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Dreams of Ponies

I believe if there's any kind of god, it wouldn't be any of us. Not you or me, but just, this little space in between.


It's been months since Nightmare Moon was banished, and things have started to settle down. Yet, mysterious things were still ahoof, when one night a stranger happens upon my door with something that will change my life forever.

Art by: Eifie-Chan (They're amazing)
Theme music by this amazing pone
Level Dasher
Featured on 3/24/2018 I love you all :pinkiehappy:

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weeell... interesting first chapter, looking forward to more.

“Wakey wakey, little friends. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m in need of some early morning light.” Tiny, bright green lights from the bottom of the glass floated up to meet me. I smiled at the fireflies before I trotted across the room, aware that the mare was watching me with a confused expression.

I need art of this scene. Why do you have to assault us with this cuteness.

this story is interesting!!! cant wait for more!!!!!!!!

A promising beginning. I look forward to more of it.

Finally, you release it here! I remember reading it in the discord, this fanfic is going to be good.

Interesting beginning you got here. Consider me hooked.

Dawwwwww. Also what a bitch that pony was.

Why do I feel that her teenage years are going to be fun?

Because I sense you are filled with much wisdom :twilightsmile:

as I trotted toward the bat bucket

My heart.

how much time has passed already? she seems quite adjusted and capable compared to a day old foal.

also, i agree, the teenage years are going to be 'discord' levels of fun

Ok...I’m hooked! This is quick, yet a delight to read. Very much looking forward to more.

It's been around a year or so. This is more of a slice of how things go in the early years. Taking it a day at a time might work, but then it'd have a different kind of story flow :pinkiehappy:

I would guess a few months to a year, she’s just now talking, yet she Is flying, walking, and able to bathe herself with small help.

no that's fine. i just couldn't tell the passage from reading. it was obvious time had passed though. i like it

Submit this story to Equestria daily. You'll get more viewers that way

OHHH This is cute! Tracked and upvoted.

Ohhhh. Now THIS is rather unexpected and quite a good start!

Though the question remains: If the child was disgusting, what was she doing having sex with a Thestral in the first place? O.o;

The question is sort of answered in the first chapter if you read close enough, but if you can't catch it, there'll be more on that later.

This story is just too cute! It's on my "favorite" list now! <3

I wonder how she is going to handle the outside world as she is very sheltered.

Has daddy consulted any Bat Ponies about raising Moon Flower? There could be non-obvious things she needs to grow and develop properly. Bat Ponies also presumably have their own kind of magic different from the other tribes and if he wants her to reach her full potential she'll need a proper tutor.

A spoon of treated horsehair

Did you mean spool?

These little vignettes from an interesting life work quite well.

I can't help worrying about how wrong this is all going to go when the parents show up. :fluttershbad:

Heh, missed a typo, thanks. Also, you already met one parent, as far as the other... :moustache:

Very sweet!

"An worn bucket" should be "A worn bucket".

Noted! Thank you for taking the time to point it out :pinkiehappy:


Shame that Moon couldn't keep Teddy XD

I like this story already!

I kinda like it when daughters whack their fathers like that. XD

Good to see that Moony is making friends. Hopefully she will be accepted when she ventures out more into Equestria.

Been a while since I read a wholesome fic. Keep it up!


Seriously, another great chapter. I just love how she made Teddy her pet.

Honestly, I always look forward to reading whatever new chapter that comes out for this story, considering how cute little Moony is

Honestly, I always look forward to your comments. They're always so cheerful :twilightsheepish:

Your theme you made for this is on loop as I read this :twilightsmile:

CLEARLY it's all your fault for making such a fun, cute, and happy story! =P

When is the next chapter coming out? I need more adorableness!

Good story of a Slice of Life. I wonder what other adventures will Moon get to have in this dangerous forest that mostly no one else lives there for another 1000 years :rainbowderp:

That would be quite the scandal.
Solar princess involved with night guard.
Filly born out of wedlock abandoned.
She'd be murdered.

“Everything good about her was put into performing a single, beautiful miracle.”

Given that he is technically telling the truth combined with what actually happened, that is harsh. Well deserved, but harsh.

Also, a small criticism: given the time frame (7 years after abandonment), the castle grounds shouldn't be reclaimed by the Everfree, yet. It would probably make a bit more sense to have the rope bridge newer and distinctly in place of a (destroyed in the NMM fight) stone bridge.

I appreciate the bit about the bridge. Moreover, though, thanks for being the first to comment on Nightshade's bit about her mother. A lot of this will come into play later, but I hope it gives a good look into his priorities and mind state :trixieshiftright:

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