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Hey all, I'm billymorph, a semi-professional writer, self-published author and full-time pony fan. If you enjoy my work, please support me on Patreon!


Earth and Equestria collided and only the elements of harmony could save the day.

That was a month ago; now over a hundred former humans have to make the best of their new lives as ponies. Alexis Kingston was a twenty two year old telemarketer, and rather surprised to find herself a pegasus and the head of the Humans in Equestria Club. She never wanted to be a hero, just keeping the new ponies sane would be challenge enough, but with the barrier holding reality together leaking yet more humans on a daily basis, ancient evils and modern technology probing for weaknesses and the end of two worlds looming, she may have to be.

With thanks to Luna-tic Scientist, Lord of Dorkness and Thornwing for help with pre-reading.

Proudly part of Twilight's Library and Tag-a-long's Book Club :scootangel:

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What type of pre-reader do you want?

Because I like what I see so far, but I'm 'sadly' more of an ideas-man then a spelling-be champ.

So wouldn't mind giving it a go, but it depends on what type of feedback you want if I'm the man for the job, or not. :twilightsmile:

Okay. Instant favourite. This story is amazing.

Great start; can't wait to see where it goes. I like the fact you have the gamut from rabid fanboys to people who aren't thrilled about what happened. :pinkiehappy:

I'll have to read this later, cause I can't read this now, but you've certainly caught my attention:derpytongue2:

5007936 What this guy said.

This looks like its gonna be a great story :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait to see what will happen to these characters next.

Though I do have a tiny pet peve I feel like saying :twilightsheepish:

However, with seven gryphons, five dragons of various sizes, two cows, a deer, a donkey, a ‘pegacorn’ (which Twilight claimed it wasn’t a thing) and three changelings in the audience along with over a hundred ponies of various ilks,

Still no zebras, awwwwws. Zebras never get much love :P

the colt gave Pinkie Pie and run for her money in smiles per day.

It's should be a run for her money :twilightsmile:


Thanks guys, glad you're enjoying the story. Kenzu, I'll see if I can't get one imported later :scootangel:


Good catch, fixed in the next version.


Well my personal blind spot is the minutia, but another pair of eyes never hurts if you still want to look it over.


No problem

And I shall believe I'm one of those changelings :trollestia:

I'm intrigued...

And I have a bad feeling about this. Deconstructions rarely have lots of feel good moments. And Star Chase just... doesn't inspire trust in me. We'll see how this goes. :duck:

5010685 I looked up Minutiae and saw that you forgot the E at the very end of the word. :rainbowlaugh: I also have this picture of a Zebra/Brony getting chased through town by rambunctious children (Not CMC) cause he's just good with kids.

Bwahahah, I second this idea :rainbowlaugh:


Wouldn't mind giving it a go if you feel the same. Just PM me, or however you want to do it. :twilightsmile:

5008681 No diamond dogs either, in retrospect. I always wanted to see them get more screentime.:applecry:

BTW, willing pre-reader here if you need one.:yay:

I never knew I wanted a story exactly like this so badly.


Glad to hear I'm filling a niche, I hope you enjoy the rest :)


Yeah it's all sorted. First person and self description always jars so I bumped it back a thousand words or so not to disrupt the flow of the introduction. As for the trouble, that'll be arriving next chapter too.

Seems people weren't too keen on commenting on this chapter for some reason. Ah well. Must get Alex to kiss one of the main cast next time, that'll drum up controversy :pinkiehappy:


I'm glad you liked the chapter, I've done some expansions to the magic system from the cannon which may have made things like dreamwalking a little more common a power than it is in the show. I'm sure that won't have any serious repercusions :scootangel:


Dont worry Billy we're still reading along :twilightsmile:

Like the explanation of the mirror, wonder if any former human had tested the theory :rainbowderp:

I'm intrigued, though I would like to know how Alex got the job to lead a bunch of displaced humans. One would think we would be tearing each others throats out or seizing Ponyville or what have you when a bunch of scared, angry, and shell shocked humans around. Especially considering things seemed to be complete pandemonium in the beginning. The big question for me I guess is how cooler heads prevailed and how they chose Alex to lead them...by majority vote it seems, as a certain antagonist Alex has to deal with seems perfectly willing to lead even if he sets off alarm bells of being a radical in your head.

As a side note, clever choosing the name for your protagonist; not sure if she/he is gender bent or not.


Like the explanation of the mirror, wonder if any former human had tested the theory :rainbowderp:

I think by the timeline it hasn't oppened again for anyone test, but Twilight knows the theory well enough to rule it out. Though the pressence of the mirror does raise some questions as to how long the Equestrians have been away of the crisis. :scootangel:


Glad you're enjoying things. :twilightsmile:

Eep! 14 random changelings, I feel sorry for the two former humans lost in the hive mind, they're probably gone completely now :fluttercry:

As for the prancing pony, sounds like an awesome place to hang xD can't wait for next chapter :twilightsmile:

(psst, still waiting for that zebra :P :derpytongue2: )


From the floor above I heard the clatter of hooves, the sound of a bookshelf falling over, shattering glass and a rather effeminate man’s scream

If it's the scream I'm thinking of, it started out as a sound clip titled "Man Being Eaten by an Alligator." So depending on how quick Pinkie was, there might be one less human for Alex to worry about.

Alex is selling herself short, her job is to help and protect the club members, and she definitely made the right decision by not bowing to fear over what could happen and saved 3 human lives. The ramifications could of been bad for the entire club if she let that mob kill them because even if their fear was justified it could of led club members start to doubt the safety the organization provides.It could of unraveled everything especially with Star Charge there to take escalate things, he could of turned doubt into fear to take over or end up leading a splinter organization which would complicate things a lot. By now even the ones that don't like her would be a lot more willing to trust her(Star and his supporters is gonna need a lot more dirt to undermine Alex as leader now), after all she prioritized safety of the club members first and foremost.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think that that that


5061671 5069289
Hmm, I think I see a pattern emerging. Glad you're enjoying things. :twilightsmile:


Eep! 14 random changelings, I feel sorry for the two former humans lost in the hive mind, they're probably gone completely now :fluttercry:

The Human Hive is really high on my list of characters I want to write a side story about. Their story and how they cope with an expanding mind is far more interesting than Alex knows.

Fun fact, Gummy has been a Club member for some time now, :pinkiegasp: no one has noticed. Also this fact may not be true. :pinkiesad2:

Have I mentioned I am in desperate need of more proof readers? :fluttershysad:

It cuts both ways though. Alex standing up to defend the Human Hive and them turning out to be benign cements her position. But if they turn out hostile, or even a fabrication by Chrysalis, then Alex just threw away most of the Club's credibility and put everyone in town at risk. It's doubtful she or the club could survive that politically... and possibly physically if the changelings invade.

5072502 true, it could of ended up badly if not worse if that decision bit Alex in the ass. However she did everything a leader should, dispersed the fear addled mob from making a hasty decision, gathered the facts, and made an informed decision. Doesn't mean it can't still be a mistake but that's the risk a leader has to take responsibility for. No leader is perfect after all.

Then again I'm an idealist so someone who would of killed the changelings to be on the safe side (after the fact digging, if one doesn't bother so one can make an informed decision than your just not leader material) makes me think that person wants all power of a leader without the responsibility and all too willing to blame others or something if things go wrong.


5072502 Gummy is ex-spec ops. You don't know he's there unless he wants you to.


Don't worry I think it's adorable that that that that that that that that that that that that :pinkiecrazy:

I'm honestly tempted to attempt to write something in this lil' verse

Hey, don't draw attention to to my literary stutter :scootangel:

Awesome, go for it :pinkiehappy:. If you want to know anything about the setting or just bounce ideas off me, drop me a PM, I'll be happy to help.

Comment posted by bluemoon1996 deleted Oct 1st, 2014

I may have read this four times during editing...

But I'm so, so curius about the comments on this chapter!


Well, I just know the issue with Star Charge and the changelings is gonna bite Alex in the ass, since Star Charge is synonymous with trouble for Alex. Or maybe that's just my inherent dislike of the guy.

While Crystal Cog shouldn't of gone behind Alex's back, he does make a good point about trying to warn people back on earth. People should be able to do something on their side, I mean we put a man on the moon in little over a decade when properly motivated. While not wanting to throw away lives or risk ruining them in the case of people back on earth is an admirable trait, it was necessary to trying to solve the main problem at hand, the weakened barrier between the worlds(at least I understand where Cogs reasoning was). Crystal was looking at the big picture, yes the pilots might die but they also knew the risks and while 24 more people might have their lives ruined by this how many more would be ruined if Twilight isn't able to keep things under control on her side?

The new club members should be Crystal Cogs responsibility though since he was the one who put them in equestria. On the upside I guess it's true Alex is wonder bolt material.

Holy Crap, this is a good chapter!:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: I would love to hear more about the magic system you developed. Maybe in a blogpost? Also, for the last few weeks I've been thinking that Twilight was overreacting to Pinkie's precognition and she should be freaking out about the reality bending Pinkie does, but you just turned that completely around!

Action! Drama! Technobabble! The end of the worlds! Dammit this story's :rainbowdetermined2:

I was not expecting them to not stop the jet. And now shit's hitting the fan at supersonic. I guess we might start hearing about the effects on the other side now. I personally think it's a stupid thing to do, since while the Equestrians can mess with the fundamental fabric of reality, the closest us Humans have come so far to a mastery of physics is blowing stuff up real good. Meanwhile making it public knowledge that something's up is bound to cause more intentional ruptures like the one that brought the jet across in the first place. Still, the tiniest drop of sci-fi can cause super-ridiculous technology, (the internet certainly counts as sufficiently-advanced,) so there is hope.


Agreed, the Pinkie reversal is very clever. We've seen cartoonish stuff (not related to Pinkie) on the show before, so for that stuff to be sugar-supercharged by Pinkie is super fun and is going straight in my headcanon.

It's going to be interesting to see who falls into Crystal Cog's camp and who falls into Star Charge's. Both have a dream and the will to carry through with it, I simply find that Cog is a little smarter in his tactics rather than having a more laudable goal :scootangel:

Glad you enjoyed it. There's a blog post earmarked for the magic system, though I have no idea when I'll get around to it. I'm actually rather fond of the idea Pinkie is just an earth pony mage, if nothing else it ties to her sister being an earthbender :twilightsmile:

Join us next time, when more things go wrong!

Thanks Allen, Alex's rant was fun to write, though I have no idea why you'd think Chrysalis hasn't turned up yet :twilightsmile:

Yes. This Pleases me.:pinkiecrazy:

Great read so far but I had to comment on your outstanding use of pinkie pie here.
Also pinks wanting to hug gilda better? Thats my jam.:pinkiehappy::heart:

Hmm, this is a really bad situation. No one knows that Chrysalis is around. No one suspects anything wrong. Unless there is some genius plan to handle this, I can only think of a Discord Ex Machina solution. Well, considering he owes a boon, it isn't that out of the blue.

Ah crude, I knew Chrysalis was going to rear her ugly mug sooner or later, but for some reason I never even suspected that she'd have taken the place of one of the club members and been causing all the internal conflict thats been going on @_@;. I really shoulda noticed that a mile away xD

In other news...

And a zebra; which at least helped fill out our species diversity card.

Yay, would give the story a second thumbs up but can only give one. x3




Thanks, I'm very proud of this scene.


The question with the boon is not, when is a good time to use it? But, when can I deal with the side effects?


With how screwy the stats have been since the upgrade, maybe you can :derpytongue2:. In all serious though, I really apreciated being able to have the main villain apear in the prologue and remain unknown till chapter four :scootangel:. Shapeshifters are fun.

One per hive, Chrysalis. :facehoof:

She can't count, can she. She really is that stupid, isn't she.

Anyway Alex will be fiiiiiiiiiine can't say the same about Rose though. Or the barrier. Or Ponyville or uh... yeah, Alex is going to wake up in a empty white space with Chrysalis floating around with this guilty look on her face going "It wasn't my fault!"


Turns out there was a changeling amoungst the changelings... who'd have guessed that? :scootangel:


"So... fancy playing Dungeons and Dragons for the next Quadrillion years?"

The question is why Chrysalis bothered revealing herself in the first place. A plot for Rose? Taking Alex's place to lead the club astray?(good luck with that) Just couldn't resist the urge for an evil monologue?

To be honest I'm not much of a fan of 'Chrysalis has tricked you and taken you captive' plots. Mostly because the only way to justify getting out of them is Chrysalis acting stupid later on which contradicts her earlier victory of being deceptive, or a deus ex machina. It's also abused by a lot of authors to add instant tragedy (assuming that Changelings cause drama or kill) to any story no matter what comes before. It's rare that it is foreshadowed at all, though to your credit I believe it was done quite well here (fellow humans should have really caught that suspicious behavior in hating a fellow human for something outside their control that could have happened to any of them).

I'm enjoying this story a lot. I'm surprised at how much I like the main character. If I had one overall comment of the story its that the main character's shown interactions with her fellow humans are only with other potential leaders (Crystal Cog, Star Chaser, Rose) and usually in conflict. No friendships shown except with the native Equestrians. Unless that is on purpose...?

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