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Dreams of Ponies

I believe if there's any kind of god, it wouldn't be any of us. Not you or me, but just, this little space in between.


A crazy, wild ride with Null the changeling, as he delves into the magic that is Twilight and friends. Sent on a mission by the queen, he sneaks into Twilight's castle, in order to learn everything about the Princess of Friendship.

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7509425 Shhh...that's a story for a later chapter, so stay tuned :)

looking for something that would resemble a book suppository,

Is this something for treating writer's block? Imagine the paper cuts, though! :pinkiegasp: ("repository" :twilightsmile:)

7606555 Oh dear, thanks for that. Sometimes my mind can't keep up with my fingers, and well, the result can be pretty silly sometimes.

Also, ouch....

I suspect Null might be getting in over his little buggy head. :trixieshiftright:

7606559 I want more! There an ETA on the next chapter yet?

7614115 Your excitement is a definite motivator my friend, but let me give you a general idea of how my writing works. I write two stories at a time, a short one, and a long one, and I alternate between them on chapters. So I'm probably going to release the next chapter for Earth Magic and Sparkles tomorrow, and then work on this one. I already generally know how it's going to go, so as long as life doesn't get in the way cough it should be out in less than a week.

Pretty solid writing, not quite what I expected in terms of story, but I am itching to see how this ends.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7650836 Thanks for reading Static, I hope to finish this soon. Writing this kind of kills me on the inside, but I've been informed that I must suffer for my work. :facehoof:

7650939 Back to the mines with you! :trollestia:
But in all seriousness, this was enjoyable, and I can hardly wait for more. That said, don't overwork yourself too much, because that way leads to writers block, which is responsible for more dead fics than cancer and gun violence.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Hot damn that was a good chapter, but you better hurry up with the next one, or I will be very cross with you.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7662816 Your anger fuels my inner writer and so, I might just take my sweet time with this next one.

Mwuhahaha :trixieshiftleft:

7663275 Do I need to get the whip? BACK TO THE MINES WITH YOU!

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Why is it done?!? Man, I wanted a little bit more. Will there be a sequel?

That was a good ending bro.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7700883 I left plenty of room for a sequel, so yeah, probably.

7701426 Glad you liked it man, though I thought it would be a little too cheerful for mister doom and gloom. :trixieshiftleft:

7701636 You set it up in such a way that it didn't seem out of the blue, Good on you!

7701636 Hey, I may be an edgy fuck, but dark/tragic endings aren't all I like, even if I do enjoy them.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Oh my gosh, that ending; I feel like I should've seen that coming, and yet... :rainbowlaugh:

7702372 Glad you liked it bud, also, I think there's officially a sequel in the works. :twilightsheepish:

It felt rushed in some parts, but the overall flow was done well. I would suggest to take note of your pacing.

7730708 I'll definitely try to be more conscious of my pacing. Though, for this story, I feel like the entire story was supposed to feel like it was on a timer :derpytongue2:

Ah, you're doing a first-person view this time. Interesting. The writing is a little bit chunky at times going through this first chapter, but good otherwise overall.

Sure, Discord, 'the dream representation that our young Twilight has created for herself.' :trollestia:

I do wonder though if Twilight did all this herself, consciously or subconsciously, or if Luna had a hoof in setting things up for her.

I'm mildly surprised there's only a light poke at Inception so far.

Well, I wonder what Twilight's end goal with the traps she has set up in her mind for is. Trying to guilt-trip Null into seeing what his ideology of the world would do if the ponies were to apply it to their own everyday lives?

I would love for Null to confront Twilight and ask a question like, "Have you ever been hungry? Like, ever truly hungry? Like, absolutely outright starving, days away from death's door, and those who could help you are repulsed by you?" But somehow I don't expect we'd get a genre-defying reverse interrogation like that.

Well, I can certainly see the tests that Twilight and her friends have set-up to change Null. Honestly, the mere fact that Twilight set up the tests instead of having some instant-capture mechanism is the biggest thing in her favour, since it shows that she's willing to break bread with a single changeling, and not instantly go 'Imprison him!'. Giving Null the idea that he can fit into pony society if he is voluntarily willing without being imprisoned for being an enemy agent first is the most essential thing, since now he can't just say "Well, your ideals are nice, but I can't use them at home because evil queen tyrant bug, and I can't use them here because the instant I'm exposed it's off to the dungeon for me."

You know, there's actually a little bit of fridge horror in this chapter. If what Pinkie Pie says is true about being there for so long, it suggests Twilight took a very real sliver of memory and consciousness off of each of her friends, and those slivers are actually aware of the passage of time, with nothing to entertain themselves but for their own thoughts. In Pinkie's case, Pinkamena could very well have re-developed from the passage of time, with no other ponies to make happy around. In that sense, Twilight's a monster.

Well, that was a fun read.

I feel like the whole element of Twilight repressing parts of her mind and memories should have been looked at a little bit more. You do a good job with dream Trixie being banished to the furthest part of Twilight's mind, and the whole guilt-association with it, but the overall effort just feels a little bit flat. If Null is a master of oneiromancy, and we're reading this from his first-person point of view, we should be seeing some more guesswork and speculation of his early on instead of feeling completely lost. Like, we get a glimpse of it right near the end as he gives Twilight her own brief lesson about not repressing some of her bad memories, but that's about it. Ditto for how she has living spectres in her mind that actually can feel which she created on her own.

7867119 I would probably say that only Pinkie Pie is truly that aware, anyway, thanks for reading all this. I can't wait for your comment on the last chapter, which is my favorite. I see that you're reading it right now, and I love you for it :pinkiehappy:

After I finish this group collab, I'm gonna go read some of your Trixie fic, I've been meaning to anyway, but just been rather busy of late.

Hi Dreams This is really great!!

"Well then, here's my question: Would you violate your own morals and principles if you thought it would impress someone that you respected?"

> someone
> not somepony

"I thought so," Fluttershy said, before giving me a small peck on the cheek, and then running off with a squeak.

O-oh. :rainbowderp:

"What do you mean quesadillas!!” boomed Queen Chrysalis.

OH MY GOD. I nearly forgot about that, holy crap, that's brilliant.

8180848 Glad you liked it my friend. Also, I hope that ending wasn't too cheesy :facehoof:


Good ol' top tier Equestrian security back at it again. Those guards don't have a job anymore. :unsuresweetie:


Damn, she's certainly taken proper steps to guard her mind, hasn't she? Also, fedoras... disgusting. :trollestia:

Well well, this is certainly going to be interesting... I wonder what fair Flutters is hiding...

Well hot damn. The 'one more' that nobody probably expected was her final defense... :trixieshiftright:

Nice! I liked this quite a lot (obligatory "except for the errors" comment), and I'm just a little pissed at myself for accidentally hovering over a spoiler and having the end spoiled. Grah.

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