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This story is a sequel to Unicorn Horns Are Made Of Candy

Pinkie has made a promise to Princess Celestia, and she knows she mustn't break it. It seems that no pony else will give her permission to lick his or her horn, but perhaps there is a solution after all...

Written for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

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This was cruel beyond measure in a completely hilarious way. I approve!

Also, poor pinkie :pinkiesad2:

(It's bubblegum flavor, isn't it?)

Shouldn't she have finished it off with 'there is laughter without end'? :trollestia:

The part where no one would tell her how it tasted reminds me of the fic where Pinkie drives King Sombra nuts by refusing to tell him what his horn tastes like. How about Pinkie revives King Sombra and they exchange horn licks? :derpytongue2:

Author Interviewer

I lol'd

Why are you so obsessed with this one story? XD

Well this has been the most enjoyable one so far, I think. This one goes beyond the premise joke and puts in a few extra silly bits, which really redeems it as a story. Things like telling Spike he's still dreaming, or the fact that erasing and re-writing Twilight's spellbook could make anyone an alicorn (thanks, M.A. Larson!) And, of course, the ending. I was really hoping it would end like that, fearing it wouldn't... and then you did it! ^.^ Still, it does seem to leave things a bit unresolved.

A review for ocalhoun's big 250k contest.
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