I bite my lip. I slowly, slowly nod.

"I see..." She exhales an amber breath. Her muscles relax and her ears fold—as if the mare's releasing a weighty burden. "It is... an exceedingly good thing to see you in one piece, my dear."

"Yeah." Lyra nods. "Almost makes up for the deep desire to rip her to shreds for running off without a trace." Bon Bon glares at her. "What? I'm only equine." Bon Bon sighs, shaking her head with a smile.

"I mean it, though," Rarity says, turning to face me. "I... know that I've said some rather disparaging things to you in the past, Miss Scratch. But I want you to know that I never once intended for you to... t-to experience any undue peril." She bites her lip. "Especially at the hooves of our utter neglect..."

I blink at her curiously.

"Eh... don't mind her," Rainbow Dash says, her black voice scratchy as ever. She speaks above the murmur of pony onlookers trotting around the scene. "It's been an emotional few weeks, hasn't it, Rare?"

"Ungh!" Rarity rolls her eyes. "You're telling me!" She sighs again, smiling elegantly at me. "I'm quite glad to see you in one piece. It's just one blessing on top of many, Miss Scratch. Life is a crazy, complex thing, as I'm sure you're well aware. I do hope you have it in your heart to... t-to forgive any past grievances so that we may restart things on the right hoof."

I nod, smiling graciously.

That's when a tiny, fluffy figure appears from behind Rarity's. She fidgets, eyes bright and blinking.

My breath leaves me. I freeze in place.

Rarity turns to look behind her. "It's quite alright, darling. See? She's back and in one piece! You've nothing to worry about."

With a gulp, the filly steps out from hiding. Sweetie Belle trots past Lyra and Bon Bon.

Grinning softly, I squat low to greet her.

"Uhm... h-hi..." Sweetie Belle comes to a stop, trembling slightly. "It's... it's really great to see you, Miss Scratch."

My heart is pounding. I gulp hard and nod.

"I... I was scared." She sniffles, ears folded. "Scared that maybe you were mad at all of us. I mean... I-I could tell that you were hurting. I only wanted to make you feel better. That's why... why..."

I reach a hoof out. I gently caress her chin and cheek.

She exhales, smiling tearfully. After rubbing her eyes, she murmurs, "Anyways... you'll never guess what h-happened!"

"Eeeee...!" Bon Bon clasps her hooves together, smiling.

"Here we go..." Lyra smirks.

"... ... ...?" I glance curiously at everypony until I spot Sweetie Belle pivoting sideways. There's a curious blemish against the soft whiteness of her coat. At first, I think it's three separate tonal voices playing games with my senses. Upon closer examination, I realize it's a shield comprised of magenta, lavender, and pale hues. In the center of the mark is rose star surrounding a pink music note. A quaver.

"Do you like it?" Sweetie Belle's teeth glint beneath a wide smile. "Scoots, Apple Bloom and I all got cutie marks at the same time! Theirs look super similar too!" A girlish giggle. "I guess we're all crusaders for life! Isn't that cool?"

I don't realize how wide my muzzle is agape until I almost swallow a passing butterfly. I gawk at Lyra and Bon Bon.

"I know. Crazy, huh?" Lyra smirks. "She's been a regular performer at our studio."

"So... so talented," Bon Bon coos. "And adorable. A regular prodigy."

"Indeed she is," Rarity adds with a wink.

"Hehehehe... yes, well..." Sweetie Belle pivots around to face me naturally. "One thing I'm learning is that having a talent doesn't mean you're perfect." Her eyes narrow. "I'm still having to improve my skills in a lot of areas. Thankfully, Miss Heartstrings has been a marvelous tutor."

"Not that it's super hard or anything," Lyra drones. "The kid's a natural."

"I just... y'know..." Sweetie Belle shrugs. "...wish that you were around to see me when I first got it, Miss Scratch." She smiles delicately.

I gaze at her. I brush my bangs back and smirk. Holding a hoof up, I trot into the apartment then come back out with a vinyl floating in my grasp.

"Hey, what's that?" Rainbow asks.

I pivot the thing around and hold it out to Sweetie Belle.

"This..." Sweetie Belle blinks. "This is the record I made for you?" She gazes at me with a confused expression. "But... but why are you giving it back?" She winces. "Did you not like it?"

I hold it out even further.

She takes the item in her hoof. Her eyes squint at it, and mutters: "Wait... there are signatures on it. I see yours..." Her lips pursed. "...Simon Neighs? DJ Capricorn?" Her eyes widen. "No way... Sapphire Shores?" Ponies around her murmur and smile. Suddenly, Sweetie Belle gasps, eyes wide. "... ... ...Countess Coloratura?!?"

"Heh..." Rainbow Dash folds her forelimbs. "Somepony's been around."

"Wow, Sweetie Belle!" Bon Bon grins. "What do you think about that?"

"Rarity! Rarity! Look! Lookit!" Sweetie Belle hops up and down, holding the record up high.

"Heehee... I see it, darling!" Rarity smiles. "A fine gift, if I ever saw one."

"Omigosh! My very own recording! Signed by the greatest artists in all of Equestria!" Sweetie Belle beams, smiling in my direction. "Oh Vinyl Scratch! You're the best! The best! I-I can't wait to show this to Scootaloo and Apple Bloom!"

I smile, snickering breathily. I wave a hoof through the magenta cloud.

"Omigosh! Omigosh! Thank you!" She hobbles away, levitating the vinyl in a magic grip. "I'll make this up to you! I promise!" Her voice squeaks across the green lawns of Ponyville. "Hey! Hey Di! Look!" She runs up to a lavender filly in a tiara. Both foals smile and giggle, hopping in place. Then Sweetie Belle leans in to nuzzle her, and the two scamper off in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres.

I watch them gallop away. I turn towards my friends again—pause... then squint curiously at the two frollicking foals with a blank expression. "... ... ..." At last, I shrug it off then face Lyra and Bon Bon.

"Uhm..." Lyra fidgets.

"Did... did you ever find her, Vinyl?" Bon Bon asks.

With a sigh, I shake my head.

Bon Bon and Lyra stare at the ground.

I turn to look at Rarity and Rainbow Dash. I gesture a "tiara" and "wings."

"Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asks. "She's in her Castle at the moment. The mare's got a new apprentice in magic that she's training."

"I trust that you would like to meet the Princess?" Rarity asks.

I slowly nod my head.

"Splendid." Rarity sighs pleasantly. "Because I just know she's been dying to see you again..." She trots off with a smile. "Join me, shall you?"

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