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T'was the night before Hearth's Warming
throughout all of Equestria.
Cold wind whipped the windows,
yet inside all kept cozy.
Every mare, every stallion, every colt and each filly,
was sleeping quiet soundly 'neath star-studded skies.
Their souls full of cheer, their dreams full of presents,
no one could imagine a more peaceful scene.
But far off from the land ruled by Princesses two,
someone was awake; with dark schemes for the evening.
Will Hearth's Warming be saved by an unlikely hero?
Or will a spiraling narrative ruin it forevermore?

Written for PastCat for Jinglemas 2021

Special thanks to Level Dasher and ScarletRibbon for prereading and helping to tighten up my prose considerably.

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You knocked this out of the park. Way to capture the holiday spirit twice over!

The meter's uneven, the rhymes a bit slant,
But I haven't the heart to descend into rant.
You put in some effort, of that I've no doubt,
So nitpicks of that sort I think I'll leave out.
The story was harmless, light holiday cheer,
So thanks, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Extremely uneven but I admire the effort, respect the ambition and applaud the results.

This was absolutely ridiculous and brilliant! The rhyming was so clever and I lost it giggling at the Carousel Boutique scene. Bravo!

(Also having Discord, changelings and the CMC totally exceeded my expectations! Bravo again!)

Very fun! Not much else to say. Enjoyed how you played with discords interaction with the narrative, and the gags and meters where a holiday treat best complete with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Thar's hilarious. Good show.

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