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James Koach

Hello there, I'm James Koach, a Napoleonic Wars era reenactor, modder and sort of writer.

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2435738 I read it when i have time. Nice profile pic by the way.


The thing is, I didn't really have a continuation in mind when I wrote the story. I did it as a test, mostly to see how far could I get into a story without any in-depth planning, and challenge my own creativity to make things up on the fly. For the most part, all I had in mind was having the German guy get involved in the Royal Wedding, shoot some changelings, and help ponies escape. After that, there was nothing planned. No major plot, no conflict, no ideas.

I'm glad to see my efforts inspired others, thought I'm far from a role model to follow. I have a horrid work ethic when it comes to creative writing.

Also, since I see you have an interest in WW2 Germans, I'd recommend you read Flammenwerfer's 'Parallels'. The cover picture and description may not be the most interesting, sure, but the story is brilliant.

2435722 But it was a unique one, there are only few WW2 stories from the Axis side. I had liked to see how it continued, and how he would explaned to the Twilight's what happened and such. This story was also one of the many who inspired me to became a writer myself and write such stories too.


It wasn't going anywhere, and I completely abandoned the project. I saw no need to keep it on the site, as it was basically a rotten, festering corpse of a story I had no intention of continuing.

Besides, it had some glaring errors when it comes to historical accuracy, and I feel the MC didn't exactly represent what the average Wehrmacht conscript was like.

Hi there. I really enjoyed and liked your WW2 story from a German view. Why did you deleted it, it was interesting to see the war from the Axis side, there are few stories from their view on this side.

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