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The reason I write is because I want to read a story written for myself.  One day, I want to read one of my own stories and say to myself "That is the best story I have ever read."

My Stories

  • T Equestria’s Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress

    After Alternia, changeling queen and former regent for a missing Celestia, is coronated as Equestria’s third ruling princess, she must face her first crisis in the depths of the Eastern Sea. Sequel to Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen.  · vren55
    242,920 words · 8,366 views  ·  958  ·  61
  • E A Week in the Life of Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Being an alicorn princess is Rarity's dream and Twilight's nightmare, so the two of them decide to swap roles for a week to see what their lives would be like if they had what they wanted.  · vren55
    3,623 words · 1,714 views  ·  140  ·  7
  • T Of Swords and Hearts

    It seems like a horrible idea to assign a manipulative courtesan to help a guilt-ridden war mage. It seems even crazier to pair a insane dominatrix with a veteran plagued by nightmares. But remember, love always appears in the unlikeliest of places.  · vren55
    41,032 words · 2,190 views  ·  270  ·  24 · sex
  • E Princess Celestia The Changeling Queen: Stories Behind the Mask

    These are short stories to the fic Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen. They document the fun stuff, the struggles and the touching moments of a changeling queen in her most challenging impersonation ever.  · vren55
    4,014 words · 3,741 views  ·  401  ·  10
  • E Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen

    Thanks to the love bomb at the Royal Wedding, Princess Celestia is revealed to be a Changeling Queen. How will Equestria, deal with this? And why is Celestia a Changeling Queen in the first place?  · vren55
    167,932 words · 25,274 views  ·  3,265  ·  82

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So a few announcements.

Equestria's Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress Chapter 27: Hysteria and Serenity is being sent back to me from pre-readers and I'm looking it over for a Monday release. I've also slammed some words into the next few chapters and the Epilogue.

Given I'm ending Equestria's Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress soon, I think it's time for people to know that I'm hosting a Discord live-voice chat at some point for all the readers who have stuck with me for so long as opposed to the old AMA. I'm interested to know exactly what time (Eastern Standard Time) will people be available so I can coordinate. It's likely going to be on Monday or Thursday. However, I'd still like for people to tell me exactly what time they would be best available. Don't worry about missing it, I'll probably keep the Discord server up for a few days so you can text me, but I still want a set time.

Finally, a fic... well series of fics recommendation:

So imagine if Sunset never actually went into the Equestria Girls universe... what if she stayed. How would that have changed her, and what would have occurred if that happened?

Novel Idea explores this in his "The Wavelengths" universe whereupon Sunset stays in Equestria, though she's not immediately reformed...

His universe has a number of stories (see his profile), and Novel's intending the universe to start from when Sunset initially becomes... more reformed, until her encounter with Nightmare Moon, along the way making various friends. It plans to have fourteen stories, of which eight have been released (see below)

So far though, its been a very entertaining read. Not mind-boggling ah-ha innovative, but just... nice and entertaining to see this written out so well. My favorite probably being Grading on a Bell Curve. Unlike other Alternate Universe fics that declare and insta-replace the Mane Six... Novel's kept his readers in the dark, only giving hints. It's not even clear what the divergence point of this universe is and why it's so different until in The Cloudsdale Report.

Readers may find that Novel does very little intro for such a complex universe in his stories, or if he does, it's via dialogue or shown, but at the same time, I like that he's not attempting to justify or explain the divergence. To the characters in the story and story itself, it just exists, you don't need to ask questions why, it just does. Of course, I'd like more wordbuilding in certain stories, but given they're snapshots in the life of alternate Sunset Shimmer and others in her universe, I think he's done enough.

More importantly, within this Alternate Universe series, Novel demonstrates some very consistent technical writing, strong characterization and well-written dialogue. It's an interesting verse, explored in an interesting and clear manner, surprising at times, and if not surprising or innovative, then well-told.  

For those that enjoy Sunset Shimmer in Equestria, I highly recommend this series, as it's comparable to Magnetbolt's The Witch of Everfree (also fantastic) and going to be much longer.

Anyway, have fun, i need to agonize over my essay a little longer.



Less Appreciated Stories you should read. Seriously. Read them

  • Essenza di Amore Like Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza was not born into her royal title. Follow a younger Cadance along the path to ascension, and her discovery of the true essence of love. by Cerulean Voice 53,968 words · 4,243 views · 351 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Viva la Vida Sunset Shimmer lost her chance to live the life she always wanted... or did she? by Comet Burst 14,454 words · 2,265 views · 173 likes · 18 dislikes
  • Three Little Visitors A string of robberies has been going on in Sunset's neighbourhood, but things change when Sunset's apartment is targeted, and the identities of the thieves become a topic of debate amongst her friends. by Daniel-Gleebits 91,474 words · 3,407 views · 337 likes · 15 dislikes
  • The Witch of the Everfree My name is Sunset Shimmer. I am the strongest unicorn in all of Equestria, and my life is over. I'm in hiding and on the run, and I have no idea where to start putting things back together. by MagnetBolt 56,028 words · 9,077 views · 996 likes · 11 dislikes
  • The Gentle Nights: Audience of One A chance meeting at a ruined gala leads to opportunity. Luna longs to recover from her isolation and the shadows of her past, and she clings to the one pony whose music provides her comfort. She might not be the only benefactor in the arrangement... by PaulAsaran 127,575 words · 4,261 views · 504 likes · 17 dislikes

Good Fics that I recommend people to read

  • Mendacity Bon Bon, Lyra, and the Unseelie Court by Dromicosuchus 74,794 words · 38,465 views · 2,048 likes · 31 dislikes
  • Roll for Initiative Armed with swords, spells, snacks, and a bag of dice, five heroes test their mettle against brigands, monsters, and a necromancer's undead army in the saga of gaming night in Ponyville. by Prak 23,688 words · 16,114 views · 1,702 likes · 21 dislikes
  • The Blueblood Chronicles Blueblood just wants to be left alone. prince-chasing mares and high society have other plans. by Rune Soldier Dan 44,425 words · 10,591 views · 972 likes · 10 dislikes
  • The Age of Wings and Steel When Equestria is threatened by politics and war, a crippled pony must rise to its defense. by DSNesmith 239,641 words · 4,974 views · 382 likes · 6 dislikes
  • The Three Sisters Shining Armor and Cadence's spell reveals something completely unexpected. by Wanderer D 6,388 words · 39,900 views · 3,450 likes · 66 dislikes

One Shots that Need to be Read

  • Nosflutteratu Twilight Sparkle had been looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day with a friend, but when Twilight discovers Fluttershy's appetite for blood, the knowledge proves to be anything but relaxing... by Charcoal Quill 14,657 words · 27,740 views · 2,391 likes · 32 dislikes
  • A Filly's Guide to Not Making Headlines PRINCESS SPARKLE IN CAMELU DUSTUP – Reports emerged Sunday that H.S.H. Princess Twilight Sparkle slammed Griffonstan over Camelu water rights. "I mean, they have plenty. It's not a 'threat to their sovereignty' to ask— by Bradel 8,218 words · 11,930 views · 1,344 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Chess Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle have a game of chess. But as their minds wander, they find that the game is much broader than they thought. by KitsuneRisu 6,043 words · 5,070 views · 752 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Diamond Tiara Buys a Little Sister Diamond Tiara is off to the Ponyville Hospital to shop for a new little sister, but she should be careful. She may get more than what she expected. by Georg 9,292 words · 9,697 views · 665 likes · 8 dislikes
  • The Brief Reign of Princess Twily Princess Celestia was quite clearly overworked lately. Twilight just had to find a way to help. Unfortunately, the only answer she found was a bit odd. by Forthwith 3,483 words · 17,403 views · 2,383 likes · 33 dislikes

Bio... because they don't have that function anymore?

I am Canadian, which I think is just awesome.  I like and prefer to write original stories.  I'm a combination of an author taking advantage of what's popular at the time, while putting delightful spins to them.

I also happen to be, founder and admin for the group Authors Helping Authors, which was featured by Wanderer D in his monthly report, Pen Stroke (Past Sins) on his blog and as I write this now (March 2014), has since grown to a thousand members... wow.

Writing style?  Excessive world-building and ridiculously deep character development with fun dialogue some attempts at humour. I am too used to the British way of spelling things (as I was brought up in the Commonwealth) so expect to see colour left right and centre as well as other British spellings.

I also have a knack for finding Original Ideas that nobody has done before.  Examples are my semi-popular Canterlot: Her Creation and Her Architects, my VERY popular Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen, and my collaboration story with Comet Burst, Of Swords and Hearts.

Bio Info:

Residence: Canada

Education: IB Diploma doing University

Writer Training: None specifically. Some experimentation. Lots and lots of reading.  IB Diploma English HL Course

Music: 90s Disney.  Musicals, lots and lots of musicals (Andrew Lloyd Webber = Awesome)

Fav Authors: Garth Nix, Brian Jacques, Tamora Pierce, RA Savaltore, JK Rowling,

Preferred Writing and Reading Genres:  Mid-long, Multi-Genre, Adventure, Fantasy, touch of Romance, 3rd Person.

Pony I am like the most: According to Bronyland test, either Twilight Sparkle or Applejack, with Rarity in runner up.

Fav Princess: Before it was Luna, but now I've switched my allegiance to Celestia

Fav Mane 6 pony: Twilight Sparkle

2nd Fav: Rarity

3rd Fav: The Rest

Orientation: Straight as a needle

Religion: Roman Catholic (which means I think being gay is a sin, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the people and frankly I've sinned as well so who am I to criticize gay people?)

Relationship status: Single, I'm out the lookout.

Contact Details:  PM me please.  I do have a brony only email, but I prefer not to give it.

Wait so which pony do I like more, Twilight or Celestia?

Well I think I like to read stories on both characters, and although my initial reaction is to say "Twilight", its more because she was a 'pony' not 'princess' or 'alicorn.  Also, I prefer to write Celestia compared to Twilight... therefore its kind of a tie...

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>>2204110 Your writing of Pooh and the others hit me so hard with nostalgia I wanted to pull up the old animated classics and start watching them... tha'ts how good it was. Sunset was also characterized great in the story!

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