• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Triumphant Things

Author's Note:

"Yo, if we want some wicked color flares to follow up the isolated vocal bit," Harmonicide gestures from where he stands in the middle of the mostly vacant ballroom. "Then I'm gonna have to channel a few extra leylines to the backup manabatteries. Like..." He flips through a clipboard of notes, then murmurs. "...at least five crystalline diodes worth of the crud, y'know what I'm saying? A really big flash. Booooosh! Right after Cyan's samples reach the apex and then the rest of the orchestration can take over, pumpin' up the crowd like there's no tomorrow."

I tilt my head up from my own clipboard with a blank expression. I look at the other Deejays gathered in the heart of the Palace of Friendship.

DJ Capricorn, Simon Neighs, and Roadie Beau exchange stupefied glances from where we stand, pacing across the site of the future venue. Along the fringes, royal servants are dusting off the place, gathering the first of many supplies that will fill the arena.

"That..." Simon gapes at Capricorn. "...that is..."

"Really really useful, Harmonicide!" Capricorn smirks. "Do you really think you can get the light rig to work to that intensity?"

"Pffft!" Harmonicide waves a hoof. "It'll be like my shows outta Mareami! Ponies there really like to lose their collective fertilizer, y'know what I'm saying?"

"This is going to be a different crowd, bro," Beau says. "Let's not shock 'em too much."

"Well, hey!" Harmonicide shrugs dramatically. "Are we here to thrill the hoity-toity nose-blowers or Lady Scratch's gal-pal here?!"

Simon Neighs bites his lip.

Beau sighs and looks to Capricorn. "Cap?"

Her bergundy voice rolls my way. "Well, Vinyl? How do you feel about this? Play it safe or go all out?"

I lean back. I think about the last conversation I ever had with Tavi. I think about the mistakes that were made... the regrets that weighed the heaviest.

A magenta sigh escapes my muzzle.


Subtlety be damned.

I point in Harmonicide's direction and nod with a smile.

"Well, that settles it!" Simon smiles.

"Tartarus yeah!" Harmonicide pumps his forelimb in the air. "And then we get the drop the bass, right?!" He grins, almost drooling.

Capricorn face-hoofs with a groan.

"Almost had it, bro," Beau says, smirking. "Just focus on the lighting. We'll cover the rest."

"But... but..." Harmonicide fidgets like a confused little colt. "I don't get it. What about the bass?"

I twirl a pair of pens in Capricorn's direction.

She interprets for me: "'The bass isn't everything.'"

Harmonicide blinks. Hard. "Yeesh... you ponies..." He shuffles off, gathering light and mana-powered equipment. "I was born out of my time. Swear to friggin' Luna..."

"Ahem..." Capricorn looks at the rest of us. "Back to instrumental arrangements, then?"

"Yeah..." Simon raises a hoof. "You've got the keyboard part covered, and I'm on the extra synthesizer. But I've got a question about placement..."

"Fire away, good sir."

"Well..." Simon pivots about. "If the stage is going to be positioned there behind the orchestra..." His hoof points up. "And Vinyl's booth is going to be situated right above it, then where are we going to find room to funnel the wires to the secondary synthesiz—?" At the sound of a door creaking open, he freezes in place. A gasp, and the stallion bows low, headphones nearly falling off. "Your Highness!"

Beau and Capricorn are also bowing.

"Heehee... please..." Twilight Sparkle waves a hoof. "At ease."

"Your Majesty." Simon Neighs stands up, trembling slightly. "Let me just say that it's an absolute honor to perform at your Palace—and in the midst of the Canterlot Symphony Orchestra, no less!"

"Uhhhh... yeah." Beau points. "What scrawny boy says."

"Please. The pleasure is all mine." Twilight shuffles up. "I know how much this means to Vinyl. It means a lot to us as well."

"Yeah..." Beau smirks my way. "'Bout time the girl got her comeuppance."

I blush slightly, then twirl my pens in Twilight's direction.

She answers. "The movers from Canterlot will be arriving soon to set up the stage and audience seating." She gestures at the ballroom around us. "This chamber didn't exactly... sprout up out of the ground with the purpose of being an orchestral theatre, but the best designers in all of Equestria think they have a way to get the job done."

"I take it you're here to oversee the setup," Capricorn remarks.

"Absolutely." Twilight smiles. "That... and to welcome back my ponies in the field who've been looking after Octavia."

"Does that mean she's here already?" Beau asks.

My heart skips a beat.

"Er... no." Twilight clears her throat. "She's in a hotel the next town over. I've still got an agent or two watching over her, but the head of operations has returned for his next order and I don't wish to disappoint."

"Yes..." Capricorn squints at the Princess. "...about this strategic act of observation you've undergone..."

"Errr... eheheh..." Twilight raises her hoof at her. "We will talk about that later, Miss Capricorn. That's a promise."


Another door creaks open.

Twilight instantly perks up. "Oh! Uhm... there he is now! Do excuse me!" And she breaks off into a brisk canter.

Beau blinks at me. "Where's she off to in such a dayum hurry?"

I shrug. I turn to look—and I do a double-take.

"Your Highness..." Flash Sentry removes his helmet and approaches the Princess with a bow. It's a blissfully short thing. Soon, he's standing up... and smiling.

She smiles as well, then leans up to nuzzle him. The Princess and guard share an embrace, and then a quick peck on the lips.

I blink.

"Miss Melody is in Dream Valley as we speak. She's perfectly safe," Flash says. "I have my best stallions looking over her—"

"Shhhh... I know." She caresses his cheek. "Because I had my best stallion on the job since day one."

Flash nods. Taking a breath, he says, "So... how're things shaping up here?"

"Just wonderfully. Vinyl and her music friends are finishing up plans as we speak. This is it, Flash. Everything we've worked for is coming full circle."

"Great." He stands up tall and straight. "You have my word. The night will go off without a hitch... for you, Vinyl, and all your friends."

"Heehee... I have every faith in you."

"Then I'd better get to work." He winks, places his helmet back on, and trots across the ballroom. "The other officers are a bit rusty after having not been here in so long. But don't you worry. I'll get them back in shape." He bows one last time, then smiles at me as he passes. "Miss Scratch..."

I gaze at him... and wave with a numb hoof. Dumbfounded, I turn to look at Twilight.

Twilight squirms where she stands. A blush forms across her lavender cheeks. "What?" An even deeper blush. "A... lot of time has passed for us too."

I smile awkwardly... stupidly.

She leans in and winks. "You're not the only mare who's done some soul-searching." A happy sigh. "Life is short... but not so short that your mistakes have to outweigh your triumphs. Not if we let it."

With a deep gulp, I nod.

"So then..." She coils her wings at her side and grins from ear to ear. "...excited for the big night?"

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