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The reason I write is because I want to read a story written for myself. One day, I want to read one of my own stories and say to myself "That is the best story I have ever read."


This story is a sequel to Equestria’s Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress

Mirage and Kyria are the beloved daughters of Princess Alternia of Equestria. Raised in a world shaped by their forebears, the two are growing into their own.

When they are abruptly thrust into an adventure, they will be forced to confront how they see their family’s past, each other, and themselves. Most crucially, they will have to use every lesson their parents have taught them, and every skill they have ever learned. 

Because at stake are not only their lives, but also their very future.

Cover art courtesy of: GoldenGriffoness. She is very good! Check out her page.

Thanks to pre-readers:
Dr. Tarbtano
Wanderer D

And pre-reader/writer of guest chapter:

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This story is a sequel to Equestria’s Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress

Story requires reading Equestria's Changeling Queen and the Abyssal Empress first.

This is the life, times, and fall of Empress Samudra, predecessor to the Kelpie Empress Tethys, covering the decisions she makes from her perspective.

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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen

This story is a direct sequel to Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen. Reading that first is necessary to understand any part of this story.

Co-authored by vren55 and Zervziel

Alternia, sister to Chrysalis, ruled Equestria for a thousand years, disguised as Princess Celestia, while the alicorn slumbered in a healing sleep. Now revealed, Alternia prepares to become Equestria’s first changeling princess, and prove herself to the ponies she loves at the side of her co-rulers Luna and the newly-returned Celestia.

But even as the crown descends onto Alternia’s head, something is stirring in the depths of the Eastern Sea, something that will turn the surface world onto its head. Some power that could destroy Alternia, and all that she loves, before she can even regain the approval of her own ponies.

Will Alternia restore the trust her ponies once placed with her? Will she found a hive? Will she find love?

All that is certain is that Equestria, and the world, will never be the same again.

Now with a TV Tropes page.

Empress Tethys and the Kelpies Created by Zervziel

That Fantastic Cover art is by Plainoasis

Pre-read and edited by:
Courage Fire
Cosmic Cowboy

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Fame. Esteem. Royalty. All things Rarity dreamed about ever since she was a little filly. But when Twilight was granted the role of princess, Rarity has always wondered what Twilight's life was like.

Twilight had no dreams of becoming a princess, so when the role was thrust upon her, all she wanted was a break, a bit of time to live a normal life.

In the midst of an argument about these roles, Spike comes up with the idea for Twilight and Rarity to swap roles for a week. Twilight would take over the boutique, and Rarity would get the chance to live the life she's always dreamed about.

What could possibly go wrong?

Story adopted from cooopercrisp as of 15/09/2014. First two chapters are his originally.

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Well it's not actually a sequel. Here is a collection of short stories and histories detailing the life of Alternia, a changeling queen impersonating the life of Princess Celestia. These are the stories of the ruler under her mask.

Reading the main story: Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen is a requirement if you don't want to be spoiled or confused. I will try to provide background information when I can.

For readers of the main story, there are basically no spoilers if you've read past chapter 8. Enjoy!

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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia The Changeling Queen: Stories Behind the Mask

At the Royal Wedding, Chrysalis and the Changelings were revealed to all of Equestria.

But another mask was torn away that day. A mask born for a thousand years. A mask created on one promise. A mask, that has become synonymous, fused, to its bearer.

A mask that when ripped off, causes Twilight, her friends and Luna to question everything they ever knew about the one pony, one very important pony.

At the Royal Wedding, the meaning of the phrase 'Princess Celestia' changes forever.

NOTE: Chrysalis is NOT Celestia!!! That'd be impossible to pull off.

Credits to: Plainoasis for the design of the cover art
Note 2: Original cover art here: https://angelea-phoenix.deviantart.com/art/Contest-entry-Changeling-Celestia-337023552

Pre-read/edited by Zervziel,
Courage Fire
Aurora Borealis

Side Stories to this can be found: here.

An audio-reading on youtube up to Chapter 21 is up by StraightToThePoint Studios. I'm aware there are others but this is the nearest complete one: [embed]https://youtu.be/X3eMW673CSY[/embed]

There are also 2 print versions of Princess Celestia:The Changeling Queen. Nonexistent Publications run and Ministry of Image's run.

Contribute to the TV Tropes Page (thanks to Babs_Seed72 for getting it up)

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Remembrancer Lirael and her niece the Princess Ellimere finally have some time to return to the Clayr's glacier to retrieve Lirael's belongings. But what seemed like a side excursion has the two young women travelling across a path never trodden, only trotted. At the end of this path, is Equestria, a paradise that appears not corrupted of free magic and yet free. Will Lirael open herself to friendship and what will Ellimere do if her aunt doesn't want to leave? And when the dead do not rest, will the loud, headstrong princess able to work with her insecure aunt as well as the six bearers, to send them back past the ninth gate?

Note: Garth Nix is too brilliant for me to copy his style. So, I hope you'll accept my imitation as a compromise. Takes place shortly after the events of Creature in the Case.

That excellent Twilight Vector by: fenixthefox93 @ fenixthefox93.deviantart.com
(forgive my horrible coverart, but I am not an artist)

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When the thousand year old remains of an armored pony are found on a field outside of the Everfree Forest, the mane six investigates. What they uncover though, makes them question what they know of the events surrounding Nightmare Moon's rise and fall. More importantly, their discoveries also force them to answer a vital question:

Just what is the importance of remembering the fallen?

Author's Note: Just a short fic for Remembrance Day Week

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In the aftermath of Princess Luna’s transformation into Nightmare Moon, the former capital of Equestria, the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters has been destroyed. The site has now become consumed by the Everfree forest and the ground scarred with bad memories. Thus, Princess Celestia calls for architects across Equestria and gathers a team. Each of these mares and colts have their own ideas and strengths, and each have their own nightmares and flaws. In the wake of the devastating civil war between Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia, this is the tale of how Canterlot, palace, city and home, was built.

Note: Give me as many reviews or pointers as possible. Do point out any grammar mistakes and I will correct them immediately. Also, if you've favourited it already, please like it as well.

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