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This story is a sequel to Adaptation - A Changeling's Story

*Cover art is made from two separate pieces, neither of which did I create. I linked to one, the other is an old piece I had requested from Ficisism on Deviantart, but the account is deactivated.

(( NOTE 4/20/2019 -- Integration is on an indefinite hiatus. My apologies. ))

It's been almost three years since Echo officially came out of hiding, adopted her daughter, and began the arduous task of becoming part of what was, to her, an alien culture. She's managed to secure financial stability, but now she struggles with things that are altogether foreign to her.

What does it mean to have friends? She knows it's a good thing, she knows it keeps her alive, but it seems like there's a measure of responsibility to it. More importantly, how can she be a good mother to her daughter if she doesn't understand something so fundamental to ponies as friendship?

Moving back to Ponyville presents its own challenges though, as she finds an unexpected surprise waiting for her.

Seeking respite, she turns to help in Canterlot, only to find that there is an even greater menace there, waiting to ruin her peaceful existence.

She really can't seem to get a break.

(2/27/17: Due to alternate changeling continuity, AU tag has been added)
(4/12/17: I have received more than a few messages requesting the dark tag. It has now been added.)

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 495 )

Before I get stuck in to your rewrite, I must say that your first story Adaption was splendid. Good enough, in fact, that your blog post a couple if days back prompted me to re-read it.

From what I remember of your original write of the sequel, the part where Scootaloo turns into a changeling may have turned me off slightly (Mary Sue-ish...? I dunno) but don't let that stop you from writing that plot development if you really want it. Maybe the way it's delivered will be different? It is an interesting story element to be sure ! Imagine the CMC havoc....

I'm only 2/3 through your original - no need to rush a good read, eh ?
Your re-write will be welcomed with eager eyes in a day or two.

Spoiler tags not appearing as they should (mobile device funnies).

How do these spoiler tags work anyway ?
I checked their effectiveness on a desktop pc, but the next day they seem to be uneffective - apologies if its due.

7977645 Yeah, little things like that are why I decided to outright scrap the original sequel and just start from the ground up.

I started the sequel initially because of a lot of demand for it, but didn't take the time to come up with a good idea to make it interesting... so it was poorly planned out and generally unpleasant to write -- so I'm sure that showed through when trying to read it.

That being said, I'm not one to just quit altogether, even if it takes me two damn years to do something about it, so I figured I'd just do it right this time.

Thanks for your readership, Gyro. Means a lot!

Did I do editing/prereading on the original? I can't remember anymore.

Either way I'm looking forward to first re-reading the original then reading this... Eventually.

7977685 I think you may have been one of the lucky few I let read a chapter or two before publishing, but I very rarely ever employed such services in the past.

I look forward to your review when you get around to it! :pinkiehappy:

Just glad it's not completely dead and is getting a rewrite.

7977856 I don't like leaving things unfinished. I was just going through a really tough time in life and didn't have adequate time or energy to dedicate to writing, which is why the previous edition also suffered from major flaws.

I enjoyed the original, and this is already shaping up to be quite the ride. I eagerly await the next chapter.

I read this ages ago. It was among the first story I read, around the time i was getting into Scootaloo stories and loved it. Never read the sequel, but I did get sad when it was apparently stopped. Still I held out hope that it would get completed some day. I don't remember a lot as it has been five years since I read it. I remember liking it and adding it to my favorites and basic plot elements, but not much else.

Thanks for recovering enough to complete this tale. Changeling stories (let alone GOOD Changeling stories) are rare on this site and we need all the buggy goodness that we can. I will of course read this (and it's prequel) when you get around to completing it.


Echo should have not of move from the beginning. Glad she realized that though 3 years too late.

Please don't make season 6 finale canon here. I HATE that finale ending.

You have her listed as being in Las Pegasus for 1.5, 2, and 3 years. Which is it?

I hope Scoots didn't miss out on getting her cutie mark...

If you make a rewrite of this story, are you going to make a rewrite of the previous story?

Why can't you keep your original and have the rewrite I mean I do with mine two chapters 2yrs apart similar but drastically different



Thanks for catching that, it was just an oversight. Edited!

Nice start, I love it.

Wait, new ruler for the kingdom... Please tell me you didn't go with season 6 finale, it was horrible .:raritydespair:

Plus, that'd require Chryssie to randomly turn completely evil again after the ending of the first fic.

7978445 Not completely along with the finale.

In my version of events, there's been a bit of an upheaval for them, but not like it was in the show.

The greatest monster of them all... Teenagers.

Well, that's going to be awkward.

7978464 Ah. Well, I hope this version turned out better for Chryssie.

I liked Integration Part Two better. Echo seems too...soft here. I remember when she was kind hearted, but was more than willing to smack a stallion in the nuts for looking at her wrong. Echo wouldn't have stood for those movers taking a swing at her, she'd have nutted one of them.

But then again this IS a rewrite so...whatever. Let's see where this goes at least.

7978794 Lol.

It's funny you say that considering I've started on Chapter 3.

You'll see what I mean when that comes out.

7978836 No, I mean...this isn't awful, it's just not quite the sort of continuation I thought would arise after the first Integration story which was a damn good tale if I may say. I liked Echo's character - kind at heart, but fierce and not hesitant to kick a stallion in the face if provoked. I was starting to get interested in that one character of yours named Puzzle Piece along with the fan art made of him in his Changeling form and his disguised form.

Here, Echo just seems too...nice, easy going. But again, maybe you'll take this somewhere interesting. I mean, according to the beginning of this fanfic she and Scootaloo have been away from Ponyville for some time so...maybe living in another location has affected her behavior or something, I don't know how your mind works or what ideas you have for this story.

But still, I'll watch this story just because I am glad you made a return. I waited for so long to see you continue your Integration series, so I'll see which direction this gets taken.

7978962 Like I said, there's a bit of a return to tradition in the next chapter.

What I've been working with is the idea that in the time she's been living with ponies, she's mellowed out a bit. Kind of came to the realization that beating the snot out of anyone who messes with her is not a socially acceptable response.

Puzzle Piece was a character I had created in conjunction with a friend at the time of Adaptation's writing; he was planned to be a changeling from the very beginning, when he appeared at her welcome party.

Problem is, that friend and I had a falling out. It doesn't feel right using a character I had made for him. If the cover art and the end of the most recent chapter is a clue, there is going to be a new character added though.

Thanks for your kind words though, friend. I really do appreciate it. I'm hoping this story can really take off once I get more work put into it.

7978996 Integration was one of the first good stories I ever read on this site. Oh yes there were others, some of them a bit better than yours now, but still your story had charm, interesting characters (what few of your own making you had in the story anyway, but your take on existing characters were cool as well). I am sorry to hear of your falling out with your friend. I suppose if you are unable to continue the other story as a result of this falling out, I can understand. I'll wait to see how this new character of yours turns out.

By the way, if you consider using those new changelings in your story, I applaud you. People just don't seem to get that the new forms for the changelings came about because the changelings...CHANGED. Besides, I read somewhere that the old changelings will be kept in the show, as there were still a handful of them outside of the changeling kingdom at the time. Plus you got Chrysalis who can always shag herself and birth more of the little bastards so unless Hasbro forgets these details I think the old changelings might pop up somewhere next season.

Besides, isn't it good to know the changelings won't starve anymore regardless?

Anyway, get on with that third chapter already. You, being one of the first authors I came to respect on this site, might motivate me to take up writing my own fanfics again. Inspire me, friend. Inspire others with your work. But mostly me.

7979041 I really do consider that high praise. Thank you.

I'll definitely get back to writing that third chapter now.

Honestly, the reason I'm not going to use the new changelings in my story isn't so much that I dislike how they look or anything, it's that I don't want to have to include more lore that may or may not contradict with elements of changeling biology I'd written when Echo was "born". In short, where I can keep the changeling status quo, then for the ease of writing this story, I'm going to keep the changeling status quo.

Thorax is one of my favorite characters in MLP though, to be honest. I've always identified with the misfits.


Thorax is one of my favorite characters in MLP though, to be honest. I've always identified with the misfits.

I never would have known that, except Echo kind of made that clear that as probably the case. XD

7979052 And don't waste your thank you on me, please. You deserve the praise. Don't thank me for stating your obvious talent.

7979057 Some people think I'm strange when I say this -- and they're not wrong -- but Echo is kind of a fictional representation of a very real part of me.

That's as far as I'll go with that because I don't feel like pouring out my soul right now, lol.


Cracks whip at self

7979061 Bouncing vibrating dildos, you type fast, man! I just turned my head away for a moment and you already responded.

7979064 Nice exclamation, lol.

Yeah, I have a typing speed of 90WPM (including error correction) so it's fair to say I can type quickly.

7979078 So, wait. Someone was impersonating her for how long? If for the short time, like a few days for a visit, than I can buy it.
If more,than would Twilight get suspicious about Echo use letter,would not she ?(in the beginning of the chapter )
Also if someone was impersonated Scootaloo, then she and Echo will be not peeved, but [buysomeapples].

7979078 And last my comment was rhetorical question. I sure Echo will beat out answers from imposter.:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

7979530 She was being impersonated for a total of 2 years. Yes, the letter did make Twilight a bit suspicious, but Echo (the real one) showed up in Ponyville basically the next day, so there wasn't really any time for Twilight to figure out what was going on.

Scootaloo was not being impersonated; the impostor Echo simply told everyone who asked that Scootaloo had gone to boarding school.

There was a long moment of silence as everyone looked at the unconscious changeling, before Chrysalis spoke.

"I didn't do it!"

love it

7979542 already read third chapter. When I write that comment and one after it,you didn't release third chapter. And second I finished the comment and go read something else you updated story. Pretty convenient, is it not?

7979596 Ha, sorry, didn't notice which chapter you'd made that comment on. My bad! Hope I didn't spoil anything for you.

You aren't. Just finish read, before saw the comment.

This story is good and up voted. But damn I liked the other one as well wish we could have both.

*starts chuckling softly at the beginning of the story, which evolves into a soft laugh, which then becomes uncontrollable* OMG! That poor drone is not having a good day :rainbowlaugh:

Snrk, looks like Echo's punchy nature rubbed off on Scootaloo.

Poor Ricochet.

Yay, best bug horse member of royalty is back.

That ending line. :rainbowlaugh:

Really.... :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

As much as we hate to deny it:
Season 6 Finale = BUY OUR TOYS!!

So it's ok with me and probably most others if many authors tend to ignore that part of pony canon (for the purpose of a better story).

It reminds me of Paradise Estate.
..... born in the early 1980's..., with two younger sisters..., who watched the My Little Pony Movie so many times the VHS tape got stuck in the machine and ingrained in me names such as Licketty Split.....

Ah, it's wonderful to have this ba —

So, once she had garnered enough skill to be a competent seamstress in her own right

... ... ... ... let it go, Phyco. You've lost this battle....

7980399 It's not even that good at that since they're still selling toys with Chryssie and the original changelings and no toys with the new changelings.

One of the reasons I dislike it is that it basically paints the entire race as opportunists completely devoid of loyalty. All you need is the promise of easy food and they betray anyone, no matter how many years they slaved away leading them.

Hahah, now I imagine you wake up at night screaming lines from that movie, ptsd-style.

"She also made sure to toss her gum into Diamond Tiara's mane while she wasn't looking."


It's a story apart from your original sequel - not a bad thing, mind you.

Also few fics deal with the CMC in their teenage years.
Uncharted territory for the most part, it seems.
I like your work so far.

7980591 What's wrong with that? :rainbowhuh:

have an up vote and follow. this i a great story,what a great surprise finding out scootalos grandpony is chrysylis,nice touch to your fine story.

7980813 Make sure you read the prequel too!

It's old now and kind of inferior in my opinion but people really seem to like it, and it sets up some of the events in this story.

She seriously had no clue Twi as an alicorn. BULLCRAP. even baring news Swettie and Applebloom would no and tell Scoots and Scoots would tell her. Sorry there is no beleiablitiy that she doesn't know Twilight is an alicorn.

Twilight the echo have known for the past few years wasn't Echo. How would you like it if someone personated you for two years. The violence is justified.

too bad Scootaloo didn't make Ricochet BOUNCE off the wall! :pinkiehappy::facehoof:

7981011 My thought was that she knew she had become a princess (hence no reaction to her signing her letter as "Princess" Twilight Sparkle) but hadn't been told about the addition of wings.

“No. None of that. Shame on you.” She admonished as he fell to the ground, rubbing his muzzle.


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