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The reason I write is because I want to read a story written for myself. One day, I want to read one of my own stories and say to myself "That is the best story I have ever read."


This story is a sequel to Equestria’s Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress

Mirage and Kyria are the beloved daughters of Princess Alternia of Equestria. Raised in a world shaped by their forebears, the two are growing into their own.

When they are abruptly thrust into an adventure, they will be forced to confront how they see their family’s past, each other, and themselves. Most crucially, they will have to use every lesson their parents have taught them, and every skill they have ever learned. 

Because at stake are not only their lives, but also their very future.

Cover art courtesy of: GoldenGriffoness. She is very good! Check out her page.

Thanks to pre-readers:
Dr. Tarbtano
Wanderer D

And pre-reader/writer of guest chapter:

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Alright, Alright, Alright! Let's get this started!

Damn. How did I not know this came out for 21 days. This series was always one of my favorites and I bet this will be just as good as the previous stories in this universe

Looks like this flew under everyone’s radar until today, judging by the comments.

Wanderer D

10050462 Nah, those chapters were "published" at that date before the story itself was published, that's why the dates don't match.

Star with the d'awww, on to the fun times!

Ah, I see it all now. Rather obvious in a subtle way.

Oh hey, this series... yeahhh... this series...

*eyes widen* wait kinsbane but...but she was killed in alternias grandmothers time...(read behind the mask the first few chapters cover this)

this...could be interesting.

10050415 YEAH! *mimics bulk biceps*

10050462 10050474 Yeah what Wanderer D described is what happened. I put the chapters up days ago because they were pre-read and polished. I was waiting on the coverart.

10050624 :yay:

10050763 *winks*

10050835 Mm hmm. It's this series :P

10050971 ... I keep underestimating my readers lol... should try not to do that. Granted, your enjoyment will not be spoiled, but I was surprised you recalled that.

i actualy just finished rereading the bulk of behind the mask maybe...a week ago sooo concidientaly it was fresh in my mind.

Ooooh, third story now!

...Why does something tell me that Chamelia won't initially be as tolerant and accepting of the idea of rapprochement with the ponies of Equestria until she, either indirectly or directly, learns who and from where her granddaughters actually are?

Chamelia....dang I can't remember if that alternia and chrysalis mom or so some else's. I got go back to read the original ^^ I'm glad making new story, love your series. I love idea celestia was a changeling all the time, least the current one ruling not the original. Love how you and other writers here on fimfiction handle the changelings ^^

wow there is a new one??? YES!!

Ah. That explains it. But still, we are here now, and that is all that matters. :pinkiesmile:

Of course. On a day in which I'm supposed to be busy, several of my favorite stories come out with sequels and several more are updated. It's good problem to have, but still a bit of an issue.

I’m so excited for this! One of my absolute favorite series and it’s back in time with Queen Chamelia!

Hmm... I know this story is mainly going to be focusing on Mirage and Kiriya, but it seems that Alternia has taken a far more proactive stance in this timeline, stopping a lot of the problems that would become learning moments for Twilight. In that light, I can't help but wonder how this affected Twilight's growth as a Princess, or if she is even a Princess at all?


I haven’t written/thought out the entirety of the period between book 2 and book 3 but Twilight still becomes a princess

You must not have read this: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/441859/10/sunsets-isekai/what-to-expect-when-drinking-celestia-the-changeling-queen-series-post-sequel

You just trow Diabetes inducing cuteness on us... You fiend! :trixieshiftright: We shall never forget you carapaces softening sweetness! Strike you with awwwws and daaaawwwws until the end of time!

Great story start! :pinkiehappy:

Ah, nope I have not. I've only just started that story. It'd been languishing in my "to read" list for a while now.:derpytongue2:

Unexpected and welcome surprise

Also, Cozy Glow a politician? Jajajajaa!! So legit

:D FYI I had to reword that sentence with Cozy because it was misleading. Long story short... she became a politician in this timeline, but instead of trying to take magic/lead a rebellion, she was actually trying to lead a radical party that would constitutionally depose alicorn rulers, essentially dethroning Celestia and Luna for mistakes they made + the fact they're autocrats without popular mandate (unlike Alternia who is literally driven by need for love). She became prime minister briefly in 1012 CE (about twelve years before events of this story).

However, to put it bluntly, extreme movements spawn some extreme sides. Cozy Glow couldn't get a majority and as she became Prime minister she realizes... the alicorns are pretty good, it was just circumstances that led to the previous mistakes. However, she couldn't control the extremist elements of her party and they led a rebellion against Equestria, which Alternia and co. had to stop. She eventually stepped down as Prime Minister... and is now currently, back from her political exile as the current Equestrian Prime Minister

The idea is still funny anyway, still a better end for her than canon one

Omg! I just realized you started uploading the story! This is absolutely glorious! Thank you Vren, this is already very good.

Okay, I don't know how the hell I bloody missed this, but you now have my attention!

Welp... They're boned.

Who am I kidding, I WANT MORE!

Tracking and faving!

How does one relate people to the main characters of your series? Induce D'aww XD

Glad you missed this :D. I missed writing this too.

Thank you! Luckily, the whole thing is written so the updates are going to be quite regular. I haven't figured out WHEN exactly to update but within 1-2 days.

See the new chapter... they aren't in for a fun time.

Yup :D

That explains it!

No comment :P Or confirmation or denial for that matter.

:D Thanks!

yes, very much yes indeed :)

Life eh?


I'm very very very glad to be writing Chamelia for this series. She's a gem... along with a new/old/not very often mentioned character that I got the chance to fully flesh out.

Never ever force yourself on a experimental / time spell ones there is any unusual effect... Funny how many times in a story the caster just think to overcharge a spell is the answer...

interesting how the ancestors of a certain mare have such a prominent role in the history of equestria, repeatedly even...

O by Luna blue butt... They changed everything by now or lead to its outcome like a self fullfilling prophecy

Her Name makes a funny paralell more than usual.
She was favored by her mother.
She was praised for her compassion.
She was planed to inherate the Hive...

Well damn... makes more sence now... :rainbowderp:
Probably why Chamilia wasnt cursing Chrysalis for killing her?:pinkiesad2:

Anyway... Should this two for logic sake be send to a room until rescue?

I would do so... :trixieshiftright:

But that would make this story boooring :fluttercry::derpytongue2:

At this point I'm predicting that the spell failed because future versions of the sisters sabotaged it to close a stable time loop started by them going back in time in the first place.

kind skimmed it while at work, got read more of it when got home and now remember its their grandmother. ^^ look forward to reading it.

Uhhh which mare?

10052664 10052682 I have no comment on the time travel mechanics of the story, and won't comment until story's end :D

??? I'm a little confused lolwut?


starlight, of the house of glimmer
her family always from what i can tell seem to get themselves stuck into the most interesting situations though not always by there own choices...

AHAHAHAHA Lol yeah I know right? That wasn't entirely intentional. I just needed a... "problematic unicorn house that got places in history." Glimmer was a recognizable enough surname lol

Mixed up 1 word. Its fixed and makes a bit more sence now ^.~

With Chamilia knowing some information its obviously why she would give Alternia so mutch better treatment than Chrysalis.

It could also be Equestria itself. Back when Starlight in the show sabotaged the timeline, the world itself went "this isn't how it's supposed to be, fix it!", so it's possible that the two sisters were always meant to travel back in time, and Equestria itself nudged the spell in the right direction.

Huh, so Cozy Glow actually turned out better (morally speaking) than in the series?

That... actually sounds like an interesting story. Maybe something for Stories Behind the Mask?

Except that spell used an artifact connected to/part of the tree of Harmony to function, as evidenced by the cutie map being present in all the alternate timelines. Wheras this one didn't.

True, but that was also the only reason the spell could actually alter history. The only other time the time travel spell was used, it created a stable time loop. While there could be another factor we don't know about yet at play, it's not unlikely this journey was preordained from the beginning.

Too much too fast you jumped right in without introducing the new characters or giving a rundown of intervening events which caused me to be very confused at first

Getting into it quickly was deliberate on my part. There was no other way to introduce Mirage and Kyria than to show them in their element, with their family. Plus, the story isn't on Alternia.

I could talk about the intervening events, but it wasn't... important to the story. Thus... why waste time?

Damn fine chapter with excellent combat performane.
I slowly see that it seem they were really ment to be walking the past and shaping the future. Alternia has destroyed memorys and Chrysalis was 5 by the time... i guess after more than 1030 years noone could really remember em anymore...

“Thank you.” Chamelia frowned. “I do wonder how would you start a hive without being able to defend yourself from rival queens? I mean, just because your mother rules Equestria, doesn’t mean there won’t be any queens to challenge you, or any other manner of threats to contend with,” Chamelia said.

Yyyyeah, "our mother and aunts have the Queen's Council in a blackmail chokehold" falls under the category of future secrets you'd rather keep secret.

I like the idea of Empress Tethys being the godmother of Mirage.

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