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Sunset has never flown out of her city before. So when Twilight decides to bring her to France for their honeymoon, she readily agreed. After all, France can't be too different from all the beret wearing people she's seen in her sitcoms... right?

Sequel to this fic! (Reading that fic is not necessary in enjoying this story)

Birthday present for the mod of Sciset daily. You can check out the awesome Sciset daily blog here! (She was also the one that did the cover art!)

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Wonder if SciSet can fulfill a goal in France?

Hah! A nice mixture of pony-out-of-water comedy and pure Sunlight sweetness. Very nice.

SciSet is best ship :3

More please

I'm french and I'm offended! X'D

A goal?

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

You got it! ;) More on the way!

Je suis desole!
Je suis désolé
Je suis désolé

I'd love to see them travel to them countries, maybe even the other mane 5 could come too

Making love at the top of the Eiffel Tower?

There's an idea! Though I can't really imagine them in other funny situations without it getting boring.

Heh, well, I don't write Mature stuff. So I'm afraid not.

Dude, no offense or anything, but your cover art is really creepy looking

That ending was really cute :twilightsmile:

“Bond jar Twilight!”

I lost it at this part! :rainbowlaugh:

Another great story for the blog! Very sweet. :)

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