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I ship it like FedEx.


Rainbow Dash has no idea what Rarity's problem is. Dash isn't messy. She just isn't super-neat like her prissy unicorn girlfriend. Rarity's the one with the problem here, clearly.

Cover art by IEatedAUnicorn

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Just based on the premise alone, it seems like it'll be very similar to "Spring is Dumb". I'll still read it, just pointing that out.

Well, the style was inspired by it, yes. People who liked that story will probably like mine, and vice versa.

6571134 You got that exactly right, at least for me.
I was just about to make another comment that said that while it DOES have similar beats to Spring is Dumb, it is structured just differently enough to make it it's own thing, and it is still a sweet story overall.

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

6571222 You're welcome

For a minute there, I assumed that Dash's belongings had suffered the same fate as the soda can: falling through the cloud floor.

This was a charming read. Thanks for writing! :raritywink:

No, thank you for reading! :raritywink:

I loving this, but Dashie needs to stop using the same flower and treats makeup strategy every time she screws up. xD

It's a sweet story. It's adorable to see how close this read to the Spring is Dumb fic. This could make for nice prequel or sequel. No idea. Thanks for adding more to the RariDash pool of Best OTP. :rainbowdetermined2::raritywink:

Well, Spring Is Dumb was the inspiration for the writing style. I accidentally ripped off the flowers and candy thing, but that's mostly because that's a cliche that existed anyway.

I'm glad I added RariDash to my checklist, though. Dash was a fun PoV character to write for. And it's definitely a ship in need of more fics.

6571788 Indeed! We are sorely short on RariDashie goodness. Every bit counts!

enjoy your 50th upvote from me :D

Spring is dumb... :twilightoops: Is every Raridash fic gonna be copy of that from now on?

Ugh... :facehoof:

I've yet to see any solid romance with RariDash. This was cute, sure but everything I can seem to find is either just a little cute or about them being fuckbuddies. I'd be interested to see how an author would go about creating a relationship between them.

“Says the one who was worried that she was too much of a pain.” Rarity booped Dash’s snout.”

Unneeded quotation mark at the end.

So I don't like RariDash, but I liked this one - probably because it was a short, adorable on-shot. So, for once, I'm giving a RariDash story a like and a favourite.

I thought I got all the typos! D: I mean, I don't know what you're talking about. There is no such mistake in the story! now

Thanks for the catch, and thanks for reading!

6579906 No problem! If I was a pony, my special talent would probably be editing stories. Almost nothing can escape my eyes.

That was actually a good story. :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Pretty good story man! :pinkiesmile: Also, I LOVE that cover art. :heart: :pinkiehappy: PS Rainbow Dash is best pony

Different enough to Spring is Dumb for me not too mind.

This was very cute. RariDash is always fun, and you've captured the sort of adorable, bickering dynamic that can make them such a quirky and sweet pairing.

Thanks! I think I'll write something else for this pairing, though. I wrote this one more as an exercise in writing Rainbow Dash than as actual RariDash, and I'd like to write a story that's more centered on their dynamic than on one or the other. Same deal with Icky-Sicky Pinkie Pie.


Sounds good! I'd love to see your take on them explored more thoroughly.

Shut up and take my upvote! #100 :twilightsmile: And RD? You dog... bravo. :moustache:



*clears throat*

DAAAAAAWWWWWW . . . . . .:heart:

I just woke up and this is the first comment I see. After seeing your thumbnail pic I am now wide awake and am probably going to have nightmares. Lol

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