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Twilight Sparkle has made a number of homemade clones to act as her while out with her friends. Why? More time left for the original Twilight to study, of course.

If only she weren't so absolutely terrible at making clones.

Sex tag added due to Sexy Sparkle.

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God damn you sparkle sparkle. You'll rule over everything before naptime if you were in the mood. Wait if she is currently a filly then god her teenhood would be everyone's hell.

Oh dude fucking lol at the apple sparkle. Take my fucking like.


and having six different friends

Five friends. Spike doesn't count, he's just a fucking appliance she keeps around.

Now, shut up and take my like, Fav, and follow.

We need a sequel where Applejack convinces everyone to make their own Twilight clone for romantic purposes. IE: Rarity adds a few gems to hers, Maud puts in a rock, etc.

6250981 So then they go on one giant date afterwords? :derpyderp2:

6250697 I will gladly! :pinkiehappy:

6250202 How could this possibly continue? Sparkle Sparkle having a temper tantrum against all of Ponyville due to someone eating the last cookie, so Twilight's entire line up of poorly created clones needs to come subdue her? :rainbowhuh: Hmm...

6249900 Thank you!

6249598 I know. Imagine her first break up with a coltfriend, followed by the first Equestrian war against the demi-god known as Sparkle Sparkle. :twilightoops:

6249549 :twilightsheepish:

6251792 you just got me realy interested in Apple sparkle and what happened to fluttershy. but i guess your idea is fine to... also Pancake sparkle!

6252006 Ha! I love the apparent interest in Apple Sparkle, especially since she can only say two words. :twilightsheepish:

6252424 What do you mean She speaks to the soul everything she says has this profound wisdom to it... its almost mind blowing in its own beauty.

Apple Sparkle... favortist Sparkle of all... well, except for Fluffle Sparkle...

6252619 Fluffle Sparkle. Damn, I missed a golden opportunity. :twilightangry2: One giant purple mound of fur going, "P...ph..ph. Gasp!" Truth be told, you could make Sparkle clones forever. Bad Breath Sparkle, Lemon Zest Sparkle, Know-It-All Sparkle... oh, wait. That's the original.

So, uh, is no one going to mention the super incest going on between Twilight Sparkle and Sexy Sparkle?

6252726 OMG... Lemon Zest Sparkle!
Dang you, now I have to go clean my monitor....:facehoof:


It's all good if there's no reproduction involved!

(Heh, Reproduction).

Fortunately, Twilight finally had a moment of common sense and didn't create Dark Sparkle Sparkle to counter Sparkle Sparkle.

6253088 Dark Sparkle... now that sounds cool.

6252769 I guess not, eh? It's either Apple Sparkle or Sparkle Sparkle anyone cares about.

If this doesn't get featured ASAP I will... do something nasty to... the people behind the feature box...
This sounded a lot more menacing in my head...

6255602 Nah. That would ruin my never being featured streak. Glad you liked it anyways! :yay:

I can't really blame Sparkle Sparkle, if I had that power I would do the exact same thing she did.

Anyone else voice Sparkle Sparkle with the voice of catbug?

6256285 I was thinking something lower and more demonic, something that pierces the soul and snubs out one's feelings of hope, but catbug's pretty cute. :twilightsmile:

I disagree. Obviously Apple Sparkle is the best clone.

Sexy Sparkle? Why do I get the feeling that doesn't sound good? By the way, great story, love it!:pinkiehappy:

Can't stop laughing:rainbowlaugh: Why is it finished?:fluttercry: I'm still not done laughing from Sparkle Sparkle...Wait if she is thenacly a filly god damn when puberty hits: SPARKLE SPARKLE HATES PIMPLES *a whole wars starts beacuse her best friend showed up 2 minutes late to the movies*. More? And TAKE THIS: like, fav follow

6260161 By the response thus far, I'm almost considering adding more... although it's hard to say which direction to take it. Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

6259598 I'd imagine Sexy Sparkle looking like regular Twilight, but with a wet mane and a sultry smirk. Thanks for reading!

6259518 It seems you are in the majority. Or, rather: "Apples!" :ajbemused:

6260671 Is she the one with the sexy smirk on the cover?

6260676 Yep. Sexy Sparkle: top middle.

Apple Sparkle: top right.

Sneezy Sparkle: bottom left.

Pancake Sparkle: top left.

Exposition Sparkle: bottom right.

Can't remember the rest... :facehoof:

6260697 Which one is Sparkle Sparkle?

6260671 Hey no prob! This story was awsome!

6250365 Kinky but wrong until he hit 1600 years or 1800 years old (depending on the country/state).

The worst part is, I can easily see canon Twilight doing this. Some of her issues seem to be repeats of things that her friends have already had issues with, so it would be no surprise that even after the Too Many Pinkies debacle she would still do it...

:pinkiegasp:...Did someone say 'Surprise'?!


I wonder where Spike was in all of this. Either Accident Prone Sparkle wore him out, or he saw Pancake Sparkle, figured "Eh, I'm going into hibernation until this mess boils over. She can make regular Twilight breakfast until then".

Applejack brought out a bouquet of flowers from her saddlebag and hoofed them over to her. “These are for you, Apple Sparkle. And well I… shucks, ain’t no time like the present, is there? Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Welp. Daily spit take quota is already maxed out.

Yeah, Sparkle Sparkle makes this piece. Nicely done, got more than a few well earned chuckles.

That was very silly and I loved it.

6279275 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed the absurdity.

You're continuing this? Amazing.

Also, I just remembered:

(there's one extra sparkle, but I think it works.)

Man, this is great!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
I can almost see that either Discord's or the CMC's or both sets of hoofprints are all over that cloning vat:twilightoops:

... I want more Sexy Sparkle.

So much more.

...Am I a bad person?

You continued it.
You continued it.

You glorious bastard.

6284852 I had clones on the brain, so... yes, more clones. :yay:

6283899 Since Sexy Sparkle probably loves bad people, I don't think that's a bad thing. I'd just watch my back if I were you. :pinkiecrazy:

6283880 Hmm. "Discord" Sparkle. That's... not a bad idea. :trixieshiftright:

6283877 This story is basically an exploration on insanity. So why not continue it? :applejackconfused:


Why watch my back when I can watch hers :rainbowwild:

6283899 You know Fluttershy kept that business card!

6286989 She had no choice. It stuck to her hoof and she couldn't get it off. :pinkiesick:

6287047 That's why Fluttershy isn't the Element of Honesty, Spike could come up with a better lie and he once tried to pass off a toy mouse as a real one. Speaking of which, I do hope we see which Twilight clones have been taking care of Spike/being taken care of by Spike.

I think we need more Sparkles for each of the mane 6. Applejack has Apple Sparkle and every other Sparkle has Sexy Sparkle, but that leaves four mares without a Sparkle friend or lover to call their own.

Nevermind, had a better idea: Spikle (Spike Sparkle).

Mandalorian Sparkle. Because clones. And flamethrowers.

Janitor Sparkle! Spike Sparkle!

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