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Cerulean Voice

Father of twin 5yo boys, partner of Arcelia, and so glad to be back.

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    Well that was a bust

    One person showed up to watch me play and complete The Last of Us in one sitting, in all the 13 hours and 40 mins it took me on Hard mode.

    I'd like to thank Flashgen, The Albinocorn, and PaulAsaran for attempting to signal boost me, and Albinocorn again for actually being that one who showed up :rainbowlaugh:

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    The beginning of the end of the beginning of the end

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    Essenza di Amore 5 year anniversary, Happy 2020, and I can't believe I just typed either of those

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    You know you've made it when

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A better way to do things · 6:59am Sep 11th, 2016

"Oh look, another blog from Cerulean Voice barely a month after saying he was leaving! Better call him out on being a phony!"

I guess I wouldn't blame anyone for taking that stance; you're free to do so. But to be honest, I feel like the way I composed my final farewell in my last blog comes across as pretty rushed. I mean, I didn't even thank anyone for all the amazing things they've done for me over the years, and the way I left it—not replying to people, for example—feels cold to me. Here are all these awesome people saying nice things to me and I'm leaving them hanging? Nah. That just doesn't fly.

To clarify: I'm not returning in any major or minor way. I just don't feel like I'm ready to lose touch with all of you wonderful people. So if you ever want to talk to me, just to say hi, or thanks, or beg me to return (although fruitless, I'd still appreciate the sentiment), or whatever really, just post what you want here. Consider it a permanent ongoing AMA blog if you will, one I'll actually respond to when I get the time.

So... how is everyone?

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Comments ( 30 )

Going insane because my Filly Fantasy VI Rom is sapient. Try to run it on Desktop, it crashes. Move it to a folder, run it, runs fine. Move it back to Desktop, crashes. Move it to a new folder I just made, runs fine. And earlier when it worked on Desktop, any changes I made in the rom editing programs didn't show up in-game, but moving the Rom to a folder and playing it from there, they did.

:pinkiecrazy: :flutterrage: :pinkiecrazy: :flutterrage: :pinkiecrazy: :flutterrage:

So, welcome back! :pinkiehappy:

Good. I'm finally making progress on that prequel. :pinkiecrazy: Been playing some old Valve games while I've been at it, and I've started helping another fimfic user with his fic so that's fun! :pinkiehappy:

I'm hoping things are doing good with you, I hope the boys are happy and healthy, and your life is treating you well. :twilightsmile:


So, did it work? :trollestia:

Sounds hectic. It'll be worth it though, the feeling of completion. I'll definitely give your FFVI a run when it's done.
Speaking of fan games though, have you tried Pokémon Uranium? That's my thing atm; I almost have a complete Pokédex (barring trade evolutions).

And I never really left left, just stop producing content. I caught up on 3 weeks worth of news feed last night, now that I've actually gotten myself up to date with things and spoilers are again a thing of the past. I realised last night that it was the first time I had marathoned more than 2 episodes in a row that I hadn't already seen in over three years, so it was awesome to recapture that feeling of PONIES:yay:PONIES:yay:PONIES:yay:

Things are going fairly well. I finally know what's wrong with my youngest: he has Global Development Delay, which basically hinders his development across the board. He's like a 1yo in a 2yo's body. It's not Autism or Asperger's Syndrome, thankfully, although GDD shares many of their symptoms. At least now I know and I can work to overcome it with him for the future.

Sorry I fell silent on you. It wasn't anything personal; I just wasn't feeling, uh, motivated enough to respond to anyone for a while. I'd like to read the prequel when it's done. Take your time though.

Haaaaaaaaay! :eeyup:
Oi m8, jump on Skype and explain this Discord thing to me. No not him, the other Discord.

Whoa, buddy. I ain't about that Misery life. :pinkiecrazy:
Hiya though!


Anyway, I never got to comment on the other post because I was asleep I suck and so Imma say some stuff.
> Good luck with them kiddies.
> Don't be a stranger, even though you say that blogging might not be regular, it'd be pretty neat to have one every once and a while when you get the off chance. Just saying stuff bout the kids, or anything really.

But, yeah, other than that I'm pretty much done.
Oh, and I also just found the aforementioned supplies. :raritywink:

4204508 Hooray, you can catch up on my Yugioh fic! :raritywink:

Well parodying your story may take some time because of exams. But anywhere nice to see you back. How's the kids?

Ahh, the usual. I try to enlight and delight people with pony words and get bitching and whining in response. Still, fuck 'em, Imma write anyway.

On a positive note.

Sun and Moon Hype Train is real yo. November 18 cannot get here quick enough.

4204508 I'm looking forward to your readership when it is finished. Hoping everything works out for your boys. :derpytongue2:

Well right now they're being little shits and not staying in bed when they're told, so they're getting a matching pair of red buttcheeks. But otherwise, they're fine! :rainbowlaugh:

The hype train has never been more real for Pokémon in all my life. Well, except for maybe the announcement of Gold and Silver.
I'm so keen you have every no idea. :raritystarry:

Just so you know, I lost all respect for you when you left.

Didn't you make mention that you'd pop in every so often?

If not, no one said you couldn't.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Good idea. Semi-retirement is much better than retirement. Kind of like John Joseco coming back yesterday, just long enough to draw this:


Author Interviewer

I'm dying of laughter because goddammit, Aragon

I know, but I think it's better to leave this blog up here where people can feel free to drop in and hit me up. I was just trying so hard to not be that guy who says "I'm leaving the fandom!" and then comes back like everyone predicts. I wanted the word "Farewell." at the end of my last blog to actually mean something... but I'm not ready to let you guys go in the replying-to-comments or commenting-on-stories sense.

I think you're right. And that pic is :heart: Thank you.

A'it, what's our crazy Spaniard done now? :pinkiegasp:


Ahhhh, but notice this:

You only said "retirement" not "farewell".

Two different things, really. Or they could if you so choose.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Author Interviewer

Check out his latest journal.

Hello, best wishes, don't be stranger, blah blah, etc.

Appreciate it, cheers, mate, yada yada :raritywink:

Um...I'm sorry if this sounds like a broken record. But when you get a minute...can you please get back on skype? It's been a long time and I don't like losing touch of old friends. I leave you messages but...yeah....

A lot has happened since you've been gone. It would be nice to catch up. :pinkiesad2:

~ Laura

To clarify: I'm not returning in any major or minor way. I just don't feel like I'm ready to lose touch with all of you wonderful people.

Not that I assumed you ever considered me as among "all of you wonderful people," but to be blunt, I never followed you, read any of your stories or any of your non-Seattle's Angels reviews, or any of the stories you edited for. In fact, I never even knew who you were until Moose Mage's work, and even then we barely spoke to each other. So in my case, that retirement post was a final goodbye from you.

Still, my sentiment in the comments of that blog post were genuine. Good luck, man.

what will happen to Burning Day Reckoning?

Will Comet Burst finish it?

That's certainly the intention.
Maybe you should go bug him to do it :raritywink:
I should too.


Alright, but I'll tell him it was your idea:scootangel:

What'll happen to The Ultimate Rebellion because of this?
Is it outright cancelled, or are you handing (hoofing?) it off to someone else?
Because right now it's status is still "On Hiatus" instead of "Cancelled".

If you and Comet Burst will allow it, would you mind if I take your place and help him finish "Burning Day Reckoning"?

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