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Orphaned as a filly, a young pegasus named Kaviyayu is raised by an adoptive Earth pony family in a secluded, peaceful village. When a strange unicorn drops by the village, Kaviyayu and the other foals are captivated by her tales of the world, as well as her various spells and illusions for their amusement. But there's something about the way she doesn't speak of her own family... how she never removes her traveller's cloak... how she seems to take a very strong interest in Kaviyayu...

Who is this mysterious mare, what does she seek, and just what is so special about that pendant she wears?

This is the tale of how a seemingly ordinary filly rose to become both a princess and a beacon of love to ponies all over Equestria. Based on the back-story of Princess Cadance, as given by G. M. Berrow's pony novella, Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell. Also loosely inspired by symphonic metal band Nightwish's sixth studio album, Dark Passion Play.

Cover art by the lovely Ayemel.

Now with its own musical accompaniment courtesy of The L-Train!

Pre-reading by Noble Thought, Prak, The Albinocorn, ThatOneWriter, JustAnotherTimeLord, vren55, Majin Syeekoh, Foals Errand, Comet Burst, and Chris. Edited by ChromeMyriad, Titanium Dragon, Noble Thought, Prak, NightWolf289, PresentPerfect, and Chris.

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Bow-chica-wow-wow! You never fail to epitomize epicness.

Ah, there it is. I shall be reading this... soon.

This was an interesting start. I really like this curious little village you set up, and that was quite an entrance for an outsider to make.

Plus, Cadance. Nice to see more Cadance.

I'm looking forward to more.

Huh. Interesting start. Looking forward to the rest.

Issa good story! Looking forward to the rest of it!

It's finally posted! Time to promote!

Oh hey.

About goddamn time.

~Skeeter The Lurker

5448335 :heart:
Edit: someone obviously missed your terrible pun :derpytongue2:

Darn, missed the launch. Still, it's finally here!

I know nothing of the source material, so that's jumping in blind for ya. I'm gonna be that one guy at the back of the class who asks stupid questions that everyone else knows the answer to. You know, that guy..

"Is mayonnaise an instrument?" :applejackconfused:

I love the crystal heart book! It will be interesting to see where this will go!:heart:

Something about Cadence as a kid living in a tribal society? Okay, that's interesting.

No, Skrillex. Mac is not an instrument.
Oh, someone who's read it? Well, you must already have some spoilers then. That said, I do hope to still surprise you in some ways :raritywink:

Interesting. You definitely have my attention here, and you've done a fine job of establishing the characters throughout the first two chapters. I have to say that I like how you named them, as it gives the setting a feeling that reminds me of notable fantasy worlds. Anyway, the story is well-written as usual, and I'm curious to see where the story will go from here and what Cadance's impact on the story will be. :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to read this! But one thing I noticed.....

Evanescence titles!!! This is going to be good I know it.


Evanescence titles!!!


Also loosely inspired by symphonic metal band Nightwish's sixth studio album, Dark Passion Play.

Evanescence are hella good though. My favourite album is their latest one.


You know what also is a cool band? Within Temptation.

Kartanya stared at the tiny pink foal, looked down river, and closed her own eyes as tears leaked out once more.


Cadance's backstory on how she became an alicorn? TRACKED! AND FAVED!

An expanded backstory on Cadence and how she became who she is, deserves a like and a favorite.

So glad you think so! :yay:
I hope you enjoy the ride :twilightsmile:

Hmm.. I remember your name. My friend Chrono has mentioned your stories before.

And what's this? Nightwish song titles for chapter names? From one of their better recent albums?

Interesting. I'll check this out later.

Sweet. Your friend Chrono is also my friend Chrono. Been meaning to catch up with him for a few beers. :rainbowwild:
He keeps banging on about something called "Court of the Moon," too. Might have to check that out sometime. :scootangel:

Hope you like the story!

Hmm, Eva didn't raise the sun so she'd not Celestia. I don't think she's a changeling either, though them affecting Cadance's family isn't out of the question. Or maybe it was just Eva.


Uh oh... I sense some outside play to get Kavi's family to change their tune so quickly...

Some sort of dark magic, perhaps? Eva, possibly? A different thing entirely? Who knows...

.................................................................................what? :rainbowhuh:

Why the abrupt change in her family's demeanour?

Why indeed... :trixieshiftleft:

What does "Kaviyayu" mean?

Shhh... spoilers :raritywink:
Thanks for the faves, too :twilightsmile:

I have a feeling that "Eva" is a whole facade and she's actually Prismarina (or whatever her name was, I didn't read the book). VERY GOOD!!!!!! Also, what does "Kaviyayu" mean?!

Congradulations in having your story mentioned in Equestria daily!:scootangel:

Damn, that's harsh.

I'm curious, you say the names are some kind of compound construction of words of another language — which language is that? Or would that be a spoiler as well?

It's a great prologue to what will be the start of something new. :twilightsmile:
I will continue to read along and see what happens.

Great to see a dramatization of "Crystal Heart Spell" and (presumably) the witch Prismia! Nice work so far!

I can't decide between :rainbowlaugh: and :twilightblush: so have 'em both!

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