• Published 26th Jul 2015
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The Things Tavi Says - shortskirtsandexplosions

Let me tell you a few things about my roommate, Octavia. After all, she saved my life.

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Returning Things

Author's Note:

"Hahaha!" His voice is like gold fireworks when he's happy. And right now, he's truly... truly happy. "And you remember what he said when... wh-when we entered his record studio?" Roadie Beau smiles wide. "Wow, it's not everyday I get to see a 'married couple do this successfully in the industry!'"

I grin wide, struggling to contain my snickers so that I don't collapse in the center of the aisle between train seats. The green foliage of Equestria zooms past the windows of our coach.

"Whewwwwww boy!" Roadie Beau leans back in his seat, smirking. "Talk about bein' wrong and a half! Heck... I'd settle for just 'half wrong,' but there's nothing to prove that yer hidin' an acute case of Stripes Fever, now is there?"

I roll my eyes, adjust my shades, and smile at him.

"Guess I can see how folks would get it so messed up, what with how long we've worked with one another. But wow did that dude swallow his own hoof! I swear, he only let you sign the contract so quickly cuz he wanted us out of there so he could scream into his couch cushions." Beau winked. "Wanna bet he found three bits and a dead fly for his efforts?"

I snicker, reeling slightly from the magenta outburst.

Just then, a red hiss emanates from beyond the window. The green hum stretches away, and a pink voice ripples down the train cars:

"Now arriving! Ponyville Central Station! Stopping for disembarking passengers! Ponyville Central!"

Beau points. "That's yer stop, girl."

I nod. Once the train comes to a complete stop, I stand up and levitate my luggage down from the overhead compartment.

"An awful shame I ain't gettin' off with you too, but I have business to do in Trottingham. Whew... this has been fun!" He smirks up at me. "One of these days we should hang out someplace where we ain't tourin', y'know what I'm saying?"

I nod again, smiling. I point due east with an inquisitive expression.

"Hmmm?" He blinks, then jolts. "Oh! I... uh... I-I've got someone I've been meaning to see out there."

I mouth four syllables.

"Eh... it ain't for some... posh reason or nothing. Just... y'know..." He fidgets in place, and I detect a slight hint of rosiness between his black stripes. "A certain... stallion I've been writing to."

I arch an eyebrow and fold my forelimbs.

"Hey! Don't give me that look!" He sticks a tongue out. "I ain't the type to fall for some Neighgerian Prince! No matter the... uh... presumptions, if you know what I'm saying."

I grin, then lean forward with my forelimbs out.

We engulf each other into a hug. He pats my back and sighs.

"Don't worry, Vine. I know how to look after myself. It's just..." We part ways as he shrugs. "We don't live the same kind of lives, you and me. Yer always... wound up and goin' to far off, musical places in yer head. Me? When time slows down, it friggin' crawls... and things can get pretty lonesome. So, I guess a dude starts to get searchin' at this point in his life. I mean, not that I'd expect you to know." He chuckles. "Tch... after all, you've alway got T... T..."

I blink at him.

"Erm... you've got t-tons of thangs to preoccupy your time! Hahahah... hah..." Beau's smile turns into a nervous grimace. "...I just buried myself, didn't I?"

I nevertheless give him a smirk.

"You take care of yourself, girl." He playfully punches my shoulder. "Next town we hit? We're gonna decimate them!" His triumphant voice echoes, and he pauses to gulp and smile at a passing conductor. "With m-music! We're musicians, ya see?"

"Mmmmm... sure thing." The old stallion glances at me. "Need help with your bags, miss?"

I shake my head, levitate my gear, and give Beau one final wave.

He waves back. "Enjoy your time at home! And if you see the Princess...!" He winks. "...kiss her tiara for me!"

I smirk as I hop out of the train.

At least I'll know whose I'm kissing.

As soon as I'm out of the car, the crisp and clean smell of Ponyville greets me like a cool, tossed blanket. I wrap myself up with it and sigh.

Time to trot home.

I barely make four steps when something scratches my peripheral vision. I stop in place, jolting—almost. I turn to look over my shoulder.

The depot is flooded with steam and stomping hooves. All is crimson, and I can't make anything else out.

I blink left and right, fidgeting.


Almost felt like something familiar...

Shrugging it off, I continue forward, stepping down the steps of the station and trotting towards the heart of town.

It's around the time that I reach Sugarcube Corner that my thoughts are interrupted. Visions of Tavi's purple voice and Scribbler's orange purrs break apart like gravel. I come to a stop, ears twitching backwards.

That's when I feel a streak of burgundy roll over the immediate sky above me, and my heart stops.

I spin around, jaw clenched.

A figure barely ducks out of the way. From behind the face of Sugarcube Corner, she sighs, and the burgundy becomes all the more clear.

"I suppose there is no sense in hiding it anymore..."

She steps out of the shadow and into sight, her calm eyes blinking with reserved elegance. Despite the nakedness of this moment, she dares to smile.

"My apologies in advance, Miss Scratch," DJ Capricorn says. "But I could not back away from this opportunity. I... I had to give you something to make up for all that's happened."

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