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Father of twin 5yo boys, partner of Arcelia, and so glad to be back.

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USA! Bronycon! Fans and friends! Early retirement... wait, what? · 4:49pm Aug 5th, 2016

Yep, you read that right.

1) USA Trip (finally, the dream is real)!

2) Bronycon: everything I dreamed... ish?

3) The rather terrible and incredibly depressing but necessary end.

This will probably be my last blog. Let's go out on a high, then.


YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY! :yay: After almost five years of being in the fandom, I finally managed to get to the USA to meet a whole bunch of you!

Let's start with... Hawaii!

First of all, I didn't really do as much sightseeing as you might think on this journey. Like, much at all; let's just get that out of the way. But with Hawaii being a stopover to my first true destination, I figured I may as well drop in on someone I'd wanted to meet for quite a while. None other than the most famous Hawaiian brony in the world... that's admittedly not difficult... it's mah boi Regidar!

I didn't grab any snaps of the dude, but suffice to say he's even more dashing than I anticipated. Gorgeous blonde hair, and about a foot taller than I reckoned on. Yeesh.

Here's a snap of a bunch of turtles (luckily not the snapping kind)!

This was actually seriously cool.

I stayed there for a couple of days with Regi and his family, who are nice enough people I guess? Despite not doing a whole lot other than visiting the beach and eating a mean burrito from this hella chill vegetarian restaurant, I managed to just do what I wanted: relax. Cheers for the hospitality, bruh; I'll hit you up if I ever go back again.

Next up: Oregon! ...Or was it Washington? Or Canada?
Lol jks it was off Vancouver, WA to visit a dear friend, one I've amused and supported often in times of both joy and anguish.
Yaaaaaay, finally meeting Foals Errand and her husband (I forgot what his username here is, but he has one—just ask Foals). Oh, it was so nice to relax and just... well, chill with two of the most pleasant people I know. It wasn't all relaxing though—although I did manage to beat The Stick of Truth and almost clean up Far Cry Primal—as we got up to some sight-seeing!

First, we went for a daaaaaay trip down the Coastal Highway. Our first port of call though...

The town of Seaside, Oregon!

The end of the Lewis and Clark trail. There's a statue on the beach to commemorate it and everything.

Don't mind the hairy dude there, he just wishes he could be as cool as the chick next to him.

Down the windy southbound road, stopping at a few choice locales, including this spot about 30...ish(?) miles south of Seaside...

I mean, much of the highway is littered with views like this. Although littered might not be the best word... whatever.

A couple more days rest and then BOOM!

A giant slug!

Uhhh, I mean,


Seriously though, we saw Mount St. Helens.

Damn. Just 36 short years ago, that thing decided it wanted to renovate the neighbouring... 300 square miles of land?

Doesn't look it from here, but that's an awfully long way down...

First time seeing a chipmunk. Sweet.

Washington, everywhere we went, and my hosts were all really cool, but alas! I had to be moving on. Next stop: Houston!

(insert shitty photo of admittedly cool city as it zips past my window)

Just a short stay this time. Few days. Nothing special.
I lie—it was very special, because I got to meet the author and reviewer whom I have the most respect for out of everyone here.
Srsly tho, if you're not following freaking PaulAsaran, the hell is wrong with you? Whether it's his stories, reviews, or all-round punctual and self-disciplined approach to everything he does, the guy just does it all (well, mostly) right.

Oddly enough, we didn't spend that much time in Houston, for we went juuuust over the Texan border to Vinton, LA, to stay at his parents' pad. Wow, I was not prepared for the Southern humidity after the rainy and temperate climate of the North-West.

Also, we ate out a whole lot and they have a sweet house


also nice car, Paul

and it was just a super pleasant experience all round. I wish I could have stayed longer tbh. The honey straight from their own hives is goddamn tasty too. Y'all are missing out.

Three dicked-around flights later and I arrived at my newest destination, all of 700 miles to the North: Bentonville, AR. Now what would a guy like me go to the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere for?

For this guy. So he'd better appreciate the heck out of it (jks I know he did).

Yeesh, what is it with people being so much taller than I imagine? Am I really that—don't finish that.

FamousLastWords. Top bloke. Pity he couldn't get the time off work, but we did manage to spend at least one day out of seven being super pals. Went to a sick second-hand place where I picked up a Symphony X album I was missing and... drum roll for the dumbest, silliest pseudo-anime out there...

You'll never see another show like Panty and Stocking in this life or the next. Watch it in the original Japanese for more laughs or choose the surprisingly good English dub.

That week passed unrealistically fast, I swear. Welp, onto the next phase. Slightly smoother flying conditions had me arriving in Tallahassee, FL, to see yet another pal from my earliest fimfic days. Novus Draconis is a big, chunky teddy bear who could probably stand next to DustyKatt and look equally intimidating (seriously, he could rock that handlebar moustache). I gotta hand it to him for how patient he is, having to live with a strange housemate and the most eccentric and crazy old lady I've ever met.

Really nice dude though. We mostly just played games together (I got him hooked on Subnautica after buying it for him; he also introduced me to Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder!), but we did check out the nearby town as well. Not as many pics as I'd've liked, but here's something.

So apparently there was this battle about 200 years ago where the townspeople leveled up in badassery big time. Noice.

Also... yes, this is a product of my Australian-ness, but I had never seen guns sold at a grocery store of all places... so I snapped these too.

This might not be a big deal for most of you, but holy hell did it scare me seeing how easy it really is to purchase a weapon in your country...

Up to Maine, then. This one was a little more personal, and features a visit to the one person on my list who isn't an actual author. Nope, she's a whole different breed altogether—an artist! Hooray! I finally met the woman responsible for some of my cover arts, Ayemel. She's been sadly absent for a while, but that's because her job is pretty demanding and she words during the stupid hours. Things we did in Maine... uh... OH YEAH THIS IS SICK. So like, there's totally a train line that goes to the highest point on the East Coast and is actually the nation's highest railway and wow the view is wow and

Also, because I'm a cheeky bastard,

Stiggerzz and Numbers will appreciate this

Also, Pokémon Go! launched the night before I left so we were out playing that for a few hours. So glad I managed to snag a Tauros while I was there because apparently it's a North American exclusive and I can rub it in peoples' faces back home :trollestia:

Well then, off to Baltimore, and not a day too soon, because next up...

2) BRONYCON! :yay:

I have to give a massive shout-out to Lazyreader19 here. Dude put me up in his house (yes, his house that he owns [!] ) for the low low cost of absolutely nothing and was just the best host. Great guy; he's worked hard to achieve what he has and deserves all of it and more. :heart:


Lookit'smyfavMPLOCyay! (hey, I'm allowed an opinion, right? I did write about her after all.

Left to right: Syeekoh, Deluxe, Dragon, Dancer, Core

Looking sharp there, Miss Pommel

Honestly I should have taken a whole bunch more photos, but I only had my shitty HTC ONE camera that for some shitty reason adds this shitty red tinge to all of my photos and I didn't want them to look shitty so there.

Onto my swag, I guess? Ignore the shitty red tinge of course—the lighting was very poor in my hotel room on the return Hawaiian stopover visit.

I brought Fluttershy with me from home, but I rounded out my 4DE pony set with Trixie and that Fluffle Puff is just so flooffy and totes adorbz guise

bead pony salespeople were very happy with me on Sunday afternoon

Bronycon was one of the best experiences I've ever had. It was incredible to see so many people I admire and respect in the flesh, and it was even more incredible to be literally fangirled over and asked to sign a diary page :heart:

I wish I could think of longer and better and more plentiful words to describe my adventure but honestly I left it too long to write this blog and I've forgotten a lot. So I'll just try to list as many people as I can remember seeing/talking to and say it was wonderful to meet you all.

This might help

(insert giant heave sounds here)

Not_A_Hat, Applejinx, Themaskedferret, Skywriter, JMac, Shalrath, RobCakeRan53, Admiral Biscuit, Titanium Dragon, Bookplayer, AlaraJRogers, Corejo, MidnightDancer, Wanderer D, Syeekoh, DeluxeMagnum69, FoughtDragon01, Archonix, Pav Feira, Ice Star, Capn_Chryssalid, Aquaman, Horizon, Bad Horse, GaryOak, Sunchaser, Skeeter The Lurker, RazedRainbow, Burraku_Pansa, Pascoite, Dubs Rewatcher, Oroboro, SoloBrony, Soge, Somber, Pen Stroke, DemonBrightSpirit, GaPJaxie, CyborgSamurai, OldenBrony, and anyone else I may have forgotten I am so sorry.

Also, that ginger lady in the centre is Gillian Berrow. Getting to see her again was great, however fleeting, and to have her remember me from last year's Ponycon AU where we were panelists together made me feel all warm inside.

I honestly didn't want to return home. But I did, because I have responsibilities. And it's these responsibilities that have driven me to make this reluctant decision.

3) The rather terrible and incredibly depressing but necessary end.

That's it. I can't kid myself anymore. I haven't been able to concentrate on anything reading, reviewing, or writing-related for many months now. And with my children always getting older, steadily becoming larger handfuls to manage, I have to make like Jim Carrey and bite the bullet. I can't continue with this site on a writing or reviewing basis.

Trust me, it's one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. My time with you all has been absolutely wonderful. I've made so many friends (and now I've even met quite a lot of you). I've never felt closer to any group of people or any fandom in my entire life. But with my concentration and drive to create at an all time low, and considering how hard I fought just to be able to even be a father, I have to put the pen aside.

I never wanted this. But that's life, I'm afraid.

Effective immediately, I am ceasing any notion that I might complete my outstanding incomplete stories. I am also resigning from The Royal Guard and Seattle's Angels as prereader and reviewer, respectively. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of both groups... come to think of it, I might just be the only person on the entire site who is (or was).

The most annoying thing is that the stories are already written... in my head. Rebellion, Reckoning, Dear Princess..., Animal Instincts, Candy and Shorty... They're done. At least to me. Sorry the rest of you won't see what I came up with. Truly, I am. I have published what fragments of next chapters existed for the applicable stories, so that's something I guess?

Also, before anyone asks, I wouldn't dream of letting anyone else take them over either. They're my stories, incomplete though they shall remain, and I want to know that.

With one exception. Depending on their schedule, their diligence, and above all else, their enthusiasm... I may yet pass Rebellion's torch to one other writer. Just one. But that's up to them, and I understand completely if this is just not possible. I wouldn't trust anyone else with it.

Well, I'll not take any more of your time. I'll do my best to finish my unread chapters of favourited stories, but then it's all over.

I still love this fandom, this community, and of course I'm up to date with the show. It's great, you're great, and you'll always be responsible for my fondest memories.


Wow... what a time to hit 600 followers. Uh... oops? :rainbowlaugh:

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Comments ( 65 )

Farewell, sir. It has been a true pleasure.

Later man. It was good to see you at Bronycon, and I wish you the best of luck in your life ahead.

I hope you find the urge and time to write again someday, even if it's not pony. The desire to create is a strong one and sometimes never truely goes away.


At least tell me you'll keep in touch with us all.

I beg you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

4133308 Yes, please do keep in touch! CV, can you PM me with an email address? I've a few things I wish to say. (all good)

:rainbowdetermined2: You too, dude. You nurture that talent!

We'll see. It would be a shame to see everything I've learned go to waste.

Bloody oath I will! :heart:


A relief to hear!

Keep hold of my Skype. You ever want to chat, just poke me.

~Skeeter The Lurker

It's been real. Keep on buggering on. :derpytongue2:


I can only wish you best of luck and happiness for whatever waits for you.:heart:

Bugger it, pouring myself a Kraken right now.

4133324 Also a good plan.

You don't have to truly leave the site though. Even if you're done writing and such, and won't be on as often, a lot of people here would really miss you.

I won't try to influence you further though, it's your choice and I'll respect it. No matter what you choose, have a wonderful life.:heart:

I mean, I'll most likely check back on things every now and then. I just won't be a content producer anymore, that's all.

Another brave soul lost to reality. We lose more writers that way.

Well, CV, it's been so great working with you. You've had your fingers across three of my stories and helped shape me into the writer I am today. I'm going to miss your red corrections all over my google docs. But, family comes first. I think you'll do a great job at raising your boys.

I know you're done writing and reviewing, but don't be a stranger around here or skype. I really wish I had gone to Bronycon this year so we could meet. If you ever come to America again, give me a shout. I'll try and make something work (if we're still standing after November).

Cheers and good fortunes, my friend!

4133339 That's very nice to hear. I'm sorry I wasn't a very loyal follower. I've only read a couple stories, but I did love those. I was aware of what happened to your kids a while ago, and I'm relieved you got them back. We'll miss your creative spark on FimFiction and your content is irreplaceable. However, the times comes for us all that we must make a choice. I'm glad to hear you'll check in every now and then, and I will always be willing to talk if you want.:twilightsmile:

That I can say I helped work on three of the most legendary-status Sunset Shimmer stories in existence is fucking cool, dude. I was always glad to graffiti your work! 10/10 would do it again oh wait shit that's right

Don't stress. We'll get there. Eventually. I'll be getting Pokémon Sun version when it comes out...

4133356 I am also getting Sun!

Majin Syeekoh

Godspeed, CV.

I wish you the best of circumstances in the future. Try not to be a stranger, though.:twilightsmile:

So that's where you've been.

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Truly, experiences are what makes people, so it's always nice to get a few more up in there. Seems you had yourself a great one.

Thanks for all of what you've done so far. I assume you'll still be around on skype and stuff? Either way, it's been fun, huh! I remember the time we first came into contact with each other, too. Time sure flies.

Have a good one, mate.


I haz teh sadz nao.:applecry:

The author and reviewer whom I have the most respect for out of everyone here.

Excuse me while I blush profusely.

It was a good run while it lasted, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Raise those future bronies well, mate. Oh, and by the—

Also, before anyone asks, I wouldn't dream of letting anyone else take them over either. They're my stories, incomplete though they shall remain, and I want to know that.

—nevermind. *face-desk* That's kinda too bad. Right when I saw this, I was thinking—

With one exception. Depending on their schedule, their diligence, and above all else, their enthusiasm... I may yet pass Rebellion's torch to one other writer. Just one.

—I retract my previous statement and stare at you with great intent.


But really, I've got so much to write and already have plans for the foreseeable future. If it's still available by the time I get an opening, however, I may ring you up.

Catch you later on Skype, bro. Go be a dad.

Sorry to hear you have to go, wishing you all the luck and happiness in all that you do. Thank you for all the great stories you've written and the contribution you made to this fandom!

You really know how to stir up emotions here on FIMfiction.... *sigh* Best wishes 'n stuff, can't think of more to say. Will miss you and your updates 'n stuff.

I'm kind of sad that you didn't go to Disney World with shortskirtsandexplosions in Florida. You know, as long as you were in Florida. But it sounds like you had an amazing trip and I'm really glad you did.

Sad to see you go :applecry: cheers mate.

Awwww, this is sad to hear, but at least you're going out on a high. All the best of luck to you and your family. :rainbowdetermined2:

Sounds like you had one Hell of a time mate.

This hits home pretty hard, since I'm already doing the dad thing, and free time is a mythical notion from a distant past.

Best of luck with your boys! Your stories have been truly riveting, and it's a shame to see yet another great writer being dragged back to real life, but your children demand your full attention, and you need to give them that.

Author Interviewer

son, im cri :'C

pop back in if you ever have the chance and just say hey, okay? :C

Good luck with your kids man and all of my respect. It's been great knowing ya. Try to keep in touch with your friends online though, cause you never know... one day when your kids grow up they may be MLP fans and you can go.... huhhhhhh didn't I have this guy who made plushies? XD

But seriously, respect dude. Don't worry about those fics, you can return to them... maybe... but you can return to them. You cannot return to children.


Good decision. Writing pony vs. raising kids, it's not even close which one is more important. Sounds like you'll make a good father.

Good luck!

Awesome that you had a great time! Though it's sad to see you go, I respect your decisions greatly. Prioritizing is important and it's good to see you've got yours straight. Your creativity and insight will be greatly missed but it's somehow reassuring to know you'll drop in for a visit.

If you come by Dayton, OH i'll let you shoot my AK-74 and AR-15

Farewell, and good luck out there. From one dad to another, you will eventually get some free time back.
Take care, and keep in touch! Stalk the TRG chat, send smoke signals, whatever it takes :scootangel:

I really enjoyed the 10 minutes we got to chat at Bronycon. I'm sorry to see you go. :applecry:

Best of luck with your family. <3

Wanderer D

Don't be a stranger, even if it's just to catch up on parenting.

I'll finish that prequel in due time man. I knew my assumptions to be correct since your last blog and admittedly it's sad to see you go. Least we'll be in touch, if I ever manage to catch you. Good luck with the children, and all that is good in your future. Sorry I couldn't finish my stories which you were reading before the end. :twilightsheepish: have a good one, mate. :pinkiesmile:

I wish you well in life. I do hope that it treats you well.

Thank you for all your encouragement and help.

Take care of them boys.

I suspected you were leaving as soon as I saw all those half-finished chapters pop up in my library, but that was a prediction I really wasn't looking forward to you proving correct. Sorry hear that you're retiring. I know how much you loved working on your stories. Thanks for letting me be a part of that. Those were fun times.

I wish you the best of luck on your current and future endeavors. You'll definitely be missed around these parts.

Hit me up on Skype if you ever want to chat, dude. This old doge is still around.

And for the love of all that is America, please tell me you got to operate a firearm while here.

It is a shame to see you (officially, at least) go, but it is for a good cause. Good luck with being an amazing dad!

I will very much miss the feelings of delight and joy that I experience when I see one of your stories come out with an update.
I will bid you good luck and farewell.

One final salute for one of my favorite authors.

Oh, geez. I'm really glad I got to meet you at Bronycon then.

As others have said, if you've gotta go, this is for the best possible reason. I'm glad you got to go out on a high note, and I'm glad that you're not closing the door entirely. I hope you still swing by once in a while and give us family updates, and maybe de-stress by reading a fanfic for fun now and then.



What?! NO!!!!

Well, actually no. Of all the worst things that could happen, there are about a thousand worse possible things, not to mention the other thousands of worse not-quite-possible things. But it's still going to suck not having you around as much.

But hey, real life comes first, especially family. Good on you to have your priorities straight. Good luck, CV.

Never met ya, but I do wish you luck in your future endeavors and whatever's next for you.:twilightsmile: (Salutes)

I never knew you directly, and now I regret that. Still, I've always said that real life must take precedence over horsewords, and this is the logical extension of that. Enjoy life, and if you get a free moment to swing by, don't hesitate to do so. Best of luck to you in the future. :twilightsmile:

Well, leaving because you're life is getting better is a lot better than most people who leave because their life is a trainwreck.

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