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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery

Twilight Sparkle returns to the human world intending to take a short vacation from her princessly duties, and to catch up with her non-Equestrian friends. One sleepover at Pinkie Pie’s house later, Twilight comes to learn something fascinating—and horrifying—about her very human body.

This story now has a spiritual prequel: Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery, by Bootsy Slickmane, rated [mature]. While mine pokes fun at the characters, his offers the more serious take.

Preread by Stiggerzz and Majin Syeekoh.

Rated Teen for sexual references.

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Majin Syeekoh

First off:


Second: well... menstruation typically means the end of the ovulation cycle... not the middle prime fertility time, as an estrous cycle is. Or usually even the far end of it. Always exceptions, doh. So... :derpytongue2:

Damnit, why am I hitting the fave button? xD


More to the point, menstruation is actually the spiritual the opposite of estrus.
The purpose of menstruation is to rid the womb of any potentially inferior eggs/embryos.
That is, if a fertilized egg is too weak to implant into the uterine wall before the "menstruation countdown timer" is up, that fertilized embryo (and the endometrium with it) gets flushed out to prevent a possibly defective fetus from growing. Evolutionary speaking it's better to abort an inferior offspring early than to go through all of the pregnancy, with all of it's associated energy costs and risks.

Granted as far as the story goes, who is to say what the effects of the mirror and the polymorph would be?

Ha, nice one! I was grinning the entire way through.

Though, this feels relevant now. I've wondered something for quite a while now. What were to happen if a pregnant character went through the mirror, either way?


That ending though. Yes!

Dat ending... LOL:rainbowlaugh:

You know it, bby.
Oh, I know this. But this right here, by 5215075:

who is to say what the effects of the mirror and the polymorph would be?

is what I was going by. :twilightangry2:
Because I entertain you... I hope. Either that you're some possessed insane person :pinkiecrazy:
Wow... Hmmm. I have no idea. Curious...
Yers, glad you liked it :rainbowlaugh:


I think I was stunned by the Flash bang.

Out of one bad situation and into another. :rainbowlaugh:

“You know, this would probably explain the times where Sunset went into Super Bitch Mode as opposed to Regular Bitch Mode back in the day,”

If Sunset was a monster on a normal day, I shudder to imagine what she was like when she was on her period. :twilightoops:

Should've averted your eyes... Aw, but if you did you wouldn't have seen... Tough choice?
Ogod this was so much fun to write :pinkiehappy:

I for one have a positive view towards menstration

>mfw no Flash x Twi clop
You have failed me, grasshopper.

It's all Syeekoh's fault, I swear! :rainbowderp:

One day, I will make you write gratuitous clop.
One day.

I died laughing. :rainbowlaugh:


Earn MythrilMoth's approval for one of my stories [x]

Glad I could entertain you.

Between this, A hairy problem, beating the heat, and het of the moment, I think I have done more stories involving heat and menustration than I have EVER done in my entire time as a moonie!

Ah, menstration.

Makes me glad to be male! Haha. Talk about winning a lottery at birth.

Enjoyed this more than I should have.


Hmm my head won't stop thinking of the awkward conversation should she come back mid-pregnancy. Poor Flash will never be the same.

So glad to see she still finds use for that degree from the Twilight Sparkle School of Didn't Put Enough Thought Into This Plan.

Aw, darn. I took that comment to mean you thought it was funny.
Welp, thanks for reading anyway. :twilightsmile:

... there was another way to take it??

I was right? Oh... :twilightsheepish:
I guess I just jumped to a conclusion when I saw my third red appear at the same time as your comment.

You're silly! I'mma creep on you.

...I think?
meh. Welcome aboard! Please enjoy your stay.

“Well, I know how bad you are at makin’ yourself an easy target, R.D.,” said Applejack.

So . . . then she's good at not making herself an easy target? Ahh, it's the "could care less" vs "couldn't care less" problem once again.

“Awww, don’t worry about it, Twilight!” Pinkie said, bouncing onto the bed and pulling her into a hug that would make Harry the Bear jealous of her grip. “It’s not real!”

Now this is a conversational quote. Does it not being real make it any less wrong? Do we desensitized ourselves from the horror of killing when we rationalize it as so? Better yet, does it make it any less wrong for lolicon to exist even though it is not real? What about foalcon? They aren't real characters, so it's fine, right? What about clop in general? They're not real and they are extremely similar to humans in many aspects, so it's fine to like that kind of stuff, right?

Oh, I could go for days on this. It's a very interesting thought process we humans have, but it also fuels an age-old debate.

Oh, and Maud says the pizzas are ready.”

She just says that, huh? I thought she said it. Past tense.

after the rainbow trail, left in her friend’s wake.

That comma must be lost. Please direct him . . . out of existence. It's a hefty sentence, but criminal scum don't deserve any less.

“Um, should we follow them? I don’t want to go to bed hungry tonight…”

It'd be easier to tell if Fluttershy said this if there was a "Fluttershy said" at the end. :P

Twilight watched as Sunset fell silent and covered her mouth; She looked at Applejack and mouthed something, to which Applejack’s eyes widened.

Semicolons connect two sentences together. Think of it as a super comma. So no capitalization. I know you know this, but this really allows you to better remember it. Super comma.

Applejack clenched Twilight’’s shoulder.

I've never heard of a super apostrophe, but this is a first for me. That is definitely Twilight's shoulder.

Trust me—you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

*smacks CV on snout (because he's a pony for the sake thereof)* You stop that.

“Okay, now where did I park that thing?”

You get a hug for this one.

So this was a fun little read. Recently, I read a story about Twilight learning about the wonders of bras, panties, and breasts. Basically everything that makes a very cliche, boring story that had been retold more times than it truly needs to. It's not funny, imaginative, or interesting, simply put. It's something you think about at night or something. I usually do my thinking at night, so maybe not at night. Depends on the person. Anyway!

This did justice to this overall idea of a pony learning the sexual processes of humans. Instead of it being like a terrible anime, it stays founded in reality. It doesn't pander to the least common denominator for its comedy. You've done well on this one, CV. And that ending tho . . .

I fixed all the issues, TL! I can has cookies nao?

:pinkiegasp: ....this is a first. You have landed the like and favorite from me... but I'm not fully certain as to how you did so! I can usually tell authors what specifically I liked... but with this one I can't. I just can't. :rainbowlaugh:

(angry groan) Why? How could you all tolerate something like this? At least it was funny in a few parts, like,

“What secret moves? All you’ve been doing so far is button mashing.” “Uh, duh!” Pinkie said. “Everyone knows the faster you push buttons, the more things happen.”

I am so lucky it never hurts that much. However when it gets bad I always call it what it is. My gut lining is falling off.

Hey it's technically true.:rainbowlaugh:

Majin Syeekoh


I've never heard of a super apostrophe, but this is a first for me. That is definitely Twilight's shoulder.

This makes me giggle every time I read it.

Blood and gore.... I don't see how that's all that diff-
Nope, that's not it.

Oh. Pizza. This is gonna be another one of those omnivorism vs herborism fics isn't i-
Oh, nope. Not that.

Ah. Menstruation. Wasn't expecting that.


Well, Implied!Flash Sentry gets laid, and I suppose that's what matters. s26.postimg.org/xu2a6h34l/Flashissexy.png

She just says that, huh? I thought she said it. Past tense.

It's a colloquialism, though. It's not a grammar error if people actually talk like that.

Interesting to see a story addressing this sort of thing in a realistic light, I like it... or at least I did right up until the end, since Flash Sentry is the only thing about Equestria Girls I still hate after watching Rainbow Rocks.
5217880 What :rainbowhuh:

Well.... This did answer a few nagging questions (like if button mashing really works) though otherwise (no offense) this is useless. :rainbowwild: Thankfully I'm not that bad.

Would you have preferred I use an OC?
Just curious. I mean, I don't mind the whole FlashLight thing myself, so it irks me that so many people feel he should be punished for his human counterpart's shortcomings. Iunno, s'kool. Opinions and stuff.
Glad you mostly enjoyed it, though. Thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

Funny read, but that she goes straight into estrus sex bomb mode at the end was just meh.

Anyway, don't Mare have an equivalent to menstruation too? They just don't bleed? Reading this they have a reproduction cycle that's similar to a human.


Problems, probably. Don't think i saw a fic that touched this subject.

Dunno if magic would keep the fetus as its original species or change it to follow it's mom new anatomy. I guess it would depend on how far into the pregnancy "she" is in, as pony foals seem to have a ton of magic to them in their early life (so can the mirror re-shape this raw magic?), dunno about the reverse.

5218719 Of course not, don't change it just because I didn't care for one little detail, it's your story after all, I still gave you a thumbs up

cheese-and-rock-salt pizza

Note to Twilight's friends - teach her about the differences between human and pony digestive systems. :pinkiesick:

At the end her "bad idea" was actually a great idea, if you ask me.

‘shark week,’

Never use this analogy again. :ajbemused:

“Two shakes of your tail down the hall, a leap to the right, and a pirouette through the door. Easy peasy.”

Even I don't give directions like that!

5218719 Honestly, might be best. Having your story associated with Flashlight is a downvote magnet.

5217880 Look at all the dislikes and sarcastically wonder why I have no followers. Oh and who took DerpyOnkus?

I was actually being sarcastic.
I will write what I wish, and make no apologies for it.

so we go from menstruation in human world to heat in equistria

5218908 I do. Because it's funny. (although, given how some of the places I go are set up, those are valid directions.)

It's almost:

Well well, look who got in the Featured Club. You mean I actually have to rub shoulders with the likes of you? Ugh... :pinkiesick:

All kidding aside, congrats! I'll be back to chasing your follower count in no time. :eeyup:

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