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I dunno if I can be your favorite, but if you like my writing, that's pretty good in my book.


School is out in Ponyville. Dinky just wants to find her mom and spend time with her, but she's not at work. Her boss says she was 'fired'. Not understanding what that means, Dinky embarks on a frantic search for her mother.

She just wants everything to be okay.

Preread by my friend andygrey
Cover art by Agamnentzar. Used with permission.

Now a part of Twilight's Library!
Also featured on Canterlot's Finest!

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Comments ( 38 )

I read this while listening to Coldplay's "Fix You" So worth it.

I got the idea for this story while listening to Fix You. As I developed the idea, it started to relate less and less to the song, but the title still felt right. I genuinely couldn't think of a better title, although I'm sure one would hit me if I thought long enough.

That last scene was written while I had the song on loop.

Thank you! (I'm assuming you're referring to the story.)

3423423 I'm referring to everything. O_O

Oh, okay. Well, thanks then.

Cute story, love the childish point of view of it.

Thanks! I really enjoyed writing this story, so perhaps I'll do another childish PoV story.

This is too cute.... 1 like and fav for this.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :pinkiehappy:

Aw man... I feel sorry for Derpy. :fluttercry:

I'm not sure how to react to people telling me this made them sad. It's a sad story, to be sure, but I tried to sprinkle in some hope in there as well. I think Derpy and Dinky have the strength and the optimism to push through some really tough times.


Well it's labeled sad and it seems like she can't get a break. I mean feels more hopeful than some sad that I have read, but it's unfair that she gets fired so often. Maybe she needs to go into business herself, or go be a muffin taste tester.

"Derpy Becomes a Muffin Taste Tester". I like it!

Someone needs to make that a thing. As someone who almost never eats muffins, I think I am undereducated in muffin critiquing. There's probably a perfect consistency, ideal distribution, and other criteria I wouldn't know about.

I liked the child like naivety, and the references were nice and added to the story but a few were a little out of place/style. The end was rushed in my opinion and it hit a lot harder than I thought it would. It could have used a little more development to ease that, but I understand how that goes.

That said, it was a cute and full of daaww read and I liked it.

I had a lot of fun with this one. I think it's probably my best writing yet, although it could definitely improve. I'll pick that up with time, though.

Now, I did agree to leave my thoughts about one of your stories, so I'll try to do that sometime next week. I still have a few more assignments that need completing, but after I get this big income tax project done, I'll have the time.

This was a nice, and very well written story...except the ending. That seemed rushed to get to the daww moment of "I'll fix you" and probably a few more paragraphs before this between Dinky and :derpyderp2: would make it read easier. But it's still very sweet

It's a valid point. I'll agree that it could have been better written, but I'd prefer not to revise my stories after publishing. That tends to end in an endless cycle of editing, which takes up time to write. However, I will keep that in mind for the next cute story I write.

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you mostly enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Lights will guide you home.
And ignite your bones.
And I will try to fix you.

I see I'm not the only one who gets ideas from Coldplay songs :rainbowkiss:
I'm going to be coming up with a new story inspired by Another's Arms from their new album.
I'm going to have a look at this story of yours :scootangel:

Yeah, I used to listen to that song all the time. The story isn't a rip-off of the song or anything, but I thought this up while listening to it.

4328588 I'm not worrying about that at all. It's good to have inspiration from a great band. And song titles aren't copyrighted, so you are allowed to use them. I have two stories called Violet Hill and Til Kingdom Come, named after Coldplay songs. In fact, my ideas for both were inspired by the songs :pinkiehappy:

'Twas a cute story. Luna approves of the 'Daww factor.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

I like your style.

Pfff I didn't even cry.
Oh, that there? That's – that's liquid pride.:applecry:

The was really cute, sad but heartwarming. Well done. :derpyderp2:

I can only apologize for not coming across this sooner, but this was beautifully done.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of a child's innocence in order to put some things into perspective...

Anyway, thanks for writing! :twilightsmile:

Aww... This made my eyeballs feel all tingly. It's so heartwarming!

The D'awwwww Meter is OVER 9000!

Wonderful story, btw.

“Awesome!” she said, grinning even more widely than me. She pulled out a cupcake. “Here, have this to celebrate your super-duper funtacular day!”

I tilted my head. “Where did you get that from?”

"Why, I had Rainbow Dash help me, of course!" :pinkiecrazy:

Of course! Why do you think she's completely absent from this story? :raritywink:

That's not actually the reason, but it is funny, now that I think about it.

4884613 :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: Glad ya think its funny!

Poor Derpy and Dinky :( but this was adorable.

Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

UGH!! I'm such a sucker for Dinky and Derpy stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this go on my fav box Will be full of them!:derpytongue2: Your writting was awsome and this story.......Like I said, I'm a sucker for this kind of stories.....I can't write this good...Oh yea and: Diamond Tiara told me a story once about Miss Pinkie’s cupcakes.....DT can brake the 4th wall or travell to diffrent dimension...HEADCANON ACCEPTED!

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