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This story is a sequel to For science - Book two

Much changes as Chrysalis moves into the library so our pair can "research" her and find a way for the changelings to fit into pony society. Meanwhile, a new threat emerges.

The final book in Stella's story.

Chapters (34)
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Comments ( 240 )

You couldn't be bothered to spell the title correctly?

:derpyderp1: Thanks for pointing it out, so embarrassing.

What a fun way to end a chapter named "Party" :pinkiesad2:

could have killed be back then, but she didn’t. 

 I was on my way to Chrysalis room,

r handle and enter the room, Chrysalis look a bit confused 

normally does with ponies, it had been pretty hazy. I know you didn't want to hurt Lavender.”

recheck these please.
just saying

We walked through the castle towards the hospital, right now we crossed one of the yards connecting different parts of the castle. Many ponies turned their head to stare at Chrysalis as we walked by, normally I was the one ponies stared at. I looked down at the fine layer of snow that had fallen and was covering the ground.

this seemes a wierd wording not sure

. “I’m not sure I had reacted differently to her.”

Maybe they feared it could be exploited their race was weak… I don’t know. But they didn’t kill or seriously hurt anypony when they tried to take Canterlot, maybe… maybe…” I sighed. “You know, 

Maybe they feared it could be exploited their race was weak… I don’t know. But they didn’t kill or seriously hurt anypony when they tried to take Canterlot, maybe… maybe…” I sighed. “You know, 

I got aware of the many ponies waiting in line behind us. “I think we should give others the chance to gratulate you as well.”, I said while I politely pushed Twilight a little forward. “See you all later.”

Thanks for pointing it out. I changed it, I hope to something better :-)

Thanks again.
But how what about Chrysalis room?
Chrysalis's room looks strange, is it the right way to write it this way?

I changed it. Not sure if it is good now. Thank you :pinkiehappy:

i personally am not sure, as i am not very good at grammer however it is supposed to be possessive/ genitive, therefore you should have an apostrophe in there, other than that i'm clueless, I just know it breaks up the flow when i'm reading therefore something's not right wether on your end or my end i don't know

Ok, maybe someone else can clear it up.

well i can easily say this is going to be a vary interesting story ark.

Personally I'm dreading bringing more humans into the story.... well that's what I'm getting from the drone at least, I must admit I love this story but the addition of more humans is usually a deal breaker for me as it usually ends badly and ruins the momentum of the story.

Everything I could answer to that would be a huge spoiler...

Omg!!!! I need to hurry!

Well we will just have to wait and see then

Chrysalis' (English is weird. 's is usually needed when it comes to names and possession. Unless the name is ending in s, then you just put the ' after.)

I don't know who RFR is, but nobody who actually speaks English would structure their sentence like that unless they were a robot. Even grammatically, it's wrong. "as we crossed one of the yards" would be a far more common a way to put it and would flow more naturally...

Comment posted by Mist_Chaser deleted Oct 23rd, 2017

Thanks for the hint, I updated it using your suggestion.

Learned something new today, thank you. I corrected it.

Even though English is my native language... I still don't fully understand it

Holy crap! I didn't know they were into such things!!!! :rainbowderp::pinkiegasp:

a vary strong slice of life chapter.
it sounds like everypony, human and bug have so much to learn from each other.

let the learning begin.
this is going to be a interesting story ark.

“Hey, y’ all.”, I shouted in my best AJ impersonation.

They all smiled, the biggest grin coming from the farm pony itself.

“So nice to see you here darling.”, Applejack replied in her best high-society voice. “It is always a pleasure to have you around.”

The Changelins will give them quite a bit more hostility, in fact they may take over their world, the invaders invaded.

I can imagine a few changelings taking positions of power and overthrowing the human government, us humans are dangerous and remarkably stupid sometimes.

The Changeling will turn the tides on the humans for sure, how can you defeat and enemy when you can't trust anyone.

Yeah, that's why their ability is so terrifying when they are your enemy

okayyyy. wtf did i just read?

Could you be more specific what has confused you in this chapter? Chrysalis backstory? The sexual use of her crown? Or what I have added to book one?

no it's just i was trying to remember what had happened in the story previously, and filter out all the other stories i had read since the last update

Well, that's the price for reading at your pace :derpyderp2:

well now this is a vary interesting turn of events.

Ability: Seal / drain magic energy ?

Well, that's the question... what is this ability and would every human develop the same magic ability?
Or is it more like with ponies who all develop their own special abilities. :twilightsmile:

then we will learn that human are really changeling who left pony world to go else where......

also I wonder how fluttershy will react to find a bird dead and cut open...

I know i make is as question, but it was more of a rhetorical question.
Sorry for miss leading.

funny your say something like that... there is a little bit of truth in this,
but not in that way.

No problem, things like this always make me think harder about how everything works in my stories.

Rarity can improve on the design in the next chapter maybe...?

this is one beautiful story.it has become my favorite. i love how you write stella and the rest,it really does make you care so much for them.well done for this fine story.

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