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Hi I'm Cmg! And I'm very glad to be on the site. I can't wait to read and write new things with all of you!

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Update · 4:11pm May 16th, 2015

I'm sorry I was gone for so long. Grounded like on and off for nearly three months. :twilightangry2:
Blue Eyes Black Feathers was on hold for a bit. I hope that you guys like the next few chapters I've
typed so far. Please Join The CPP army, We need peeps! Roleplays are open, and I am currently
in six Groups. They're all well put together, and I recommend joining!

I really hope I wasn't missed too much. (Don't answer that Haters...)

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1715933 Thanks!
Also, welcome to FimFiction :twilightsmile:

1715491 I followed you because of your adorable Avatar, and you seem like a nice person. I thought you could use a follow :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! May I ask how I earned it?

You are most welcome! I hope that you'll jump right in and enjoy the stories and the community here on the site.:twilightsmile:

1650594 Oh ok thank you. :twilightblush:

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