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Twilight has a problem, not that she'll admit it. Spike has a solution, not that she'll listen.
Written for the Comedy (Is Serious Business) contest.
Art by: Dilarus

Editors: The Best Dasher

Featured on 2/10/2018 I love all of you :yay:

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 37 )

Good thing Spike and Starlight have their personal bank account secured.

If that's how desperate she is getting money then you ain't seen nothing yet.

1,300,000 bits?!?!?! That's Floozy Money!!!!!

This was immensely amusing! :trollestia:
42 kites for you and your team!

Thank you. Now I just have to wait for a breeze :twilightsmile:

What was this piece of insanity? I can't make much of it. Ah well, another fic for my "What?" list. Still liked it, though.... I think. :twilightblush:

P.S. The header is kinda cute.

OMG you silly silly moonwriter. You are literally killing me with crazy.

What was your personal prompt for this contest? We learned something...?

Universal, my friend. Today, we learned something universal :twilightsheepish:

Sweet, but didn't you have to put that in the description of the story?

The title of this chapter's a little misleading. I didn't see Discord anywhere.

Twilight, you have POWER!! Learn how to abuse it properly! *sends Kim Jung Un and Nicholas Maduro to educate Twilight on how to be a proper tyrant... they end up taking over Equestria in 10 seconds flat..:facehoof: * Ok, I should have seen that coming.

It wasn't an actual requirement in the rules. A few other stories I saw didn't put the prompt in their description either. It's actually more fun to take a guess at the lesson first, before going to look :twilightsmile:

Oh. That's actually a really cool idea.

Growing up with Twilight has alotta advantages, finances being one of ‘em.

There’s a thing called knowledge for knowledge’s sake and Twilight might as well be singlehoofedly RESPONSIBLE for Fallout: Equestria. I ain’t lookin’ forward to her learning about the internet at all.

Good read! I did like, Mr.Numbers, and all the characters in here. Especially the back and forth between Spike and Starlight.

Those two have a fun and interesting relationship!:moustache:

Featured on 2/10/2017 I love all of you

Still used to writing last year's number, huh?

“You have no soul!” Twilight cried.

Mr. Numbers wrote a bit more. “That’s immaterial.”

The Demesne Of The Reluctant Twilight Sparkle in a nutshell.

Ah, book-mad Twilight. Always good for a laugh, especially when this degree of utter madness is involved. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

Enjoyable story, even if it hits too close to home. But I'm not as bad as some people.


Just go to the human world and internet binge.

Pretty good. The humor is hit or miss though.

Just think what she would do if she discovered Torrenting

8852124 Torrenting sounds pretty bad.

Remember kids don’t read and drive

:moustache: ... need to see if that balances out, but I'm confident that- Twilight, are you even listening?
:twilightsmile: -Theoretical Approach to Unicorn-Pegassi-Mating, shouldn't be more than a couple hundred bits or so, and-
:moustache: Books.
:twilightsmile: ...- uh... what? Uhm... I... kinda lost my train of thought. What was I talking about?
:moustache: Well, dunno, but we were talking about decreasing your debt - remember that? Like, at all?
:twilightsmile: ... and don't forget about The Scientific Approach to Non-Scientific Fields of Study, imported from Manehattan for just-
:moustache: Books.
:twilightsmile: ...- uh... what? What... uh... what was I...
:moustache: Okay. I'm done. I give up. Starlight - she's all yours. Have fun.
:twilightoops: Uhhh... Spike? Why... does Starlight have that... almost predatory grin on her face? And for that matter, why does she stalk me like she's become a timberwolf?
:moustache: Next thing you'll ask: Why's she licking your flank.
:twilightoops: I will?
:moustache: You will. -silently closing the doors-
:twilightoops: St-Star-... l-light...? Spike! What am I supposed to do?! Spike? Spiiiike...!
:moustache: I did warn you, sis. Three times. Maybe she'll get your head out of the gutter...

Fantastic story, I was grinning on quite a few occasions. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

That'd be a T story at the very least, ooph, but still funny. I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsheepish:

Author Interviewer

“Celestia told me to get a job!” Twilight cried. “That tea-drinking, cake-shoveling, feather-brained, overblown flashlight!”

I'm not usually one for Twilight badmouthing Celestia, but this just about killed me. XD

Author Interviewer

Fanfic saves the day again?

Kiss aside, am I detecting hints of Rarilight in this? Because I thought I had from the first chapter...

Author Interviewer

An appropriate summation of quite a few of my stories. Thanks for the comments, Perfect :moustache:

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