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Dreams of Ponies

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Rarity has said she would give anything for her friends and family, but what happens when she must give everything?

An entry into the Rarity Is Not Garbage Contest for The Barcast.

Featured on 10/1/2017 You guys are awesome!

Art by Halem
I Thought I Was Toast

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Comments ( 25 )

Poor Sweetie Belle. :pinkiesad2:

Story Approver

Cute cover art, depressing ass story.

I loved it from start to finish. It was heartwarming in more ways than one, and was simply beautiful. Excellent work. :unsuresweetie:

Will there be a sequel to this? The aftermath, Sweetie Bell reacting to this, maybe something with Spike.

I'll think about it. This was really just for the contest, but there's room for a sequel/expansion :twilightsmile:

I could see....Spike reacting badly maybe saying something stupid, out of anger and sorrow. Don't hate the guy, but his heart must be broken and we all say stupid stuff in the worst times.

Well, I'm crying.

Man, whoever wins this contest, no one can deny it's given us an influx of great Rarity fics.

Several good friends of mine also submitted stories for the contest. It's amazing what a little motivation and a good story prompt can do :twilightsmile:

Well, I wish all of you luck :pinkiesmile: I love Rarity as a character, but I tend to have a hard time writing her.

Holy shit. :fluttercry:

I read this while I was in a mall and nearly cried in front of dozens of people.

...Oh dear god... I wasn't expecting that.:fluttercry: Okay, this is definitely the story that should win the contest, given what Rarity had to do here...:raritycry:

Amazing! I Love it :heart:

This is the first Fimfic that made me cry. So beautiful. :fluttercry: I listened to this as I read it, it goes beautifully with the story:

:trollestia: So he ate the doctors and nurses burned down the hospital and wrecked ninety percent of Poneyville...

:facehoof: He took it better then we thought

:unsuresweetie: So let me get this straight my sister , 435 ponies crushed and fried 27 eaten and 3 unaccounted for.

:raritycry: Precious Scales why? Oh why?

:moustache: It's what we dragons do.......

I keep seeing stories that's entries for this contest. And this, my friend, has to be the best out of them all.
ALSO HAY YEAH, PROCRASTINATION IS MAGIC IS MY MOTO! No, seriously, I've been saying that for the past 3 years...

What a magnificent story.

Shivers down my spine.

I will never be happy again.

It's a well written story, good grammar and spelling throughout.

I think you have a solid handle on the characters and the show canon. Rarity is the spirit of Generosity, perhaps to a fault here.

It's a tearjerker of a tale, and I have to be honest, not really my cup of tea. But it is well written and constructed and accomplishes what it set out to do.

I like your work overall, and I plan to continue reading your stories as you post them. Hopefully there will be something a little more upbeat in the future.

Just a handful of typos:
without judgement - without judgment
In flurry of yellow - In a flurry of yellow
two medical table - two medical tables
Rainbow dash in particular - Rainbow Dash in particular

Thanks for the corrections. I'm sorry this story wasn't in a favored style, but I appreciate the feedback. Hopefully the next one will be a little happier. (I need to stop hanging out with JackRipper; his dark stories are a terrible influence on me sometimes:pinkiegasp:

That had me shook

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