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This story is a sequel to What I brought back from Manehattan

Apple Bloom was expecting to find out about the niece she never knew existed. What Applejack shares with her, a secret she held for so many years, threatens to shake Apple Bloom’s world.

Cast: Apple Bloom
Supporting Cast: Apple Family, Zecora (because I am a masochist), the CMC, Dinky Doo & Berry Pinch, and Cheerilee

Edited by Level Dasher (who, along with my wife, helped tremendously through the brainstorming process)
Prereaders: Manes, Stormy Skies and The Fanfic Crusader.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 427 )

What a way to start a sequel.
Awesome work!

You guys are in for a treat. Trust me on this one:fluttercry:

How dare you stop there! I have to read it all!

Before reading: Aw, dammit, it's a Dear Sweetie Belle ripoff. :ajbemused:

After reading: ...well, shit. My feels are broke now. :raritycry:

Now THAT is something worthy of being called a story! Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for writing it.

Oooooooo! I've never read that story (nor even heard of it…) I shall definitely have to check that out. Though I am guessing cause you thought this one was a rip-off story, then I can guess the ending. Hah!

Funnily enough, my original thought was Rarity/Sweetie Belle but decided it didn't fit the story I wanted to tell.

Bless this story for spelling Apple Bloom right. Bless it, I say!

You know I had to triple check the spelling of Apple Bloom in the story after seeing your post about that, and was glad to see that I was right all along.

Excellent. May this story be fruitful, so all may know the glory of correctly spelling Apple Bloom!

this is awesome so far! please continue :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry, it's actually finished, as far as the writing goes, just working on the proof reading and editing now.

Close, but no banana.
Apples + Apples x Apples = Apples.

i knew it i got it right YES !!

Anonymoose i got a question is this story finished or is there more chapters for this story

4284589 I can answer that for you. Yes, the writing is finished, but we're still in the process of editing. There are more chapters to come. Both of us have busy schedules right now, so we're on a "we'll get to it when we get to it" pace at the moment.
Being on opposite sides of the globe makes the editing process a bit difficult. :ajbemused:

Congrats on your featured buddy. (turn off the mature filter)


4284097 I thought it equaled grapes. :derpyderp1: I'm dumb.

Well how about that! I didn't think this one would make the feature box, tbh.


This story is sad, and well written. Of course it's going to make the featured box, buddy!:rainbowkiss:

The entire story is some 27,000 words, maybe more. Both Level Dasher and I have a bit on our plates right now, so the rapid release schedule I wanted to do just isn't going to happen.

But yeah, rest assured, the story is completed behind the scenes, and you have another 11 chapters before it is done.

Comment posted by Crystal Moose deleted Apr 25th, 2014

Honestly, the thing that drew me into the story was that title. There happens to be a French film called Jean de Florette that involves a farm community, so at first (considering the story is about the Apple family), that's what I thought it was about. But, either way, it's still really good. :twilightsmile:

4284589 your avatar is so cute!

The one song I am hearing right now is Phil Collins You'll Be In My Heart. A beautiful song and one that works with this story.

:twilightsheepish:> I don't get it!

4286842 One of my favorite songs :pinkiesad2:

4282324 Well, Manes doesn't lie! Can't wait! :pinkiesad2::raritycry:

This is so sad so far!:fluttercry: Keep it up 4282853! You're doing great! :pinkiehappy:

This is how I feel cause my mom was in high school when she had me but like Apple Bloom I dont k ow my biologicl father

You know for something that I expected tear-jerking shenanigans from, you've made me smile an awful lot more than I probably shoud. Witchcraft: The Herding, damned inspired I say!
However the balance between belly-aching laughter and sorrowful tears was kept equal throughout
faved and liked. Looking forward to seeing where this goes...

I have interspersed a bit of comedy throughout the story, so it isn't all a complete downer. I wasn't sure if I should tag it sad or not, tbh.

Also, yes, glad you liked the Witchcraft joke. As one of my pre-readers said to me:

...I suppose this makes Scootaloo a 1/1 (non)-flying? :scootangel:

I shan't say who said that, though. Lol.

The plotline for this is incredibly simple, yet the story itself is very well executed. I like it. Please continue. :yay:

Not a bad chapter, can't wait for more.

Ah ha! Now I know from experience that bringing in the education system could cause this whole thing to blow over fairly quickly. Either that, or make it all into a burning trainwreck of a situation...
Let's hope for Bloom's sake it's the former, but for the sake of the story the latter. :applecry:

I base most of Equestrian society in my stories as (mostly) having 1950's values (with a few drastic exceptions.)

But a 1950's small country town, I don't think the education department would get involved, to be honest.

Awww, poor baby. :raritydespair: Stupid computer screen is keeping me from hugging her.


I'm not even sure the education department today would get involved... and whether or not that's a good thing, I'll leave to others to decide.

Here in australia they would... and do.


Ahhh... I do love government sponsored intrusion into family lives and ownership of children... after all, how DARE parents brainwash their own kids when WE'RE trying to brainwash them! :pinkiehappy:

That picture...

Are you trying to induce diabetes in everyone who views it?

It's too adorable!

It was more intended to be a tactical warhead to the feels, but then I guess it could also be diabetus inducing :raritywink:

Here lies Rainbowcooldash who died from cute overload.

First comes the tears, now comes the rage...

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