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This story is a sequel to For science - Book two

Much changes as Chrysalis moves into the library so our pair can "research" her and find a way for the changelings to fit into pony society. Meanwhile, a new threat emerges.

The final book in Stella's story.

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This story is a sequel to For science

The continuation of Stella's and Twilight's Story. (read book one first)
We will take a look at Cadence's past and have some extra science as a bonus :derpyderp2:

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Stella finds a new world full of wonders, what starts as pure research becomes something life changing for her.
There are stories with characters dance around each other and finding each other just at the end of the story... this is not one of them. The focus is on their relationship.

"sex" tag because of all the sexual innuendo, without writing explicitly what they are doing.
There is now a mature version if you want explicit sex scenes. For science (mature version)

Picture made by the very talented PriDark (commission)

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This story is a sequel to Moon's shadow

Luna and Alex are in a happy relationship while "A Canterlot Wedding" is approaching, what could go wrong ;-)
This is a sequel. I strongly recommend reading "Moon's shadow" first.

Art from Perrydotto picture

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A human with a special ability comes to Equestria and befriends Luna.
While they have an adventure their friendship gets tested but something new emerges.

Thanks for all the good feedback for changes that got this story from 15pos/13neg to 130/23.

There is now a sequel to this story Know your enemy

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