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I'm that kind of guy that started a rock band, and was the first one kicked out due to over playing the drums.


Meet Pinkie Pi. She's a nerdy-genius scientist with a lot of smarts about things nobody besides her and the other smart ponies care about. Now, meet Twilight Sparkler. She is the super-fun pony party planner of town. These two are spending today together; it can't be that bad.

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bruh dats a good story even though its got no luna :pinkiehappy: :facehoof:

congrats for getting on popular stories list!

in fact imma follow you bruh

Thanks to both of you! :pinkiehappy:

I just saw this pop up on the Popular Stories list, so I decided to read it. Needless to say, I loved it! A very short but funny one-shot with an alt ending is one of my favorite types of stories I love to read on this site. :pinkiehappy: And as for that math problem, it was nice to refresh my mind on algebra.

Upvoted, fav'd, and bookshelved. :twilightsmile:

5375755 Thanks! I really appreciate all of the upvotes and bookshelfing you and everyone else is giving me. I never really thought my own story would even ever be on the popular list to be honest. :pinkiesmile:

A decent story, I'll give you a thumbs up. Plus the cover art is cute.

This is an interesting concept.

But you perhaps could have made it a little more unique rather than the two characters switching bodies.

Still, it's a fun little oneshot!

Pinke Pi: "What gives, Princess??? The other me got to be an alicorn!"

Well, we know what happens when AJ and Rarity switch personalities.*coughTrenderhoofepisodecough* Is there a fic where RD and Flutters switch personalities?

5376627 Thanks! I might even use some on my story(ies)! :pinkiehappy:

5376286 Not that I know of... :applejackunsure:

5375972 Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Hmm. The premise was good but there hardly happened anything to pull real feelings (from me). Grammar and spelling was well done as far as I could see and it was pleasant to read. You could do more with it if you make this a bit longer or explore the theme more. Otherwhise the potential get lost. :twilightsmile:

As a heads up, the answer is actually 6 days, if they still have .625 of a days work to do the job isn't complete.

Other than that, interesting concept and execution.

5381246 Thanks! Like I said in one of my author's notes, when it comes to math I am exactly like Twilight Sparkler. :twilightsheepish:

5381399 me too bruh im twilight sparkler

Not bad.

...Thank god for google translate.

That was very good for what it was, but I think it would have been even better as a longer story. The idea was great, but you don't really have the space to expand it into something truly special with a story as short as this. All in all, it was an enjoyable read, I just wish there was more to read.

Hmm, most curious. Good but curious.

I just set it as a proportion: 7/9=?/3. 7/3 is 2 and 1/3 so add that to the 3 days already done, and you get 5 and 1/3 days, so it took them 6 days.

5382600 I'm considering a sequel. :twilightsmile:

I noticed you guys wanted a sequel. My marefriend Vanilla Mocha is writing a Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy personality switch, and I thought that you guys would be extremely interested. If you are, then you can PM me, and when she tells me she published it I'll send you guys the immediate link.

This also goes to anypony else that would like the link.

The cover art kinda looks like one of my friends. (She is also smart like Pinkie Pi.)

5389673 oh my gosh bruh me tooooooooooooooooooooooooo :pinkiegasp:

This is an interesting concept, that's for sure. So, I was very interested in reading this and even excited. After reading this, I did quite enjoy your story. The english seemed pretty solid, if you ask me. However, I think that you should expand upon these "Pinkie Pi" and "Twilight Sparkler" characters. The scene where Pin- *clears throat* Professor Pi helps Twilight Sparkler was cute and indeed cute and definitely shows their alternate selves. But, all I suggest is that you could add more scenes that supports the switched personalties/alternate ponies thing.

Also, in the alternate ending, I think you can do better with that. First of all, since this is an alternate universe, I have to question why the Spike in the MLP universe we all know and love is in the same universe in this story. Did the Spike in the canon universe dimension hop? Does the Spike in the Pinkie Pi universe just remain the same for no reason at all?

Another thing, I think that the execution could be done better as well. Spike just popping up and saying, "Hey guys, check out this random portal!" just feels a tad awkward, in my opinion.

But like I said before, your english is solid and this story is a very interesting concept. I heard that you are actually making a sequel, and I'm really looking forward to it. Nonetheless, this story has some flaws, but it was certainly full of fun deserving an upvote.

Keep writing,

5427285 Thank you for taking the time to read and especially upvote my story! It is very appreciated. My friend Vanilla Mocha actually wrote a sequel, and I'll post the link below. As for my short stories (like so) I don't go very much into detail This story in particular only took about forty five minutes in total to write, and for me that is quick. But when writing in the future, I'll keep your tips in mind. :pinkiesmile:

The sequel can be found here.

I actually don't know how the commenter on that website found the answer! I don't understand some of the work he showed. Here is how I did it.
Let's call the job J. J = 9A = 7B, A referring to team one's speed and B referring to team two's speed.
Team one worked for three days, so the remaining job is 6A.
The amount of time it will take both teams together to complete the remaining work can be stated as:
6A = X(A+B)
We also know that 9A = 7B, so B is equal to 9A/7. Thus,
6A = X(A+A*9/7) = X(A*16/7)
42A = 16XA
42 = 16X
42/16 = X
Add in the three days team A worked for, and you get 5.625.

5558911 Meh. Like I said, I don't do math, so I just went with his answer. But, hey, you did good. At least, if I knew math I would be completely positive... ugh and this is what I get for writing a story on something I barely know anything about! :twilightsheepish:

5389110 Is the sequel out yet? If it is, then can I please have a link?

HA! Hilarious! I love how Twilight knows about the 'other' Twilight and Pinkie, and I bet Pinkie Pie knows about her, too! XD And the name 'Pi' for the smart Pinkie, very clever!

Paradise Oasis

Historian mare of Dream Valley

5815285 Thank you for the compliments. I am glad you liked my story!

Although there's not much meat to the story, it's well written enough and I love the concept. Hope to see more of it!

What possible purpose could "Sparkler" have for needing to know the answer to that math problem?

"It's an nonequivalent sign. Did you know that there are about 12 nonequivalent hydrogens in lauric acid?"

:rainbowderp: my brain....

Anyyyway...you got it right you amazing nerd you! :heart: I shall now read the alternative ending!!!

5988066 they messed up Pinkie's name, so why not do the same with Twilight's?

Comment chain: what would your cutie mark be if you were a pony?
Mine would be the pi symbol, made of all the numbers of pi (3.1415926535897932384626...)


Mine would probably be a sword and shield.

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