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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.


There's a human in Equestria? Nopony can tell, because humans turn into ponies upon arrival. But for this human, the change is massive, and one that could scar her for life if she isn't properly prepared...

A series of events explaining the life and trials of a human child lost in a strange and unfamiliar world, and how she finally connects with her new home.

Teen for mild injuries

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That was very well done. It was very interesting. I like it! No..I loved it!!!! Great Job!:pinkiehappy::yay:

5450017 Allow me to respond with a neato burrito, and thanks for reading.:pinkiehappy:

5450034 No problem, I enjoyed it:scootangel:

A very nice story, I'm a little disapointed it wasn't the start of a longer tale :twilightsmile:

yeah, it has the nice potential to be a long chapter story. my favorite kind. i love it

I loved this.


Awfully sorry, but my goldfish level attention span has a hard time managing long stories. Glad you liked this one, though!

so twilight is scottish?

5450263 Born 'n reyz'd 'n Edinburgh, aye!

I wanted the crash to happen on a bridge, because reasons. For some reason the first bridge I thought of was Clackmannanshire bridge, because I often pass by there when I visit family.

So yes. Shirley is Scottish, by my headcannon.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

This is decent. Nice characterization, interesting idea. It's pretty disorganized, what with how it keeps bouncing between different times without any warning or apparent logic. If it was edited to have a more natural flow of events, it would be really good.

Usually the description HiE is somewhat deterrent for me. You know, because of the loads and loads of "Have a bad live here, but then I went to equestria and befriendet the Mane 6"-stories.
Tough i gave it a shot. Maybe for I saw your avatar near some interesting stories.


This story is... AWESOME. Really. Setup, execution and that twist. Woah. Liked and faved.

Pan's Labyrinth anyone?

I liked both the idea and how it was executed.

She was just the right age to know something was wrong but adapt to her new circumstances.

Quite an interesting one shot I have to say. I also like the way you cut up the parts of the story and didn't put them in chronological order. Most of the time doing something like that ruins a story, but in this one it feels just right.
Well done, here have a moustache. :moustache:

The order I put the parts in was both experimental and specific. I had the idea rather early on that the events of increasing import, and benchmarked by her arrival. She begins by being lonely at school then Spike acknowledges her problem and is shown to care for her, then she gets some closure on her past, her mother takes her into her family, and finally Shining sees that she's finally adapted to her situation and made some friends, even if that was before her journey to the 'human' world. And to finish it all off, I finished the story where she began: as a human. Each of those parts is a step of increasing significance towards her being equine, and more importantly, being happy.

Of course, due to pretty much everything in this story being an experiment, from the subject to how it was written, I never expected it to please everyone. I pretty much took everything I've learned to avoid and ran with it whilst cackling insanely. And as predicted, some people like how I did it, others less so. My ego was in the driving seat this whole time for this story.

In both cases, thanks a bunch for your reviews! And cheers for stopping by. Hope this explains what was going through my (probably inebriated) head at the time.

5450760 I've been waiting in nervous anticipation for someone commenting exactly what you've just commented. I was well aware of the tropes going in, because I've never liked those tropes, and I wanted to give a shot at doing it better. I kind of meant for the title to be a little misleading.

Ironically, I actually took the same tropes of the human befriending the mane six and proving vital at defeating some great villain and used them in my story, but hopefully everyone was too distracted by Twilight being a human and the adjustments she has to make to properly notice. At least, that was the goal.

Glad you like it!

This reminds me of something I saw on TVTropes' WMG page for MLP, long, long ago, in 2011. Basically, it was a theory that Rarity was a human who was teleported to Equestria, based on some odd mannerisms (such as the well-known "we're not decent!" "Rarity, we don't normally wear clothes" bit, and her saying "I'll just stay here and wallow in... Whatever ponies wallow in", note the third-person). I'll see if I can find it and edit it into this comment.

EDIT: Here it is -

Rarity was originally a human who somehow ended up in Equestria and got transformed into a unicorn. Sweetie Belle is her sister by adoption.
Consider these facts. Rarity and Sweetie Bell have different accents. In "Suited for Success" Rarity wonders what ponies are supposed to wallow in. And, in "Best Night Ever" she's the only one who cares that they're getting dressed when Spike wants to come in.
Do Want an episode about!
A. She's got a Mid-Atlantic accent, a hybrid of American and British used by people trying to sound "cultured", and she didn't have the accent when she was a filly. B. She was trying to say "wallow in self-pity" but wasn't exactly in her right mind. C. She's a fashionista.
Will you stop trying to Joss all these theories!?
A. Why does no one else have a Trans-Atlantic accent?
Because it's a fake accent that you need to apply yourself. No-one else has a reason to.
B. Thats no excuse. and C. The only fashionista in Ponyville.

I'll admit though, this fic is a lot more interesting than that theory. It has more impact when it's Twilight, y'know?

5452254 Cheers. I confess I'm a little curious to see it.

Interesting. I always just thought that Rares be crazy.

Cheers! I'm glad it was interesting.

This is something different. It gave me the feels too. I noticed a few errors thought:

* Given that ponies do not usually wear clothes, so Vinyl Scratch should have noticed that Octavia is a filly.
* Twilight Velvet is a mare, so she is Doctrix Twilight Velvet.

After surviving the accident, I get the terrible impression that the transformation is painful.

I wonder whether Princess Twilight Sparkle would like being a technicolored ape indefinitely:

* She is very used to using magic.
* Although, unlike fillies, girls do not poop, if she stays in the world of the pastel-colored apes, she will start to menstruate. I wonder ¿whether she would prefer not having to poop but having to menstruate or vice versa?

The beginning the story implies that Princess Celestia might not be a pony. I wonder with all Alicorns start of as beings from other universes, become some sort of pony upon entering the Universe with the nation of Equestria, eventually undergo apotheosis and ascend to Alicorns. If so, I wonder ¿whether Princesses Luna and Mi Amore Cadenza know that they are from other universes and were not born ponies? This story definitely has interesting worldbuilding.

I wonder what happened to the parents of Shirley. I have a bad feeling about their fate.


Although, unlike fillies, girls do not poop, if she stays in the world of the pastel-colored apes, she will start to menstruate

call me a typical male, but that never even crossed my mind.

I wonder what happened to the parents of Shirley. I have a bad feeling about their fate.

Well they're not happy, that's for sure.

Glad you read it, and those are some interesting theories about the other alicorns.


"that never even crossed my mind"

He lies :moustache:

5452079 :twilightblush: Woah. Now I did recognize what you did. Well played, Hazard Pony, well played :pinkiehappy:

using the standard-cliche on one likes in this way. :pinkiegasp:

You madam/sir are a genius.

5454258 I have my moments.

Still, I only meant to begin with Twilight being a human, which explained why she had a hard time making friends. The ramifications of this only hit me until later, but I thought it was ironic and I ran with it, and changed the title to make it sound a little cliché. After all, every time I hear 'human in equestria' I think whiny teenager teleported to ponyland after he suffers a tragic accident: the trope is almost always on the homepage somewhere. I kind of wanted people to be sceptical, but be surprised at the direction I took.

My favourite part of this is I just swapped things around by letting the MLP staff write my protagonist for me. All I had to manage was making Twilight a halfway believable human: the show would tell the rest of the story.

That's the theory, anyway.


> “Glad you read it, and those are some interesting theories about the other alicorns.”

Technically, it is an hypothesis. You know its answer since this is your universe.

What a TWIST on HiE! Have a like!

5579266 Well, this is what happens when I try to subvert genres.

Thank you for reading! Glad you enjoyed it.

I enjoyed this story about Twi. Although I don't like many HiE's, I enjoyed it. The reason for me not liking many HiE's is because it saddens me that we can't enter the mythical world of Equestria.

5709987 Odd you should say that, since I agree with you on both counts (not usually liking HiE and them making me sad) but for me the context is wholly different.

Typically, I get annoyed with HiE because they can often be rather senseless. Granted, you can get a few chuckles out of them, but the novelty of the 'clashing cultures' idea wore out it's welcome quickly. They also often followed similar tropes I came to dislike. You can't throw a comment about HiE without someone reciting the typical tropes at you: just scroll down here and you'll likely find a few.

But it was the realization that HiE is quite good at melancholy that turned it around for me. They're awfully good at naturally making me feel a bit sad, so when they try to tackle that well, I tend to admire them for it. So, ironically, I like them because they have the potential to make me sad, as opposed to the other way around. It's just that they don't do that often, unfortunately, and typically resort to comedy and surprise value (at least in my experience).

Granted, I still typically dislike HiE, but at least in my opinion, they are good for something, and I hope I captured a little of that here, even if this story was basically a huge experiment, from the time-shifts to me even doing a HiE in the first place.

Also, wow, that was a long response to a comment. Thank you for reading, and glad you enjoyed it!

5710021 No problem with the wall of text, I like reading what somepony has to say to me. Yeah, HiE's are good in that aspect, you hit this one right on the nail. The only reason I read this HiE is because I believe that you're a great fanfic writer and I just wanted to see what you'd be able to do with it. Turns out everyone of your stories are great, can't wait to read your whole collection. I just finished the fruit thief, Yuuuus! AppleDash HAS to be my favorite, Genre? Type? Whatever you call it, it's fantastic.

Is it just me or did your story seem out of order? The last part should have been the first part, the fifth part should have been the second part, the second part should have been the third part...Need I go on? Why did your write your story so out of order like that? Other than that it was a nice story.

5822017 I did, as a matter of fact, have a reason. I was in a very experimental mood (so I'm not blaming you for disagreeing or nuthin') but each bit was increasingly important for Twilight to adapt to her new environment. She begins by being lonely at school then Spike acknowledges her problem and is shown to care for her, then she gets some closure on her past, her mother takes her into her family, and finally Shining sees that she's finally adapted to her situation and made some friends, even if that was before her journey to the 'human' world. I also made a point of having it start and end with her as a human.

In all fairness, I wrote this a bit to mess up with HiE conventions, so I decided to mess up conventional storytelling too. I get that it won't please everyone, but there it is.

5822030 Ok. I still think ya should have put the car crash part first prior to Celestia transforming her, but I get how the rest of the story is meant to work now.

Oh My Celestia. I think this might be the best Fanfiction I've read on the site.
Please make like a prequel, or something! This character Shirley seems
like a lot of fun to just play along with. Like even a slice of life, A
snippet of her mind before she was Ponified would add to the effect
of the story!

Love from,

Cmg12344 :derpytongue2:

5984471 Oh, I'm sure if you look hard enough, you'll find a story that eclipses my own. It just might take a very long while.

I have considered returning to Shirley/human Twilight, but for the moment I think the story I wanted to tell about her has been told. She has adapted to pony life and will be happy for the remainder of whatever the show throws at her.

I did write another character in another story (Pony Next Door) with Shirley in mind (also a human story). There was a woman who worked in forensics and enjoyed science and discovery, and she had an unnamed child who was going to boarding school. I like to think that would have been the Shirley from this story had she remained behind. I named her mother Shirley too for similar reasons.

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