• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Shining Things

Author's Note:

"Something troubling you, Vinyl, darling?"

Rarity's words have to pierce through a crimson cloud of cacophony before they reach my ears. The windows to her Boutique rattle from the commotion outside. It's barely twelve hours until the concert starts, and already the streets of Ponyville are chock full of rattling wagons, barking voices, laughing breaths, and chatting visitors.

The air inside and outside Rarity's establishment is colored with nearly two dozen different types of accents. It nauseates me with the sheer complexity, and I find it hard to keep my lunch in... much less stand straight on her dressing table.

It also would have supremely helped if I actually slept a wink last night.

"Everything okay, Vinyl?" Lyra asks. Her amber voice is even fainter than Rarity's. She and Bon Bon sit in chairs positioned at the base of the dressing room, staring up at me. "Do you need to sit for a while?"

"But that's going to ruin the work that Rarity's doing," Bon Bon states.

"Can't you see that Vinyl is clearly about to flip her lid?"

"Ungh! Well of course she will with that kind of reinforcement!"

"I'm just stating an observation! This is a super big night and she's probably scared out of her wits—"

"Can you be supportive for once without having to rationalize everything?"

"Pffft... yeesh... now who's a basketcase?"

"Why of all the—"

"Ah-ah-ahem..." Rarity's voice is remarkably clear, and it drowns out the bedlam all around. For a brief moment, there's clarity, and my vision focuses to see her batting her eyelashes at my two marefriends. "I just realized something. My stock is completely out of Dr. Pony. I do believe that is Miss Scratch's self-prescribed form of liquid courage, hmmm?"

"Heh... yeah." Lyra smirks. "Totally."

"Well, would you both be a couple of dears and go fetch some from the local market? I do believe it's just what Vinyl needs to smooth the edge off."

Bon Bon and Lyra exchange glances. They look up at me.

"Is... is that something you'd want, V?"

I look down at them from where I stand, partially fitted into a patchwork gown. My extra-long mane is pinned up in a temporary bun. I manage a nervous nod, wincing slightly from the noise beyond the window panes.

"Okay. Well... uh..." Bon Bon grins nervously as she gets up out of her chair. "We'll be back!"

"Don't get too pretty while we're gone, y'hear?" And Lyra helps Bon Bon out the door. "I'm telling you... her shades are positively rattling!"

"Oh will you just hush?!"

There's a brief explosion of noise: voices and carriages and rattling guard armor.

Then the Boutique becomes a dull sarcophagus of vibrations yet again.

I nevertheless rub my head, wincing.

"Stay right there, Miss Scratch." Rarity trots across the dressing area. Her voice is soft, like satin. I try to concentrate on it. "You know... the charmingly frustrating thing about best friends is that they're not always guaranteed to be on their best all the time. Ironic, yes?"

I sigh. My head aches... throbs.


If this doesn't work tonight...

...then I don't know what will.

I just... just don't know what I can—

Suddenly, the Boutique floods with blue. A rich, deep, undulating blue.

I tilt my head up, blinking.

It's Sweetie Belle's voice. She sings a Cyan number... a hauntingly familiar Cyan number.

I flash Rarity a look.

She blushes slightly, hiding it behind an elegant smile. "I do hope you forgive me." She trots up the stage until she's right beside me with her alteration tools. "You're the dj, not me. Surely you know that I don't risk smudging any of those remarkably generous autographs you fetched."

I gulp and slowly shake my head. A shudder rolls through me, soft and caressing. Funny how this music once made me want to reduce myself to pudding.

"I simply figured that a teensy bit of familiarity would do you good." She leans in, draping measuring tape around me with motherly gestures. "Yes. That's it. Just focus on the music, darling. It's what you're bringing to the table tonight. Miss Melody's table. And I just know that she will be immeasurably impressed."

I close my eyes, almost drifting with the tune. I think about Sweetie's voice... the delightful squeaks between the lyrics... the sheer innocence and good will.

Celestia dang it...

...this is no place to cry.

"I do believe an apology is in order."

My eyes flutter open.

Rarity looks at me softly. "On my part, that is." She clears her throat as she adjusts the hem of my dress. "You see... I got so terribly defensive over my sister during that... well... that one debacle." A soft sigh. "I never stopped to contemplate the heights to which love can take us... as well as the depths."

My ears drape.

She sees it. She leans back to gaze at me. Her face is full of adoration. Her breath full of bells. "The respect that you have for your colleague... the sheer admiration... from one friend to another..." She gulps. "It's inspiring, Miss Scratch. You want to know why Twilight and the rest of us are so behind you on this?"

I gaze at her curiously.

"Because you've miraculously learned to transform that which crippled you into that which liberates. And you did most of it on your own. If... if you can just imagine how hard Twilight has struggled... how hard we all have struggled to move mountains in the name of friendship. And yet, somehow, with just a little bit of faith and introspection, you've managed to invert that which binds you... and return to your true home, stronger than ever." Her eyes are slightly moist. "It's a gift that deserves being shared with the rest of the world. And it is our honor that you get to share it with Miss Melody next... as you have shared it with us..."

A shudder runs through me. I can only gaze at her as my vision turns foggy.

"Now... does your head hurt quite as much?"

I blink, returning my vision to normal. I gently shake my head.

"Good. Now stand still." She trots in close, tightening the gown for a final adjustment. "Like all good gifts, you deserve a fabulous wrapping. And I swear—on my own career if I have to—that we're going to make sure your moment is a shining one."

I smile, sniffling slightly.

"After all... it's only fitting..." She winks. "After seven long years, it'll be your friend's turn to be speechless..."

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