• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Dependent Things

Author's Note:

"I must say: this snuck up on us rather suddenly."

"... ... ...?" I pause in packing my things to turn and look over my shoulder.

"Oh, well, I suppose it didn't quite sneak up on you, per se," Tavi says, clad in a soft burgundy bathrobe. She sits at the kitchen table with a mug of tea while early morning light wafts in through the windows. "I know how good you are at keeping to schedule, after all." She takes a dainty sip, then speaks in an even daintier voice. "How long will you be gone this time?"

I tap my chin and shrug. Using my magic, I levitate four paper clips in the air, then five, then four again.

"All the way to Sacramentoats and back," Tavi slurs, using every ounce of energy to fight a yawn. Her voice drips in lazy indigo. "I presume you'll have enough time for two shows."

I levitate three paper clips with a smirk, then slide them away into my saddlebag pocket.

"Three?" She leans back, blinking. "My my... aren't we raking in the bits."

I shrug again, trotting across the foyer to go over my equipment once more. It would appear as though I have everything in order. Still—regardless of Octavia's insistence—I truly am one for double-checking everything.

"It would be a terrible shame for us to receive the news of our audition results while you're away," Octavia says. "I mean, I would be more than happy to fill you in upon your return, but it just... seems the kind of thing you would want to be present for upon revealing."

I nod absent-mindedly, rolling my items over to the front door so that they'll be nearby for when it's time to catch the noon train out of Ponyville.

"Vinyl, I know it's... truly none of my business, but I can't help but wonder." She crosses her forelimbs beneath her chin, staring across the apartment at me with glossy purple eyes. "These so-called 'gigs' of yours... these shows on the road that you perform so often... they do pay you handsomely, yes?"

I turn and glance curiously at her.

"I mean, your kind-spirited companion, 'Roadie Beau' seems to live in the lap of luxury, and he's simply the voice of your performances. He's not even in charge of the actual talent or presentation. Please don't tell me that he gets a bigger cut of the paycheck than you!"

I smile, chuckling breathily. I shake my head through the crimson cloud. Once it clears, I see her sympathetic gaze waning.

"How curious." Tavi leans back in her seat, staring with sudden interest past the lid of her mug. After a breath or two, her lips part, murmuring the next few words out: "I just... get worried, sometimes, Vinyl. I mean... out there... you have so many ponies who... who just won't quite understand you. I mean, how can they? Nopony can read minds. This Roadie Beau seems to click with you, and that's a good thing. But who else do you have to speak with agents and with bookers and... and...?"

I arch an eyebrow over my shades.

She sighs, running a hoof across her otherwise immaculate bangs. Her next smile is a weak one, but still warm beyond the outermost layers. "I'm being melodramatic, of course. You're an adult mare. Naturally, you have the means to... to look after yourself and your bit bag." She gulps hard. "Probably even more than I do."

I give her a confused look.

"Oh, rest assured, though..." She chuckles slightly, waving a hoof through the violet streams. "I am nearly finished with my latest composition. Although I haven't... erm... performed a quarter of the shows that you have as of late, I'm certain I'll be raking in bits sooner than later. So don't you worry. I-I'll be paying for my half of the expenses—"

An amused smile crosses my face.

"And don't you give me that look, blast it!" She tilts her chin up. "You've pulled your weight around here quite enough, Vine! It's high time that I do my part! And... and I-I'm serious! I shouldn't have to be depending on you for anything!"

I take a shuddering breath, trotting over to dust off my remaining equipment.

If only she knew.

But she does know.

The way things are... the way they all came to be...

"...I just... hope that when I finally start landing performances of my own again, that I have nearly a fraction of the same intestinal fortitude as you do, Vinyl." The indigo in her voice is suddenly a thin, threadbare thing, encased in tan lines. "I honestly don't know how you manage those trips alone. Celestia knows that it's hard enough... right here..."

Every vein in my body goes cold.

With a violent shudder, I turn to look at her.

My worry instantly washes away. For an orange cloud has engulfed her, and it squeezes the violet out of the top of her lungs.

"Oh, goodness..." Tavi reaches down and picks Scribbler up, rubbing noses with the whiskery thing. A soft smile crosses her even softer features. "I never even contemplated. If we both go on separate tours, who's going to stay behind and take care of our newest roommate?"

I shrug with a smile.

"Bah..." She cradles the thing, leaning back in her chair with a violet sigh. "We'll manage." Her ears fold atop her head with velvet grace. "Somehow... we always do."

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