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This fic contains foalification, breastfeeding, cuteness. If your heart cannot handle such things, do not read this.

You were warned.

While exploring the Everfree Forest for some herbs, Fluttershy stumbles upon a strange, yet beautiful glowing white flower. the scent causes her to pick it, take it home and unknowingly eats it in a sandwich. It tasted amazing, but made her drowsy, so she goes to bed early.

The next day, Rainbow Dash arrives, to take Fluttershy to a Wonderbolts show the two had planned on for several weeks. However, when she goes inside, Rainbow Dash is stunned to learn that Fluttershy has become a foal!

Now, while Twilight studies the few remaining petals from the flower Fluttershy ate, convinced it had something to do with Fluttershy's transformation, Rainbow Dash is tasked with looking after the now Foal of Kindness.

Will Twilight find a cure, or will Rainbow Dash have to think about the possibility of becoming a mother?

Rated Teen for now to be safe, but probably will bring it down to Everyone later

Featured 23/8/2014 about an hour after its release!

The idea for this fic is thanks to PartyponyXD

As for the cover art, i took the pic used for Keeping Your Promises and just switched Scootaloo for Flutterfoal

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 75 )

Oh, my this is going to be wonderful... I can't wait to read more.

this is one of yout best storys i think, again a story which i could really enjoy. Sorry if i say it again, i won´t force you to do anything, but i hope that you continue that story and don´t start to many new after this, 2 or 3 storys you have written don´t continue a the moment. Do you have a writers block with them?

i feel somehow a bit bad, that i bring that up again but i just want to know it, no hard feelings or anything. You did a great job with the most of your storys, but i would like it if one of them has more updates.

That Fluttershy had bad Parents, is maybe possible and it is maybe a good reason why she became so nice, shy and polite.
I like it and i prefer Rainbow sometimes more as a mom than a wild and sex hungry mare. (can´t say it enough, that is the normal image that Rainbow seems to have on FIMfiction, or at least in those fanfics i sadly started.)

It's absolutely impossible to get featured with only 4 likes unless you show me proof I declare you a lier

4893581 Said the person who claimed that shitty clop story of his was featured.

Awww! You did this one too!? I didn't expect them so soon! :pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2: You made both of my ideas into awesome starts I could have never written!:pinkiesad2: Thank you!

Great first chapter! I don't really like the idea of Fluttershy having horrible parents but so far the writing and the story in general has made up for it.

I love this story so much that I need to follow you and fav this story.

4893569 I've seen lots of fics where Rainbow Dash is a mom. You just need to know where to look. :rainbowkiss:

4895373 yeah you probably right, if i am patient enough, i should find more.

4893581 hey, i just call em as i see em. saw it in populars while searching for another fic.

Angel, you dun goofed.

Comment posted by MaikaChan48 deleted Aug 24th, 2014

4900274 Good thing Rainbow Dash is going to come by tomorrow, or you'd be stuck taking care of your foalified master.

4900706 And people were having heart attacks just from seeing baby Applejack. I feel sorry for those people, because baby Fluttershy is going to kill them.

Me, a killer?! :fluttershbad:

4900633 And i'm going to love when she becomes "Momma" Dashie.


And i'm going to love when she becomes "Momma" Dashie.

Cue the "Momma Luigi" jokes.

4901173 EHHHH, I don't think we want any of that in here... it could bring about dire consequences!

good story so far will wait til next one comes out and favorited

I notice you have a lot of "Mother" related stories.
A topic of interest, perhaps? :trixieshiftright:

4901596 Maybe, or maybe he just has a knack for writing them. :trixieshiftright:

Could it be both, maybe?:derpytongue2:

I have 295 stories on read later.

Just the first chapter, and I already liked, marked as favorite, and followed! Please keep up the awesome story, I'm looking forward to it! Yay!:yay:

4906736 I still have 41 lol

4907095 Do you try reading them? xD

4907128 Yes. I actually use to be a big time fic reader, but now when I read them my attention goes elsewhere.

4907200 That happens to me sometimes too

4906644 well I top both of you at 4559

4908793 When is the next chapter? If you don't mind me asking.:fluttercry:

4908890 I actually want to try finishing the princess and the foals before I do the next chapter.

4908908 That is also good.:twilightsmile:

4908908 About time you updated that fic. I've been waiting for the next installment for months.

I assume at least part of the problem had to do with, how to handle the events of the Season 4 finale (the destruction of The Golden Oaks Library to be precise.)

4909727 That would be devastating for the foals.:applecry::pinkiegasp:And for Twilight.

4908793 WHAT?! OMG! :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting start, hope to see an update soon :twilightsmile:

Angel u r evil. Ur lucky ur idea will have a cute outcome.

5059953 Yup. And you're even more lucky Rainbow Dash is going to be stopping by the next day. Otherwise, you'd be stuck taking care of your foalified master.

5061159 fluttershy gives angel a crushing foal hug muwahahahahha squeee!

5061211 I don't think she'd have it in her to do so. At most, she'd just make Angel do everything for her, even if there were still some things she could do on her own.

Though Angel would probably learn his lesson the moment he had to change Fluttershy.

I would like a new chapter for..... well one of those maybe?, The Princess and the Foals / Finding Myself as a Flightless Filly / Wings, a Horn and Hooves / Flutter of a Foal / Fluttershy's Foal?

Sorry if i ask for so many, but you have started so much, i know you don´t want to hear this, but what should i say.
Be sure i don´t mind it so much, it is more that i just want to read more of a good story if i started it.

Like i said, i don´t want to boost you, but i think it doesn´t hurt do ask again.

There are some spelling errors but the rest is fine.

Is this story still alive? I want to know if it is still in your prior storys. I don´t want to be difficult, i just start to believe that some of your storys take probably months to be complete because you have so many. I can´t stop to point it out, because well it probably is to much for you if you want to write all storys.

And well i ask because if this story don´t get an update in the near future, i better sort it out or just keep track of it. I don´t want to keep storycorpses in my favourites. Normally i would not complain already, because it are more or less just two months, but i get restless because i can´t stop to think that you stop most of your storys i read from you because you get new ideas.

I would like less storys with many chapters, more than many storys with just one or two chapters.
Sorry again i know you don´t like this, but it doesn´t help if i don´t tell you how it looks for me.

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