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Father of twin 4yo boys, partner of Arcelia, and so glad to be back.


Life stuff, future plans, and... a new group? · 10:35am February 22nd

Hi, y'all. Been a while.

I've got a lot to say below, like we're talking a lot of words, so I'll understand if you want to skip it. For those of you who for some reason still value the words of this retired Aussie writer from ages past though, I'll be dropping a fair bit of content below. This is going all stream-of-consciousness, mind, so I might ramble for a bit. Heck, I'm rambling now.

Let's get into it!

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You know you've made it when · 12:40am Jul 21st, 2018

The ponyfic equivalent of the Hall of Fame comes knocking on your door.

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Did I miss something? · 10:03am Jul 6th, 2018

Since when has Twilight's Library been active again???????????? (Continued)

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So like some things happened and yeah · 10:20am Dec 7th, 2017

>1027 feed
>22 notifications (only 1 visible though)
>no new messages
>no new comments on any blogs or stories
>no new followers
I guess that's what happens when you haven't been creative for a couple of years D:

Ohaithere. I missed quite a lot of you, actually.
Dustin, I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I actually meant to contribute something to your overall party and gift pool (Penguin can confirm) but I'm glad you enjoyed your 25th regardless.

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A brief hiatus. · 2:29am Oct 6th, 2017

Following Ausbrony's example, I'm going away for an undetermined amount of months until Arcelia and I can sit and watch this movie together in the same bedroom for the first time as a couple.

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Winter in Australia is terrible, you guise! · 5:26am Aug 14th, 2017

Just look at that horrible sunshine and forget-me-not blue sky!

Not to mention the abhorrent photobomber right there in the middle. Ew, gross.


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It took a few years, but it finally happened · 5:29am Aug 1st, 2017

Show of hands if you either know well or at least recognise the name Ausbrony?

Okay, there's a few of you. Neat. You guys will know that neither of us make any secret of our love for Ponies and Pokémon. Some of you may even be fans of his work, which I've helped with on occasion. So, naturally, this had to happen sooner or later.

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Delirium · 1:36pm Jul 27th, 2017

I’d open this by saying it’s been far too long since I spoke to you all… actually, yes, I will, because it has. Because there definitely was never a blog about a random twit insulting my family or anything of that nature. No, siree.

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When you stumble upon an abandoned treasure, lost to the aether · 9:02am Jan 12th, 2017

Cerulean "Adrenaline" Voice - Today at 6:51 PM
>Goes through old followers list
>sees multiple people inactive for over a year, sometimes three
>finds flutter bloom
>remembers something...
>she wrote dead hearts
>I edited that and was loving it
>offline 119 weeks

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A better way to do things · 6:59am Sep 11th, 2016

"Oh look, another blog from Cerulean Voice barely a month after saying he was leaving! Better call him out on being a phony!"

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