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Rainbow Dash is heading to Wonderbolts Academy. But before she does, Pinkie Pie needs to give her the best gift ever. Something that captures their friendship. But what?

Pinkie Pie has an idea.

Written for the EqD Friend-Off. Pre-read by Zodiacspear. Marked AU just to be on the safe side.

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Impressive. I liked the stylistic choice of using first person; very few dabble with it because it is hard to get right. In this case, I feel as if you could have done more to characterize Pinkie, though to be quite honest, I don't know HOW to do that. :rainbowlaugh: Of all the characters, Pinkie is the most elusive to me; I simply don't get how to write her. And believe me, I've tried!

But in the end, this was short and sweet. It did what it needed to do, and I'm left with a smile on my face.

The wishy-washiness on Pinkie's characterization was mostly due to being unsure of where to place this on the timeline. I suppose it's more of an AU version of the start of Wonderbolts Academy than anything, but I'm always hesitant to roll back canon and rewrite how things happened, so it doesn't fit very cleanly into that placement.

As lazy as it sounds, I do also have to blame the time crunch. I didn't hear about the Friend-Off until yesterday, and the deadline was today. (No time was specified, so I don't know if any time is left.) If I think of a way to clean up any rough edges caused by hurrying, I probably will. I think the cover art deserves the best I can give it, especially given the spirit of the Friend-Off.

Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it!

Very nice and very Pinkie in the best possible way. :D You really got her voice down pat.

Well, I certainly tried. I don't know why, but Pinkie's voice just kind of comes naturally to me. I'm not like her at all, really, but writing for her is almost effortless. She's the closest I've ever gotten to agreeing with those authors that say their characters kind of write the story for them. That's almost how it feels sometimes.

But hey, if there's one character who could literally do that, it'd be Pinkie.

I haven't read this yet (I certainly will once I have a few more minutes of time) but I can't help but be somewhat saddened that this story isn't exactly one thousand words.

Well, I'm not that precise about things. I also didn't want to risk making the story too short. It was a small idea anyway, but cutting half the wordcount might have made it lose the impact or made it feel too rushed. (Well, worse than it might already feel to some.)

That was cute.

No..Im sweating from my eyes!

That summer heat really gets to you. If it wasn't for the air conditioning in my house, I'd probably be sweating from my eyes, too!

Definitely has nothing to do with the story. :ajsmug:


I can't take it anymore! YES, I loved that story! Pinkie you sick twist!

Wow, the heat is unbearable. I'm sweating from my eyes as well:fluttercry:

Man, lots of sweaty eyes on this page. Someone had better turn down the heat, I think. :raritywink:

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