• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Loving Things

Author's Note:

"And... and the dizziness is gone?" Octavia asks.

I shake my head, wincing slightly. The two of us sit in the center of the Palace's vacant ballroom. Alone. Our chairs are pivoted slightly towards each other as we face the empty stage at the end of the chamber.

"It... mmfff..." I rub a hoof against my head. "...it still takes a lot out of... m-my nerves." I gulp hard, continuing to pronounce my words breathily... but coherently. "But... I-I'm not exactly collapsing to the floor each time I use my vocal cords."

Octavia exhales. Her fuzzy cheeks are still a little gritty from tears. There's a warm Wonderbolts jacket hanging over her shoulder—courtesy of a certain Rainbow Dash. "Bloody hell." She gulps. "And all of this from just a few visits with this Doctor... Doctor Terrace?"

"Dr. Terra. And, yes." I nod, smiling. "It was all so very simple." I swallow hard, throwing my entire lungs into each sentence. "Kinda surprised me. And... mmmm... and n-now I will be going to Nurse Redheart for regular weekly check-ups."


I gulp again. "She says... I should be talking normally within a year. M-maybe two."

"Wow..." Octavia leans back, smiling dumbly. "Bet you're killing yourself inside for not doing regular check-ups sooner." My best friend winces. Hard. "Erm... a thousand pardons. Poor choice of words."

I teeter numbly to the side, overcome with a magenta cloud.

"Vinyl!" Octavia gasps, reaching for me.

But I'm already sitting up straight. "S-sorry..." I rub my head, smiling awkwardly. "...laughter still makes me dizzy." A gulp. "Baby steps...?"

She blinks at me, then giggles forth a burst of violet. "Yes. Most definitely!" As she exhales, her hooves travel down to my fetlocks. "You... have a very tender voice, Vine."

"Th-thank you."

"I mean it. Most precious. I can almost hear Cyan in all of it."

"You know what?" I clear my throat, relaxing my throat muscles. "So can I."

"No doubt. Hence the new album." Her gaze falls down to our hooves. She gives my forelimb a gentle squeeze. "You... you really went to all this length..." A gulp. "...just to reach out to me?"

I slowly nod. After a deep breath, I whisper as succinctly as I can: "I needed to save us both." I fight the urge to cough, then murmur: "I came very close to failing."

Her eyes dart up. An indigo breath: "How close?"

I'm mute once more.

She avoids my gaze. Brushing a lock of hair over her ear, she murmurs: "What... st-stopped you?"

"You mean what saved me?"

A coy smirk. Her eyes rest on me again.

In the violet spotlight, I say: "The same thing that was in front of me the whole time." A deeper breath. "The same thing that's in front of me right now."

"But... but I abandoned you, Vinyl."

"You woke me up, Tavi."

She shakes her head, wincing. "I left you alone when you were most vulnerable."

"And I found myself." I squeeze her hooves. "Now let me help you find you." I smile. "We have friends to help us along the way."

"But... but it's so... unfair." She grimaces, her eyes glossy. "So unfair to you."

"Let me be the judge of that," I say. "Right now... I'm just... h-happy." I inhale again. "Happy that you are back."

She stares at me... gapes. Her moist eyes blink.

"You deserve a career befitting your talents," I say. "And you deserve that first chair in the Canterlot Symphony." I lean my head to the side, smiling. "And... mmmm... I pr-promise that I will not give up on my career." A magenta-eyed wink. "DJ-P0N4 has built too much steam to slow down." I feel dizzy as I combat a laugh. "Besides... Beau and Capricorn would kill me if I gave up now."

"Heh..." Octavia chuckles—as she can afford. "Heheheheh..." She leans back.

I smile, enjoying the sound of her laughter.

It's over far too quickly. She releases her grip of my hooves and hugs herself instead. "Vinyl, darling..." A sniffle. I see the tears forming in her eyes. "What... have..." She winces. "What did I ever do to deserve such... such loyalty? Such kindness?"

"What else?" I breathe. "You saved my life."

"You mean in Detrot, seven years ago?" Octavia shudders, waving a hoof. "That's nothing—"

"That's everything. And more." I lean forward so my eyes are even with hers. "You are more. Every day... every hour we spent together... you saved me. You enlightened me." I gesture. "You are... mmm... the f-fulcrum of my life. Who I was... who I am... who I aim to be."

She sniffles again. The tears stream down her cheek. "I... I just don't understand, Vinyl. I don't see how I'm worth it..."

"It's simple," I say. "I love you, Tavi."

She shudders. A pair of pained eyes lift up towards mine. "Vine? Haven't... h-haven't we been through this? I... I-I don't..." She grimaces. "What I mean is... I'm not the kind of mare who—"

"That doesn't matter," I say. "You're my best friend and I love you. I care for you." I place a hoof on her shoulder. "And I always shall. Wherever you are... wherever you may be." I sigh through a soft smile. "I just want to m-make sure that it's a place that you deserve."

She stares at me, her face melting once again. At last, she slumps forward, falling into my embrace. "The only pl-place I want to be is h-here..."

I hold her tight. "Let's just see where the music takes us." My head leans down and I nuzzle her, kissing the top of her head. "One movement at a time."

"Y-yes..." She sniffles, nuzzling the crook of my neck. "Sounds... sounds lovely..."

I nod.


"I... uhm..." Octavia clears her throat. "... I-I don't suppose it's too late for a sip of that red wine..."

Once again, I'm lost in the dizziness of laughter. It's Octavia's turn to catch me.

And she's as strong as ever.

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