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Twist has been working for Pinkie Pie for two years now, and the feelings she has for her have only grown stronger over time.

But now that she's decided to tell Pinkie about her feelings, how will Pinkie react? And how will this change their relationship?

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3518641 The first time I did it was Gustave Le Grand and Celestia.

Surprisingly doable, in theory, and surprisingly straight as well.

Still gotta write that one...

This idea is brilliant and needs a group. Although I am not sure it's necessary to limit it to ponies.


I personally managed to roll up Silver Spoon x Ditzy Doo. I just never fleshed it out enough to be able to publish a fic about it. ^_^



Yeah. Though I did write a bit of it. Just not 1000+ words, and that's pretty much rough first draft quality. I still might do something with it one of these days...


Gotta love the crack ships.
I decided to see who I would get, though even if I do ever write anything from it, it won't be for a while.
My second click I got Scootaloo. A dozen clicks later, I finally got another pony, but it's some random background pony named Parasol who I've never even heard of before. So I kept clicking, and a dozen or so clicks later, I finally got a pony again. And it was Parasol again.
I think someone is trying to tell me something.

Then the next click gave me Shining Armor. I have no idea how that could ever work.

3519135 Pfff! Monogamy is dull, ScootaParArmour all the way!:rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, you never know what kind of pairing you'll get, makes it fun and challenging.

I was thinking just ScootArmor would be difficult (I mean, Scootaloo is probably young enough to be his daughter, plus he's already married to the Princess of Love). But if Parasol got thrown in there too...
I'm pretty sure the only way it could happen is if the story was a trollfic or some other sort of weird parody.

...Interesting. Might try this Random Shipping stuff in my free time to practice and stuff. :pinkiehappy:
Also, first paragraph somehow made me think of this:

Too much internet, I guess? :twilightblush:

I got Daisy and Apple Fritter. Probably wouldn't be too hard. I have to say, Apple Fritter is really pretty.

3519181 It'll happen at an unspecified time.

3519260 It would have to be pretty convoluted, of course, if all else fails: Time Travel!

I'm not sure how, but it would help!:derpytongue2:

3519537 My work here is done then.

My first try gave me Queen Chrysalis and Vinyl, I thought about it but I couldn't even think of a way for them to meet, so I tried again.

My second try legit gave me Rarity and Sweetie Belle, uh... no thanks. I'm not a big fan of incest. :pinkiesick:

My third try gave me Diamond Tiara, and after seventeen pages that were either toys or episodes, I ended up with Filthy Rich. That's even more horrible than the last incest shipping! :raritydespair:

Then I got Scootaloo and Tirek, well, at least it's not incest! :twilightsheepish:

On my fifth and final try, I got Rainbow Dash, which gave me the false sense of security that the next pony would be totally fine but no, I got Fucking Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake! So, this random game wants me to ship Rainbow Dash with babies? And that's when I ragequitted and decided to use logic and common sense rather than luck to write my shipping fanfics.

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