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You know you've made it when · 12:40am Jul 21st, 2018

The ponyfic equivalent of the Hall of Fame comes knocking on your door.

I never expected this would happen; it was only ever a pipe dream at most. Over the years I've seen so many friends and other people I respect, one by one, added to the hallowed halls of the RCL for legitimately great stories, some they considered their best, others that were just a random idea they knocked out in a few hours. I was always happy for them. I never thought my own writing would be considered among a similar calibre of quality.

Except, maybe, this story. Just maybe. There was, however, one problem with that line of thought: Chris and Present Perfect, curators of the RCL, helped me with the story, which effectively made it ineligible for consideration. So I left it in the far reaches of the back of my mind, and focused on other more life related things.

But then Chris resigned, having contributed top-quality writings and blogs to this niche of the fandom for seven years.

And then, the letter arrived, about which I quizzed Present Perfect, who informed me that he willingly recused himself from any decision-making and left it completely in the hands of the other curators.

So. Here I am today, finding myself living in a world where my best story is considered among the best of many others under a single banner. Wild.

I want to personally thank everyone who was involved with the story, those who read it way back when, those who've done reviews since it came out, and to all my new readers who came because of the RCL interview. You all made this overworked dude very happy over the years.

Finally, in celebration of this momentous occasion, I'm going to share a sneak peek of something I commissioned back in 2016. Given the nature of the project and the time constraints of the artist, it is still under construction... but it's mostly done, so here you go.

Report Cerulean Voice · 427 views · Story: Essenza di Amore ·
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Comments ( 18 )

Except you quit writing fanfic. So does this mean that, like so many authors, you only achieved your fame after your death?

In the writing sense, I'm dead.
I'm still physically alive though.
Hmmm. So maybe I'm an undead? :pinkiegasp:

Oh my goodness, there's clearly a comic I have to read now!

Jeez. It's hard to believe it's been four years since I helped pick apart read the first draft of that story. Even harder to believe it took this long for it to collect this particular accolade. Congratulations, bro!

Posts like this make me really happy :pinkiehappy:

You most certainly earned it. :twilightsmile:

Glad to see your story made it, CV. It certainly deserved it.

Hope all is well with ya outside of fan fiction!

‘Bout time :ajsmug:


Woot woot! Congratulations!

Congratulations. Not gonna lie. I'm a bit jealous. Still, good on you!

I know the feeling. I've been jealous of a great many people for years now. Feels good to join them. Thank you!
w00t w00t
Everything is indeed well, my friend. It never slows down but it's never unpleasant. Thank you!

Wow, what a nerd :trollestia:

About time this story got in there. Grats, man!

well done !

Well, always nice to read positive stuff from you. Especially stuff like this. Keep it up!

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