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Twilight asks Rainbow Dash for advice on how to catch the eye of Flash Sentry. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

Edit 11/30/12: This story apparently shares some concepts with Pegasus Mating Dance, another cute fic about pegasus courtship. You should check it out!

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A wonderful job of straddling the dangerous line of Flash Sentry, and quite a humorous little vignette.

Coulda had a tad bit more added to it, hilarious all the way though. Keep it up, i like short stories about the mane 6 like this.

Have a like my good sir.

So Rainbow Dash likes Thunderlane, Twilight likes Flash, and Flash likes Thunderlane?

Also, was that a Sonic Rainboom reference I saw? :raritywink:

PInkie was framed! It was Twilight that made the cupcakes!

Don't worry Twilight, we're all here for you, and I'm sure all us bronies would be happy to do differential equations with you until the cows come home! Its not like any of us have anything better to do.

I can't be the only one who wants a sequel that sorts out the love triangle.

Goddamnit flash. I want to hate you.... But you're voiced by Yuri lorenthal.


Twilight sure knows how to pick'em.

Heh. I liked Flash's little tempting fate moment.


So Rainbow Dash likes Thunderlane, Twilight likes Flash, and Flash likes Thunderlane?

Which means... Thunderlane likes Twilight? :rainbowderp:

There's a spelling error in the title of the chapter. It's "Immodest", not "Immodist."

Other than that, this was hilarious.

I sure as hell don't have anything to do :twilightsmile:

5322252 I thought that, too, but other than his random appearance he didn't seem to indicate an interested in her.

Haha I like it

I would like a sequel though, because it was pretty short..:moustache:

Short, sweet, and hilarious. A pity Ponyville never saw Rainbow Dash again...

All in the name of science.

"Not the science dungeon! You remember what happened last time, right?"

"We'll be fine as long as you stop drinking untested potions."

I see what you did there.

writing trashy romance stories featuring her her friends,

Naked Singularity.

and the odd inanimate object. (Though she would never have admitted to the latter.)

Luna, "I gave her a dream of marrying a book!"

She was pretty sure that the fiercest of rivals would not spontaneously resolve their issues through intercourse just from being locked in a train car together, no matter how many loose ends it would have tied up -- or loose ponies, for that matter.


And how many dates have you been on RD?


According to her, all of them. Yup, Rainbow Dash has been on all of the dates. Every single one.


Don't we?

Most amusing, and a fun bit of world building besides. It's an interesting question: what do ponies look for? Thanks for providing an answer.

"Sorry, Dashie. You're my consolation prize."


Naw -- All Twilight really has to do here is let Rainbow Dash know about the Thunderlane/Flash thing. Whatever is left of Thunderlane after that will not be suitable for Flash Sentry. Of course the fact that both of them seem to play for the other team might be a problem. (Of course if Thunderlane IS leading Dash on then he plays for both teams).

5322069 But who does thunderlane like?

5322069 But who does thunderlane like?

Oh my gosh. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't help but overanalyze the ending a bit. While funny, this contradicts Flash Sentry's presentation in Equestria Girls, and while one can say they could be different due to different universes, it still bugs me a little. I think it should've ended with the reveal that he's only interested in bipeds.


That's pretty much what I had in mind.

Nice story and all but... does Twilight ever succeed? Epilogue/Sequel please.

5323164 It is very heavily implied that Flash is not actually into mares. So, you know, probably not.


Want it, need it spell! i.imgur.com/WcmCY.png
Works ever time! i.imgur.com/TzVou.png

5323306 Now there's a horrifying premise for a clopfic.

I'm reasonably sure this is a reference to something and I just don't get it, since Flash Sentry isn't voiced by Yuri Lowenthall.

Poor RD :/

Better luck 4 her next time /))>3')(\

With that title, if this doesn't have a track runner scene, it must be added.

Isn't there a story like this already about (I think it was) Thunderlane strutting about before Twilight?


Apparently yes! It's called Pegasus Mating Dance.

Poor Twilight, Getting lessons from Dashie and getting nada, zip, zilch.:facehoof:

Was Sup Twilight?:moustache: Oh Dear you look awful :raritystarry:

Rainbow Dash is strapped to an operating table?:pinkiecrazy:

HELP! me:rainbowkiss:

5323666 Thanks, I had already read it but it was a while ago and I was a bit fuzzy about the characters involved.

i understand you. odd thing is, i saw that cover picture roughly 2 weeks before the story was published thinking that someone was going to use it for a story idea sooner or later.

i tried, i tried so hard not to laugh. what happened to twilight and rainbow, there is no victor in that.

Love stinks! YEAH!

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