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Hey all, I'm billymorph, a semi-professional writer, self-published author and full-time pony fan. If you enjoy my work, please support me on Patreon!


After Twilight and her friends rediscover Starswirl’s last spell in the ruins of Golden Oaks Library Rainbow Dash asks, ‘why can’t we all become alicorns?’ Now Ponyville is host to five brand new alicorns and the girls have everything they could ever want; magic, flight, power, influence and all of Equestria wide-open before them... but being a Princess is far more than just having wings and a horn.

With thanks to Luna-tic Scientist, Lord of Dorkness, docontra, and JCatt for their help pre-reading. Cover image by Pixel-Prism.

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Umm, yeah, sorry, that's, kinda gonna give me nightmares for awhile... anyway, good start, I look forward to reading what happens next.

Euclid's Elementary Guide To Eldritch Abominations: Do Not Give To Pinkie Pie

Well, at least it wasn't Keter's Concise Collection of Catastrophic Curiosities: Do Not Allow Within Ten Miles of Pinkie Pie.

In any case, this looks like it's going to be delightfully silly. I look forward to seeing Celestia's face when she next visits the Astral Plane.

7125816 Huh. That story was on FimFiction. Or at least one with an equal name. Do you know what happened to it? Did the author take it down, was it copied from there, something like that? Anyway, thanks, now I can follow it again ^^
Edit: Just found out. Author got them out of fimfic, made a blog post about it... but if you followed just the stories, well tough luck. Meh, can see it now at least. Thanks, wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't for you ^^

On THIS story, this is a nice start! Liking and following, if you keep up the good work a fave is on your way.
Updates when? *-*


RealityCheck got tired of all the 'prosecution' (IE having to follow the same rules as the rest of us) he suffered on this site, took his balls, and went home.

Miss his stories, but can't say I miss his drama enough to go track them down again. More information here if you disagree.

“I may be a novice when it comes to true spellcasting, but even I know it's more simple than just reading the words.

you mean more complex, right?

Nice start, I'll follow this to see where it goes.

I'm very happy to finally start it with a bang, or perhaps that was just the sound of Twilight's sanity crumbling.

Maybe, but she can soon learn to throw some of her Princessly responsabilities to the other Element Bearers. :trollestia:

Since it seems the only thing needed to become an alicorn is to read Starswirl's complete spell, how are you going to prevent to have every pony becoming one? Because I can see this becoming way more complicated.

Oh my, this is absolutely *amazing*. Can't wait to see how this develops :rainbowlaugh:

Please let this end up teaching the others a lesson about how hard it is to be a princess.

You know, libraries would be so much easier to navigate if books were colored by content. The only people who know how that decimal system works are librarians and they already have all of the books. How does that help me?

Oh, and to say it in FanOfMostEverything's words:




If only he'd had the decency to bugger off from the rest of the site too, instead of being as much of a miserable ass as always, but now in other people's story comments.

Ooh, this is going to be fun! :pinkiehappy:

7125994 Yeah, I'd have to agree. And honestly, his stories were starting to get hit hard by his mental state.

I feel like you missed an opportunity by not naming this fic "alicornication"

That was amazing chapter! You made me laugh my heart out when the M6 fought to get the book :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Oh have the CMC turn into Alicorns! :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, I'd have to agree. And honestly, his stories were starting to get hit hard by his mental state.

RealityCheck has always had that problem.

You'd be reading a really good story of his, like say, Tales of the Questor, and bam. Ten pages of whatever anvil he was in the mood to drop behind paper thin symbolism.

And a real shame too. The dude's got talent to spare, but he's got the exact problem as Orson Scott Card: Trying to read his stuff when the story keeps slapping you in the face with the author's unsubtle straw-men of things he hates just isn't fun. :applecry:


he's got the exact problem as Orson Scott Card

Finally someones who agrees with me there. I can't stand that guy for pretty much the same exact reason. Competent scifi author no doubt, albeit not the top of the genre, but no, I don't want to read your thinly veiled self-insert soapboxing about whatever your issue of the moment is, for Christ's sake. Not that RealityCheck is nearly as good an author (it's firmly in the the "good by fanfic standards" camp) but wow is he ever guilty of that as well.

It wouldn't bother me so much if he didn't also have a gigantastically huge victim complex about it. If you constantly get in people's faces ass-first, they'll react accordingly - I should know. At least own up to it, though.

7126240 It would be nice, but aren't they a bit young? We don't even know if they have their cutie marks in this story.

I would honestly love for this idea to be used for a two-parter in the actual show.

And the chapter itself was a fun read.

Is Fluttershy a ninja? I didn't even know she was there until Rainbow Dash mentioned her.

Oh...My...God...this can only end badly...I LOVE IT!!! Hell, this sounds like it's gunna be hilarious!! Poor Twilight's going to loose her poor mind! Moreover, this leads me to two ideas. Idea one: the Main 6 are now permanently Alicorns and they either have to get their collective posteriors together and live up to that responsibility. Or Idea 2: Alicorn transformation is reversible, and Twilight, after all the insanity not only gets a shot at being a unicorn again. Naturally, she'll say she'd finally felt comfortable with being an alicorn, give a speech about how it was her destiny and she's finally ready for it, but after enduring a bout of last-minute insanity after the others return to their true forms, says, "Buck...this..." and gets rid of the wings. She then shuts herself in the Library, recently regrown via AppleJack as a token of Friendship and likely the only thing out of the whole insanity that goes right for poor Twi. She will then proceed to set up a barrier with a sign that says, "Do not disturb until Hearth's Warming" and we get treated to Celestia's breakdown at how her own plans for Twilight were thwarted. Luna will point out the spell still exists and Twilight can just use it again. Only for the book in question, that is on fire, to materialize at her hooves. The rest, as they say, is comedy!

Honestly I'm hoping for the latter, it would leave me in stitches!!

Well this earned a spot on my tracking shelf.

Comment posted by keaton-furman-prower deleted Apr 14th, 2016

7126256 7126243 And if we're being honest with ourselves, the only reason he was as popular as he was in the first place was because he wrote a spin-off of Past Sins.

To be fair, Nightmare Night And Nyx was pretty good. The ones that came after it, however, suffered from the fact that Nyx was demoted to secondary character (among many other things).

I never thought Past Sins was very good to begin with, personally. I can't for the life of me understand why that one took off so hard. Dude's literally been a drama queen for longer than this site has existed, though, Encyclopaedia Dramatica entry and everything. He frankly imported a lot of it himself.

Loved Rarity's reaction. Can't wait for more... also, that book must either be destroyed or sealed inside the most secure vault ever.

7126372 I'm with you on that one. I tried listening to a read-aloud version of it, and that just made all the problems stick out even more.

Love the setup for this, btw. A little slow, but very funny.

I can not wait to see what going to happen to next

Finally! It's a dick move to not have one's friend ascend with them!

Ah but does one even need to be royal in order to be Alicorn?.. For that reason I support the notion that it not a requirement to be royal... In other words I think one can be Alicorn without being a princess/prince. :pinkiegasp: I see that princess/prince idea as an idea that Celestia fostered in Twilight and the other ponies by her being a princess. There's no rule stating they cannot choose to be just Alicorn and I can see FS, AJ and RD being that way but other than that I can see Pinkie driving every party goer crazy with her teleporting to every party for a few seconds... heh,heh...:rainbowlaugh:

This also explains why Celestia and Luna are ""princesses"".... Even female Alicorns can be touchy about their ages.. double heh..

Well, Rainbow can kiss her dreams of being a Wonderbolts goodbye and I hope Applejack can deal with all those parties and ceremonies that will cut into her time working Sweet Apple Acres.

The ending was excellent.
Although I don't like Twilight's character here.

Plot hole: Twilight and her friends had the elements of harmony with them when the spell was invoked.

Discord's going to be on a roll with the chaos that an alicorn Pinkie could manage. :rainbowlaugh:

Every author needs a reason to write. That's his reason. The purpose of his stories are to carry his message.
Just like every other author.
I repeat, all author's works are sermons of their own particular world-view.
When all is considered, Reality Check's are a lot more admirable and well-thought-out than the messages most other fanfics carry.

[Insert something here]-itis refers to inflammation. Is this inflammation of the Alicorn? What part of the body is that?

7126091 I'd assume the spell requires some level of magic or virtue to cast it. Element-Bearers meet both requirements, of course, but (say) Flim and Flam wouldn't.

I can only imagine this leading to good things :facehoof:

7126634 Let's not drag this RC crap out any more than it needs to be..

Well, this isn't THE most professional art, but I found this online: http://tallest-ariva.deviantart.com/art/Alicorn-Mane-6-371804380 I could whip something up, though. It's pretty easy to edit pictures and give them horns and wings, if you liked a pose with all of them, from the show or something.

7126893 I also just found this: http://tallest-ariva.deviantart.com/art/Mane6-as-Alicorns-314832936 No background, but one could be easily out behind them in any art program.

I really hope they realize quickly that this is very much a 'be careful what you wish for' situation.

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