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You can't give up your laughter 'cause you're scared of a little pain. Rainbows won't light up the sky unless you let it rain. —Autumn Blaze


This story is a sequel to A Daughter and her Dragon

When Cotton Candy was adopted by Sir Spike the Dragon, she never expected to become part of such a large family. Unfortunately, there are some members that she never had the chance to meet.

These are their stories.

Pre-read and co-written by Crystal Moose
Edited by Dreams of Ponies
Cover art by NixWorld

This is a collection that answers some questions in A Daughter and her Dragon, so it contains spoilers up to chapter seven. It is recommended that you read those chapters first for context.

Character tags will be added along with their respective chapters when they are published, which will be every day until completion.

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With his molt over, Spike can finally join his airborne friends in the sky, and he’s a natural! All of his friends are absolutely ecstatic for him.

Well… maybe not all of them…

Spoilers for S8E11 Molt Down

Cover art by Aperture-Styles

5/26/18 Woah, this got featured? Thanks, everyone!

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A new year, a new gala, a new dress for each of her friends. That’s Rarity’s philosophy. Her friends would normally be fine with this, if she weren’t already up to her muzzle in other orders, but the fashionista can be a little… insistent.

An entry in the EFNW 2018 Iron Author competition

Self-Edited this time
Cover art is a screenshot from S7E14: Fame and Misfortune

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'Tis a night like any other. We have raised the moon, Tia has fallen into slumber, the guards are passing Us confused glances, We—


Self-edited this time.
Cover art by Lortstreet54

A (very) short one-shot written and edited in less than two hours while sitting in a hospital bed.

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When Twilight finds herself invited to another one of Pinkie Pie’s trademark parties, she discovers that life might be going by faster than she’s realized. Ponyville has hit a major milestone, and it’s all about her!

What surprises are in store for her on this wonderful occasion?

[Sex] tag for innuendos only.

Cover by me
Edited (and eventually turned into being co-written) by Dreams of Ponies
Pre-read by I Thought I Was Toast

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When an integrated changeling has the opportunity to make it big in Applewood as a fill-in actor, it seems like the perfect niche. He’ll be getting jobs left and right!


A story based in the Integration Universe originally conceived by Minds Eye.

Edited by Jackelope
Cover art by me

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If one lives immortal life, they may often find it rife
With events that cause them strife, which may make them want to roar.
This tale is of one such being, who thought life was disagreeing
With her when she lost her sister, who forever she’d adore.
Perhaps another can step in, since she’s lost one she does adore…
Would you like to read some more?

I was inspired to write this when Unique SKD took his own shot at 'going Poe' (said story has since been deleted, unfortunately). It just took me a while to work out the kinks with this one.

My second story in poem form, I followed the trochee as best I could. It wasn’t easy.

Editing and brainstorming provided by Shahrazad
Cover picture by pokerface3699

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Crimson Star is wandering through the Everfree Forest with his friends one day when they accidentally get lost. In the process of finding their way home, they unintentionally get separated. While his friends' locations remain a mystery, Crimson finds himself at the hooves of a new friend who is willing to help. What does this new friend have to share?

A thank-you story for my friend, Ayemel, who drew me the awesome picture that I used for the cover, this is also a side story for Through Crimson Eyes, taking place sometime between the end of Act I and the Entr'acte (If you intend to read TCE, I highly suggest reading that first. There are BIG spoilers here. Wait until you've finished Act I, at the very least).

Edited by Shahrazad, with input from Ayemel to properly portray her character (as well as cover art credit, obviously).

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After being sentenced to six to eight weeks in Princess Twilight's dungeon for attempting to evict Fluttershy under ridiculous circumstances, Sugar Berry readies herself for her time in custody. But will her sentence be cut short?

A sequel to Six to Eight Weeks Dungeon for Ocalhoun's Big 250K Contest.

Punchline spoilers in the comments!

Self-edited, so hopefully there's nothing glaring.
Cover art is from a Google Image search.

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In Equestria, legend tells of a pony, all the colors of the rainbow, who will grant the wish of a pony whose heart is true. Tread lightly, though, for it is not a wish to be made without careful consideration.

The Rainbow Pony will grant a wish only if the wisher completes a unique task. Suffice it to say, these tasks are not what you’d expect.

If the Rainbow Pony gives you something wrapped in noctis wings, you will automatically know your task—words need not be spoken.

Some say that the pony’s colors on the outside compensate for the darkness on the inside, so think carefully before you attempt your task…

Edited by Shahrazad
Cover art by me

Accepted by The Royal Guard!
Now featured on Equestria Daily!

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