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Octavia's day had started out as routine as any other. Wake, play at some garden party, eat and then come home. How then, did she end up here in the Everfree, fleeing from a monster intent on killing her?

Edited by Level Dasher.

Now with Audio Adaptation by Thornquill

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I was wondering about that. Was that an exchange? A transformation? It does lend itself into some interesting territory.

Also, nice spin on the classic "Octavia and Pinkie are related" concept.

In all, nice work. Thank you for it. (But why did you add it to the Equestria Girls group?)

That was a fuckup, already removed it. I actually have a second fic (an EqG one) lined up for release when Level Dasher finishes the last few hundred words for editing… so I was getting ready to add that one to the groups and had a minor brain fart.

Oh of course because they're related, the same... cheezus that's bad.

Cool. Was Celestia doing the same thing to a mariachi band member in Canterlot?

.... Well... This certainly gave me a fright.

Wow.. Just wow.

I really enjoyed this. I love it when I can't predict where the story is going.

I hope you don't mind, but I've put together a dramatic reading for it, which you can find here if you're interested:

Always love a dramatic reading. Will link it in the story description.

Over from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WKtJ40pq2c&feature=em-uploademail and wow, nice "simple" fic to say the least. :derpytongue2: ('simple' if only in that it's short, lol)

Actually gave me an idea for a followup if wanted to do one? ^-^
- comment from the above. For reference I'll post the needed part here:

Well THAT was interesting.... ('inspiration manifestation' episode, the altered music people) Reminds me of "Only a Puddle" read by [ObabScribbler] if you know the one.
- and so why so.

Also, who else for the first at the first thought it was briefly at the end with the mention of "Princess" they meant 'Tia? (lol) And thought it was actually the 'real' Octavia?
(or so far as we know that it was a magically duplicate clone so it goes)
- Still, in a 'dark fic' sense one might feel a need to ask, if "Death" how so far it goes means really that or how so in what way? And if so to what way or extent that Twilie knew or meant for it by it...? (going again to the above) Or simply perhaps that by the "Death" of the Octi'clone (clone'tavia? lol) only in so far as her as the clone ending to be once more her former actual self that by this might likely never had known or remember anything of it.... to go from blacking out in Pinkie Pie's party to waking up in the forrest with Twilight over him/her.... Or what if they they _DO_ start to 'remember', hmm , that could make for an interesting 'Psychological' piece. ^_^

What think? If so I'd be glad for it and claim nothing to it since it is just an idea alone and likely for any one idea there are several to have shared it; there is only but who makes what of them, though if do like it you can by any means give a shout if want, lol ^_<
But I don't ask for anything, since esp afterall its but an extension of your said work you may have even thought of already.

If do like the idea again though, fee free to hook me a PM on my gmail off my Google+ page

Author Interviewer

Honestly, I don't get it. What dark magic?

Rarity turning the Mariachi's band into the string quartet. One of them into Octavia. The story was an exploration of what it meant to 'clean up' the dark magic from inspiration manifestation, and what it meant for the ponies who were transformed.

Author Interviewer

Oh snap

Now I know how it feels to read something based on a single moment in an episode. :D I suppose I can fault you for not grounding the ending in the scene so the reader knows what's up (if they haven't just watched it), but at least now I know! And you get an upvote instead.

An interrogating! You get a fave just for that! :yay:

I can see what you mean when you say it has a "dark" ending. Yeah, has some nice creepy unstated potential there.

Double Rainbow by DemonBrightSpirit is the closest I've seen to it and that was more explicit.

After reading the author's note at the end, then re-reading the story, a lot of the pieces make MUCH more sense. Not that they didn't make sense the first time through, but there's much more context behind them after realizing the full scenario. Very well done! :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, this fic came out some time after the episode aired, and it's gotten even farther now. It was probably one that should have been released within a few days or at most a few weeks from the episode, but I procrastinated.

It did not age well, especially if you forgot she was in that ep.

I am the destroyer of hope. :derpytongue2:

TBH, it was something I regretted putting in, but never had the energy to rework the story without her.

Octavia's cutiemark. Nothing special.

..............wut? :rainbowhuh: what the hell just happened?


As stated above, in the comments:

Rarity turning the Mariachi's band into the string quartet. One of them into Octavia. The story was an exploration of what it meant to 'clean up' the dark magic from inspiration manifestation, and what it meant for the ponies who were transformed.


So wait...does that mean she killed the original musician? The one that was transformed?

I hope you don't mind. I did a reading of your fic. :)

The plot twist at the end was truly amazing. Simple, maybe obvious, but was still extremely effective. Well done. /)

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