• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Flashy Things

Author's Note:

"Is something the matter, Tavitavitavi?" Pinkie Pie sing-songs.

"Erm..." Octavia glances around while the gaggle of royal-and-not-royal ponies trots out of the gates of Twilight's Castle. "I just feel... very light all of the sudden."

"Is it because you left your cello behind with its case?" Fluttershy smiled. "Don't worry, Octavia. It's very much safe inside the Castle. Twilight has hired the best guards to patrol the new Palace."

"Oh, I have no doubt of that. It's just..." Octavia shudders slightly with a sheepish smile. "...I feel quite strange trotting across Ponyville without it." She gulps. "Or anywhere in Equestria, for that matter."

"Heehee! You're a royal minstrel now, silly filly!" Pinkie exclaims. "That means you do your music thang inside the Castle! But when you're outside... woohoo! It's off-the-clock party time!"

"Oh... uh... most certainly. I-I suppose."

"And I know the best way to celebrate a busy day of rehearsing!" Pinkie cartwheeled in the general direction of Sugarcube Corner across town. "Come on! I'll treat you to a Go-Nutz!"

"A... what...?" Tavi blinks.

"It's a doughnut! Only—like—it's sprinkled all over with honey-nut roasted almond flakes and a fine maple glaze! That's why I call it a 'Go Nutz Doughnut!' Heehee! Get it?"

"Indeed." Octavia smiles thinly. "Why didn't I think of it before?"

Applejack chuckled, trotting along Fluttershy and Octavia. "I'm afraid yer gonna have to get used to Pinkie's way of thinkin'. Ain't no manual for it."

"No. I imagine not." Octavia looks across the group at me. "Vinyl, love? Do you... uhm... need help over there—?"

"It's okay!" Rarity chimes. "I've got ittttt," she says almost musically.

The unicorn trots gracefully beside me, using her magical telekinesis to move me in my wheelchair. Although I'm slightly miffed at the extra cushy treatment, I can already feel the blissful relief in my injured leg.

"My gratitude is not simply extended through my sister," Rarity says with a proud smile. "When Rairty commits to a promise, she commits whole-heartedly." She tosses a wink at Octavia. "I shall be your lovely friend's chauffeur for the evening."

"Well... alright then," Octavia says with a chuckle. "So long as we're all... happy...?"

"You betcha!" Rainbow flies overhead, then calls over her shoulder. "Hey Twi! You coming?"

"Uhm... it will just be a second!" Twilight's voice ripples towards us from the Castle's entrance. "I'll catch up soon! I promise!"

"Alright, Twilight!" Fluttershy calls back.

"Ughhh..." Rainbow rolls her eyes, grumbling slightly in black flashing bolts. "Seriously? Again?" She darts forward in an angry blue blur.

"... ... ...?" I turn to look over my shoulder.

While Rarity glides me along, I barely take notice of Twilight at the Castle's entrance. She's currently engaged in a deep conversation with a familiar guard in a familiar shade of orange... inducing a familiar blushing smile across the mare's face.

"I trust that Sweetie Belle has been useful around the house?" Rarity's voice murmurs, tickling my ears with silken vibrations. "She's been coming home right around sunset each evening. I hope that means she's been finding a lot to assist you with, hmmm?"

I squint harder in time to see Twilight and the young stallion nuzzling each other. My lips grow tight.

"She speaks quite highly of you. Sweetie Belle describes you as 'kind, quiet, and agreeable.' The filly might be a bit foolish in her adventurous exploits, but I've always known her to be a good judge of character."

I stare and stare...

"... ... ...you do know, I hope, that the handsome stallion has been claimed already?"

I jolt, then glance at Rarity with a nervous grimace. I shake my head and gesture wildly with a hoof.

"Mmmm..." Rarity smirks smugly. "You can't fool a lady, dear. I know a jealous stare when I see one."

I face-hoof with a magenta sigh.

"Although... jealousy comes in many forms." Rarity's gaze lifts to the sky. "I have to say... Rainbow Dash hasn't quite been herself ever since... ever since..." She sighs. "Oh, it isn't right of me to spread unnecessary rumors. Besides..." She smiles at me again. "Rainbow's such a little darling... a loyal soul to the core. I think she just... doesn't know what to make of Flash Sentry. Not many of us have, really. Rainbow likely thinks it's a threat to our friendship with Twilight—and that's just silly, though I can't blame the mare for feeling so protective. It's a concern that the rest of us has shared." A dainty laugh. "You should have seen Applejack the first day Flash visited Ponyville. She was practically glaring daggers into his brow the entire time from across Sugarcube Corner."

I blink, feeling the chair wobble slightly as the unicorn pushing me laughs.

"Heeheehee... hmmm... but... she soon realized that Flash's only crime is... being a tad bit dense. While I think his handsomeness is a fine quality, I too share the belief that Twilight can do better, given a mare of her intelligence and expertise. But that's the crux of the matter. We're her friends, and while it's quite noble to look out for her... we should also have the werewithawal to trust her... and to respect her taste in a partner. And, so far..." Rarity shrugs. "Twilight appears healthy, happy, and completely devoid of regrets. And that's a good thing, right?"

I fidgeted in my chair.

"Mmmm... yes..." Rarity sighs. "It's a good thing, Rarity. It's a good thing it's a good thing it's a good thing," she repeats, her expression momentarily sullen. "Ooooh!" She brightens on a dime, smiling wide. "Sugarcube Corner! Here at last!" She pivots us both around and draws the wheelchair into the establishment backwards. "I do hope you're not terribly allergic to almonds, darling."

I get one last look of the Castle while gliding in reverse. I see an alicorn flying towards us, humming in a gray tone, her eyes as thin and rozy as her dreamy smile.

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