• Published 23rd Mar 2018
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Night Mares and Daydreams - Dreams of Ponies

It's been months since Nightmare Moon was banished, and things have started to settle down. Yet, mysterious things were still ahoof, when one night a stranger happens upon my door with something that will change my life forever.

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Chapter Two: Adjustments

“Save me… a rainbow~” Star-shaped petals twitched slightly, shifting towards me as I called out to it. “Won’t you take me… somewhere far away~” The melancauli flower reluctantly opened up to me, the green stem swaying along with my song. In the center of the opening was a small seed, glittering like a gemstone in the first light of the sun.


The small but swift flapping of wings was followed by a blurred shadow as it passed over my head. The seed was quickly snatched up, only an instant before the flower twisted shut. The plant waved the petals that protruded from its sides like angry hooves, possibly swearing its revenge against me.

Small hooves touched down upon my back, and I turned my head around to smile at the brave little gatherer. Moon Flower held the jewel-like seed lightly in her jaw, lowering her head to spit it into an open saddlebag pouch.

“Such a great helper you are, little flower.” Moon Flower scampered along my back and plopped down atop my head. Tiny nibbles went up and down my ear, and I had to fight hard not laugh from the sensation. “Hold tight now, it’s time to head home.” I waited until her little hooves had dug thoroughly into my mane, then turned and galloped towards the rising sun.


I smirked as I passed between the huge Everfree trees, the rays of orange light occasionally piercing down like spears of gold. Leathery wings beat against my neck as my little filly screeched in delight, her giggling pushing me faster and faster through the woods. Water splashed about as I crossed the creek that ran along the edge of the section of forest I’d made my own; many flowers had already opened towards the early morning sun.

I slowed to a canter, bouncing purposely to give my passenger a little extra fun. She jumped off, flapping her little wings as she flew towards the wide, stunted tree that I had fashioned into a home. The dark oak turned almost golden as the sun peeked through the trees, washing down over the open window that now held an impatient little filly.

She batted at the sunlight with her hooves, hissing softly as if it were an abomination that she could smite. Laughing, I moved inside and shrugged off my saddlebags.

“Now go wash up, little flower.” She beat her wings down against the table that rested beneath the window, her eyes getting round and watery. “Don’t even try it,” I said as I went to extract the ingredients we had gathered throughout the night. Opening the sack, I removed the seed we had obtained and went to work grinding it into powder in a clay bowl.

From the corner of my eye, I watched Moon Flower hesitantly place her hooves atop the rim of a large bucket of water. She tested it carefully with her hooves, then flinched back and gave me a glare that could curdle milk.

“Go on.”

She shot me an adorably malevolent scowl before she turned and began climbing inside. As she got halfway in, her bottom end flopped over before falling in upside-down with a large splash.


I sighed, a sweet smile on my face as I trotted toward the bat bucket, grabbing a small bottle from the table as I moved. I pulled the cork with my teeth and dumped the purple fluid into the water just as a dark head of fur pushed out from the surface. Bubbles spread around as I reached my hooves inside, rubbing the cleansing liquid against her dirty coat.

Moon Flower only managed a single weak “Eee” of protest before my hooves moved over the sides of her head. Small turquoise eyes closed as I scrubbed her little ears and mane, humming softly as the sun began peeking through the window. The rays fell upon the bucket, eliciting a hiss from the bathing bat. I rolled my eyes and scooted over slightly so that my body blocked the incoming light.

When all the dirt had been banished and ears had been good and scrubbed, I pulled a soaking little thestral from the bucket and then rubbed her back dry with a towel. She flapped her wings, flinging small blips of water against me.

“Hey!” I teased. I held my hooves up to block the oncoming assault as she giggled at my misfortune. “Oh, I’ll get you for that one!”

I reached down and scooped her up in my hooves, rubbing my muzzle against her snout. She squirmed in my grasp, though eventually gave up and devolved into fits of laughter. I tossed her into the air, intent on catching her with the open cloth, but was foiled when little wings sprang open.

Around and around she zoomed, giving short little bursts of “Eee” every so often. Eventually, I managed to cut her off, a small thump echoing out as I caught her against my barrel.

“Alright, little one. It’s supper time, and then off to bed.” I set her down and walked to the circular table in the center of my house. A variety of vegetables and nuts were arranged in bowls, which I then sprinkled with powdered melancauli flower—good for congestion and a tasty topping.

Moon Flower, with a little effort and the light flutter of leathery wings, seated herself on the large cushion across the table. I pushed the seasoned broccoli and diced walnuts gently towards her, giving an encouraging smile as I watched.

She stuck her snout up at the food, turning her head away. “Humph.”

Sighing, I produced a lovely yellowish fruit from my saddlebag. Little eyes widened as I held the fruit in my hoof, a bit drool actually dripping down one fang. She reached for it, mouth hanging open as she leaned forward.

I pulled it away. “Nuh-uh, not until you finish dinner.” A big bottom lip thrust out towards me, water droplets already cascading from her turquoise eyes. “Don’t even try it, missy. You’re a growing filly, and you need to eat well if you want to grow big and strong like your daddy.”

The waterworks continued, an unrelenting force against an already unstable emotional dam. The final straw came when she twitched her muzzle, the single most adorably lethal technique in her arsenal. I fell, clutching my heart, and the mango rolled from my hooves and across the table.

Before I could even blink, her little fangs sank into the mango with a ferocity that could rival even a timber wolf. The fruit was sucked dry in mere moments, a shriveled husk of a delicious delicacy. She spat the core into a small sack that we kept for that purpose, to be buried later in the garden.

“Very well. It seems you win this round, little miss. But I’m not letting you leave the table unless you eat at least half of that bowl.” I gestured to the poison in front of her, my gaze gentle, but firm. She let out a small groan, looking up at me with annoyance as I held my ground. “But I’ll make you a deal, Moon Flower. You eat half, and I’ll read your favorite story for bedtime.”

Her batty eyes went wide as she dove into the bowl, suddenly having the appetite of a hungry minotaur. I chuckled as I focused on my own helping, munching contentedly.

Yes, I cheated, get over it.

Bowls, along with the other few cooking utensils, were stacked into a bucket to soak as we moved across the small house, climbing a set of stairs set into the inside of the tree. Moon Flower flew ahead of me, her wings grazing my side, which tickled a little. I followed at a leisurely pace, pulling large slabs of bark down over the windows.

She was already waiting inside, a cute frown on her face as she hung upside-down. This, funny enough, looked like a smile to me, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I settled myself comfortably atop the bed, the old blanket scratching against my coat. I selected the fabled tome from my bedside table before turning to face my anxious audience. “Beauty and the Bat, right?”

Moon Flower nodded rapidly.

“Can you say bat?”

Her head shook slowly, her eyes drooping.

“Buh-ah-te,” I said, smiling at her.

“B-- ba-,” she tried, wriggling her snout around as if the words tasted funny on her tongue.

“You can do it, sweetheart.” I pointed at the word on the title, then to the thestral that adorned it. “Buh-ah-te.”

B-aht.” She blinked in surprise, then smiled. “Bat!”

“You did it!” I cheered, leaning forward and planting a small kiss on her snout. She squealed and moved away, giggling the entire time.

“Alright, let’s settle down and I’ll start. You deserve it tonight.”

A furious scowl, by which I mean an infectious grin, was plastered across her face as I opened the book.

“Once upon a time, in the wonderful land of Equestria, there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a grand castle in the middle of a forest, and was surrounded by many that loved and adored her.”

Her eyelids were already beginning to sag, maybe from my boring story voice, or maybe just a full belly.

“One fateful eve, there was a mighty storm that crashed against the forest and the castle, though the princess was quite safe inside. Indeed they were in the process of celebrating the anniversary of the princess’s coronation, and the festivities were in full swing.

“Just before midnight, there was a large banging at the castle door. Soon, guards escorted a strange figure, cloaked in grey rags, before the princess.

“‘What is so important as to interrupt this wondrous night?’ the princess asked. The stranger pulled back the hood that covered him, revealing a pair of dirt-covered fluffy ears and teeth so razor sharp they could cut through stone.

“‘I am a traveler, Your Majesty, seeking shelter tonight from the wicked storm outside. Please, permit a vagabond such as myself to enjoy your company and the company of the fine ponies here.’

“‘Of course, my friend. All are welcome at my table.’”

I looked over to see a softly snoozing filly.

She drives me batty, she’s a right pain sometimes… but there’s nothing in the world that could take her place.

I carefully shut the book, setting it aside before brushing the filly’s mane back and giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight, my Moon Flower.”

“N--ight,” came soft words as I turned my head to lie down beneath her hanging perch. I fell asleep with the goofiest grin.

Author's Note:

Heya, ponies. It fills me with Eeeees that this story has been so well received, and I can't wait to write/publish more. It's been about a year since the last chapter, and there will be one more little skip in time after this, then it'll smooth out.

As always, comments and critiques are more than appreciated.

With love and dedication, Dreams of Ponies :twilightsmile: