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The reason I write is because I want to read a story written for myself. One day, I want to read one of my own stories and say to myself "That is the best story I have ever read."


Fame. Esteem. Royalty. All things Rarity dreamed about ever since she was a little filly. But when Twilight was granted the role of princess, Rarity has always wondered what Twilight's life was like.

Twilight had no dreams of becoming a princess, so when the role was thrust upon her, all she wanted was a break, a bit of time to live a normal life.

In the midst of an argument about these roles, Spike comes up with the idea for Twilight and Rarity to swap roles for a week. Twilight would take over the boutique, and Rarity would get the chance to live the life she's always dreamed about.

What could possibly go wrong?

Story adopted from cooopercrisp as of 15/09/2014. First two chapters are his originally.

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This can only end well.

My Little Rarity.

That is all.

This looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

I gotta wonder, though, what did Twilight do with her wings?

I'm glad to see you back in the swing of things again. I like this story so far. Keep on going. Here, have an upvote. (Well, I tried to give you one, but I got an "Incorrect Rating Code" message, whatever that means.)

4740905 Let's hope for that at least...

4741725 Not totally sure what you mean actually.

4741947 I don't really know what she did, to be honest, but it was a difficult spell and it was painful. Now that you've got me thinking about it, I might consider this to come up later in the story. Thank you for that.

4742153 Thanks for the support. Hope you get that upvote in soon! :raritywink:

Hum... interesant.:raritystarry:

You know what would be ironic? If instead of following the standard 'grass is always greener' story-line it turns out that Rarity loves being royalty while Twilight finds out that being normal isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The typical 'appreciate what you have' line doesn't really work with Rarity anyway, her whole character is based around her desire to be a part of high society, to enjoy all the finer things in life. It's pretty much the cornerstone that she's built her entire adult life on, and not even having the wool ripped from her eyes or having her dreams stepped on multiple times has dissuaded her from that goal. Convincing her to give up on her dreams would be like convincing Dash not to be a Wonderbolt, it would alter a fundamental part of her character.

*Forgive me, I tend to take things way too seriously.*

4742153 That happens to me sometimes, just refresh the page and upvote again, that tends to fix it.

Also, in the privacy of my workroom, you could use your magic to assist you in any way you wished


I serve in a judicial role for Ponyville and the surrounding reason, settling land disputes and other trivial quarrels.


*Waits for next chapter* :pinkiehappy:

I wish I could just get my old library back, go back to the way things were.”

Strange, in the show she immediately accepted the castle and wasn't even sad that she doesn't have the library anymore. So she doesn't really want it back

4744376 That is a fantastic idea, except maybe have Twilight enjoy her normal life after getting used to running the boutique. Then, when the week runs out, neither of them want to switch back, and that causes a whole slew of problems.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely keep it in mind.

4746479 Aargh, hate when that happens. Fixed them, thank you.

4747225 That's what you get starting a story months after the season finale and forget those little details. Defeats the whole point of the story if she doesn't wish for a normal life, though, so I'll have to keep it. Thanks for the reminder though.

I enjoy these two greatly, so it should be entertaining to see them switch it up for a week!

As for where it might go, if you're not just looking to do a comedy of errors as they try badly to fit into each other's lives, I think it would be nice to see them take on each other's roles for shallow reasons (Twilight wants a break from the nobility and regular responsibilities and Rarity wants to try out the trappings of fame and power) but be reenergized by the experience to pursuing their own deeper interests (promoting Friendship across Equestria and being an artist and sharing generously.)

So less "the grass is always greener" as they learn the downsides of each other's lives, but more that by clearing away the clutter of their usual daily grinds they can see and remember what they really want to accomplish with their own lives, and return to their respective roles more focused on what is important.

I'm secretly hoping for Rarity to slowly lose her sanity.
"Keep it together Rarity. Keep. It. TOGETHER!"

OHEMGEE it is super awesome

I just hope nothing goes wrong...

oh Twilight why must you tempt fate so much, we all know if you say words like this then stuff are bound to go wrong.:twilightoops:

tempt fate and your going to get burned....Badly

you seam to end every line of dialogged with "X said"
thats a little annoying
there are other ways to let us know how is talking.

other than that nice set up, I especially like how you wright spike

I disagree. Dialogue tags are actually a lot worse than just saying X said if you overuse them too much.

Could more variety be used? Maybe. But what you're suggesting just doesn't sound good.

I await more! :pinkiehappy:

Whilst I was reading this, the very first thought that came to my head was; Sweetie Belle :unsuresweetie:

I want MORE!!!:applecry:
I need MORE!!!:scootangel:
I really like the STORY!!!:unsuresweetie:

4761314 4762608 I've heard both points of view before, and I tend to stick to the minimal dialogue tags, but a little more variety couldn't hurt, either. It's a balancing act.


It is a balancing act, but the problem with it is everyone almost always balances it the wrong way :/ The only reason I replied to that comment is because it was so weird, I'd never heard someone say that before. At least, in my experience, I both see too many dialogue tags, and I also see too many people complaining about the overuse of them. It's just strange to hear the opposite.

4767501 Oh well, not much I can do about that. I'll just have to keep it in mind for the next chapter.

Yep. Don't worry.

It's really not your problem.

Hope won't keep Murphy out of your life Fluttershy.:rainbowlaugh:

“I just hope nothing goes wrong.”

Fluttershy, you idiot! Why'd you have to say that? Everyone knows not to say that. :facehoof:

So now Fluttershy is basically taking on a full time job for a week. That's cool, but I sure hope Twilight or Rarity is paying her. Hopefully Rarity has a normal rate she pays Fluttershy when she needs extra help, and Twilight can just pay her that.

next time I'll delve deeper into the plot

Didn't know it was THAT kind of story. :trollestia:

4770958 Yeah, even last chapter I was kind of wondering about that. They didn't even ask her first! I guess they know she's a doormat. :fluttercry:

4771163 Twilight might have just not thought about it. She IS pretty used to ordering someone around at all times, I bet she accidentally calls Fluttershy "Spike" like 10 times over the next week.

I love that Angel's like "nope, not getting involved, you crazy ponies are on your own".

It's strange that Flutter Shy didn't ask twilight how she got ride of her wings or what twi did to them.

4792130 Fluttershy's probably not thinking of the details, as she's overwhelmed/confused. Plus, she'd probably just go "Twilight is super magical" and move on; 'Shy doesn't get too hung up on technical details of things she doesn't understand.


Hope removing your wings isn't permanent Twilight...


Actually, the only two tags you should ever use in dialogue attribution are said and asked. When writer's use "she grated", for example, it's usually for the same reason any writer does it: because I am afraid the reader won't understand me if I don't.

The emotion should be in the dialogue; thus, it's unnecessary to change the dialogue tags with "she barked", or "she husked", for instance. You don't husk when you speak, and you certainly don't bark when you're angry at someone or something. When you're angry, a grumble builds up in your throat; your fists may clench in frustration, wanting to punch a wall; and your teeth may grind on its own. Show that in the dialogue. Don't just tell us that "she snapped". Show it.

Remember this writers: to use anything else other than said and asked in dialogue attribution is evil. To use said and asked in all dialogue attribution is divine.

Oh, nice story by the way. I'm anxious for more.

Can you say so amazingly hilarious and best Rarity story ever? :pinkiehappy: dude, you did this perfectly. :rainbowkiss:-tealove

6425698 Actually it was someone else's story that I have yet to finish I'm afraid :P

6425950 Do you mean you are not the first author to try this idea and grind to a halt?

6452576 Nope I am not. This is cooopercrisp's story :P

6452687 Ah, I completely forgot that that author gave stories for adoption :)

I love how this story's going so far. I hope you'll start on this soon. A nice slice of life fic would be a welcome change from Kelpies ROFLstomping Ponies and Changelings.

7208281 Well I have to finish that one first don't I? XD

... i completely forgot about this story tbh b/c I actually adopted it from someone and just haven't had the time to do anything about it *facedesk*

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